Animated video

Tell your story like a pro with one of the world’s most versatile and popular media types. The only limit is your imagination!


Digital currency for property development.
Long-term data life-cycle management platform
An AI-powered video search engine for analysing data locked within videos.
Helping college students and recent graduates get new jobs.
Olly Hicks
The story of an explorer of our time, embarking on a new adventure to row around the world.
DTC Primer
IT superheroes that support medical and dental practices.

Why use animated video?

Animated video is one of the most versatile media types available, and we reckon it belongs in every business’ marketing toolkit.

The beauty of animated video is that you can basically control every aspect of what’s on scene.. You have total control over the look and feel of your video – the scenery, character design, colours, timings, transitions, soundtrack and more. No worrying about hiring the right actors, or finding the right shoot locations – it’s all up to you.

And, unlike other video types where every slight tweak means a re-shoot, you can tweak and refine an animated video until it’s just right for you.

Life Sciences - Helps keep data secure, compliant, accessible, and usable.
Cyber Security Education Series - Protects companies from potentially devestating phishing attacks.
Kennion Benefits Advisors
Helps businesses offer better benefits, at a lower cost.
The only digital identity solution that starts by verifying who you are.

How to use an animated video

Attract your audience using…

Video adverts

Teaser videos

Sales videos

Explain your product, service or idea using…

Explainer videos

Product demos

Event videos

Support your prospects & customers using…

Training videos

Onboarding videos

Customer service videos

“The Wyzowl team helped us bring our vision to life in a quick, professional manner. I would highly recommend working with them for any video ideas you have.”

Brian Spitler – Zeamo


Our simple process


An animated video comes together at the story stage -It’s the foundation of your video. Once we fully understand your message, we’ll write your script.


Once you’re happy with the script, we create a Storyboard for your video. This is where we lay out all the graphics, scene-by-scene, for you to check and approve.

Sound Design

We record a professional voiceover, and order the royalty-free music and/or sound effects required to provide the perfect soundtrack for your video.


We bring the whole thing together through the magic of animation, rendering a high-definition video file for you to use however and wherever you like.

And it all comes with…

Clear, fixed pricing

Remember that time you got stung with an unexpected bill or a hidden extra? Wasn’t that fun? Of course it wasn’t! That’s why we always keep our pricing clear and transparent.

Unlimited revisions

We want you to be happy with your video, and we’ll work with you as much as required to make sure that happens. All we ask is a firm sign-off at the end of each stage.

A wealth of experience

Over the years, we’ve built up huge amounts of experience. We’re only too happy to pass that know-how and expertise to our clients, to make sure our videos achieve their goals.

Project management

Deal directly with each member of our team, add your own team members and we’ll nail your project together! Our PM tool helps us work seamlessly, wherever you’re based.

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