The Psychology Behind Video Driven Conversions

The visual Internet is a reality. Social networks, startup funding campaigns, and even marketing by large corporations are already seeing more and more video. So why the change? Simple. Video works with our brains by quickly delivering information in a desirable way. The result for businesses is better conversion and a better, more human relationship with your customers that will fuel sales, and improve your brand image.

The advantage of efficiency

Busy readers are impatient readers. Getting your message into the eyes of your target customers should be as effortless as possible, since any extra time spent deciding on a purchase is more likely to end unfavorably for your business. Text is inherently harder for the brain to process than a visual. Furthermore, constructing an effective narrative out of text requires a deft tongue and additional commitment from the reader to have an impact.

This is where video truly shines. Video combines the best capabilities of text with the ease and efficiency of visual communication. A human face, musical component, demonstration of products, and sharing of story all combine to tap our psychological hard-wiring for maximum effectiveness. This quick communication of brand imagery in the sales conversion process helps raise the likelihood of a purchase, resulting in a more enjoyable buying experience for your customers and better ROI for you.

“Push” vs. “pull” advertising

With multiple formats, networks, and channels for distributing marketing, advertisers are constantly looking for the best way to reach skeptical minds. Video works with this skepticism, instead of against it, in order to reach a broader audience.

There are two kinds of advertising on the Internet today: “push” and “pull”. Push advertising includes banner ads, native ads, and any other format purchased with the intent of placing it in front of audiences whether they like it or not. Over time, this format has been revealed as ineffective. How ineffective? You’re more likely to survive a plane crash than click on a banner ad, and 50% of all these clicks are accidental!

Pull advertising on the other hand, shares the benefits of your brand, but in a way that makes viewers come to you. By creating videos that promise to deliver value or entertainment, our brains are more willing to accept the message. There’s an understanding that the creators of the video are giving us something, so we give our attention in return. It’s a great way to connect with viewers while building trust and relationships in the process.

Making you memorable

Have you ever tried to remember something important, just by saying it to yourself? Did it work? Probably not! Our brains work best when able to make connections. From applying a mathematical formula to a real-life situation to putting the 50 states in musical format, we need multiple stimuli and a structure to turn information into knowledge.

Once again, video fits the bill. By providing auditory and visual stimuli to accompany a story, the information you present is structured in a manner that sticks with people. The sentiments you proffer, the solutions you present, and the emotional appeal you’ve crafted will all stay with viewers, particularly when it’s time to make a buying decision.

Fueling the “conversion funnel”

But let’s be honest, some people require more than a video to pull the trigger on a product, especially if that product requires a large financial or personal investment. Fortunately, video helps close the deal for these buyers too.

With all of this information, effectively delivered, and reinforced with a focused call to action, your video can turn viewers into repeat visitors by making a strong impression. From there, it’s up to you to close the sale, but rest assured, video was essential in getting the ball rolling.

Well-crafted ad copy and targeted banner ads are nothing compared to the power of video. Effectively communicating information and actually attracting users, video helps establish trust and engage viewers, building a lasting impression and facilitating sales conversion in a big way. Take a look at your options and consider adding video to your marketing strategy. We have a feeling you’ll be glad you did.