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What are video ads?

Video ads are promotional videos that are shared beyond a company’s website – where that company needs to pay per view, or per click. They’re generally high-quality videos that aim to market a brand, product, or service to a wider audience. Video ads can be targeted and distributed through various channels, such as social media platforms and ad networks. They’re designed to engage viewers, deliver impactful messages, and contribute to brand recognition, sales growth, and customer education – among other goals!

What are the advantages of video ads?

Video ads are a brilliant addition to your video marketing strategy. Like all video content, ads have the power to engage audiences effectively, as video consumption continues to rise. But the beauty of video ads is that they allow for precise audience targeting based on things like demographics, interests, and browsing habits. By putting a highly engaging message in front of a specific target audience, video ads can build brand awareness, increase sales, and deliver a high ROI. They’re also highly trackable which means you can measure their success – doubling down on what does work, and pulling back on what doesn’t!

How do video ads work?

Video ads work differently on different channels. But, in simple terms, they work by playing short video clips before, during or after other online video content on ad networks and social channels such as YouTube. Advertisers pay to have their video ads shown to certain audiences. The network tracks views and clicks to determine how much to charge advertisers. The goal of video ads is to reach new viewers – and get them interested enough in the ad to click through to the advertiser’s website or make a purchase.

Where can video ads be used?

Video ads can be used on various platforms, including social media platforms, ad channels, websites, TV, billboards, and more. Each of these channels will come with its own set of specs and requirements – as well as their own capabilities for targeting – so it’s important to have a plan for distribution and promotion before you get started with the video production process!

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Video advert examples

Take a look at a few of the video adverts we’ve created for our clients.



Online cooking classes.

Netgain AICPA

Explaining the AICPA regulation in a fun and engaging way.

Easy Money

Peer to Peer lending investment opportunities.

Clear Estimates Pro

A powerful estimating tool for the building industry.


Find good tenants faster on the home of good landlords.


Instagram story scheduling.
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Wyzowl has delivered high quality videos for our organisation, we are really satisfied with the results and that’s why we keep working with them. I would absolutely recommend them to make any kind of video for your organisation.
Fatima Rodriguez –

How much do video ads cost?

The cost of video ads varies greatly depending on several factors. Of course, this starts with video production costs – which are mainly determined by the style and length of your video, plus your choice of video marketing agency. When it comes to running your video ads, this also depends on factors such as placement, targeting, ad length, competition and performance.

How long should my video ads be?

When determining video ad length, shorter is better. 15-second ads tend to have high completion rates and drive awareness, while 30-second ads can showcase more complex products. 60-second ads are best for high-involvement products. Aim for 15-30 seconds in most cases, focusing on a clear, concise message – a mix of 15 and 30 second ads gives you a chance to see what resonates best with your audience. The ideal length is a balancing act: conveying your key message effectively while keeping viewers interested until the end.

Why choose animated video for video ads?

Animated video can be highly effective for ads because the stylised graphics and motion often stand out as more memorable and attention-grabbing than live action. Animation makes it easier to convey complex ideas simply and integrate humour and fun to boost engagement. It provides creative flexibility for imaginative storytelling – not limited by live footage. It can actually be more cost-effective and adaptable across devices without reshooting. Overall, animation allows for memorable, impactful storytelling blending brand, product and emotions into a short, captivating video ad.

What makes a video ad go viral?

Going viral is the holy grail of marketing videos, and – unfortunately – there are no guarantees of success! However if you’re looking to give yourself the best chance, we recommend focusing on evoking positive emotion – humour, or warmth. Viral ads tend to have an entertaining concept, and a relatable, resonant message, so focus on those factors. In any case – whether going viral or not – your ad should be short, simple, and impactful. Making it easy to share and promoting across social networks helps gain the initial momentum you need. From there, it’s all on the quality of your video ad! Choosing the right video marketing agency will give you the best possible chance to succeed.

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📢 46% of marketers created video ads in 2022. See more video marketing stats here

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Video Ad Production FAQ

Got questions about our service, us or how it all works? See a few of the most common questions we get below.

What are the different video ad formats available?

‘Video ads’ is one big umbrella term for a lot of different types of videos, including pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, overlays and more.

Pre-roll ads play before the video begins, setting context and grabbing attention when viewers are most receptive.

Mid-roll ads appear in the middle of longer videos, reminding viewers about the brand but risk annoyance by interrupting content.

Post-roll ads play after the video is finished, reinforcing the message but viewers may leave before seeing them.

Overlay ads briefly appear on top of the video content, blending into the experience while ensuring visibility.

Each format has pros and cons based on placement and viewer patience. A multi-format strategy can provide sufficient exposure while minimising disruption across the viewer journey. As always – testing different options is key to finding the right balance and impact!

What metrics should I use to define the success of my video ads?

You might choose to measure your ad campaigns by views, completion rate, or clickthrough. Things like brand lift surveys can measure recall and sentiment, while on-site metrics like site traffic increase and conversion rates help you track sales. Most ad platforms come with sophisticated analytics tools which let you analyse all of these, and many more, helping you optimise future campaigns for brand awareness, consideration and conversions through the customer journey. As always – prioritise the KPIs that align to your campaign goal!

Can you help me with the specs of different advertising channels?

Absolutely! If you let us know what you require when you begin the video production process, we’ll be able to make sure your completed video ads are suitable for us on your desired platforms.

How long does the ad video production process take?

We work to fixed turnarounds at each stage of the process. Although there are anomalies, the majority of our projects take around 6-8 weeks to complete. However, shorter videos can be completed quicker than this.

How does video ad targeting work?

When you run video ads, you can leverage user data and algorithms to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviours that are typical of your ideal target customer. Every day, publishers collect staggering amounts of information like age, gender, location, viewing history, and browsing habits to build robust user profiles. Advertisers then configure their video ads to reach narrow audiences that align with their ideal customer profiles. For example, a fashion brand might target women 18-35 who have viewed clothing videos and visit online apparel sites. The ad platform uses this data to intelligently display the ads to matching users. Advanced tools even allow real-time optimisation toward engaged viewers. Targeting makes video ads more relevant and drives better results by aligning brands with receptive audiences most likely to convert.

What are the different video ad pricing models?

One of the things that can be quite confusing about video ads is that different platforms charge in different ways. Your price might be calculated based on CPV (cost per view) which is based on impressions and views. CPCV (cost per completed view) prices based on full video watches. And CPM (cost per thousand) is priced per thousand impressions – an impression meaning whenever someone sees your ad, even if they don’t watch it.

CPC (cost per click) calculates cost based on how many click through to a landing page, and CPA (cost per action) means you’re only charged if a viewer takes a particular action once they land on your site.

These models all have strengths and weaknesses, which play into the amount you can expect to pay. CPV and CPCV cost more – but ensure quality views.

CPC and CPA models cost less upfront but require effective creative to drive clicks and conversions.

How do I choose a video ad production agency?

When choosing a video marketing agency, seek proven expertise creating campaigns that align with your goals and brand voice. Look for innovation, strategic insight, and a collaborative approach to developing concepts. Check out case studies and testimonials that demonstrate success driving results for clients similar to you. Above all, prioritise creative storytelling strengths, technical expertise and great service – these are things that will always maximise the performance of marketing videos, whether it’s explainer videos, corporate video or video ads.