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Animated Video Production

We’re animation specialists – we create animated videos that help you explain things, tell stories and help your audience.

Loved by over 2,000 customers ❤️

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Struggling to explain complex ideas? 🤔

Explaining complex stuff?

Need to grab people’s attention?

Important messages getting lost?

Whether you want to educate, entertain, or inspire action – none of those things happen if people don’t understand and engage with your content.

And with shrinking attention spans, you need to make your audience understand quickly and memorably.

The solution: Get animated! 🌟
We create animated videos that can bring any vision, no matter how extraordinary, to life. Zany characters, fantastical worlds, mind-bending visuals – if you can dream it, we can animate it into an attention-grabbing animated masterpiece!

How it works…


Script writing

Based on your video goals, we’ll create a first draft of the script.

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Storyboard creation

We create all the graphics for your video from scratch and lay them out scene-by-scene for you to check and approve.


Animation & sound

We create a first cut of your video including royalty free music and a professional voiceover track.

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Unlimited Revisions

Unlimited revisions

We’ll make unlimited revisions at each step until you’re totally happy and ready to sign off.


Grab attention like never before ⚡

Animation amplifies energy, injects personality, and commands viewership in a way static visuals simply can’t match. Your messages jump off the screen in vibrant, living colour!

Make the complex feel simple 🍭

Even the densest, driest subject matter becomes digestible through the power of animation. Complex processes, intricate concepts and even the invisible can suddenly be powerfully visualised!

Endless creative possibilities 🌈

Shake off those storytelling shackles. Dream up any setting, character, or visual metaphor you can conceive – and we can help bring it to life.

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With an animated video, at last you can…

🧠 Explain complex concepts through powerful, easily understandable visuals

🤖 Craft memorable characters and stories that build powerful audience connections

🌍 Take viewers on immersive journeys

💥 Make a huge impact that static images and text simply can’t touch


But, why Wyzowl?

Here at Wyzowl we’re explainer video pioneers. We were one of the first companies ever to do them
(and we’re still one of the best! 😉)

We’ve been helping audiences ‘get it’ since 2011, creating 4,000 videos for clients all around the world.

Simple Fixed

Simple, fixed costs

We don’t believe in hidden costs and nasty surprises, which is why we charge a simple, fixed price.

Easy Management

Easy management

We have a custom-built project management system where you can get direct access to our creative team, AND invite yours.

Invite Your Team

Unlimited revisions

We want you to LOVE 💛 your video, which is why we make unlimited revisions at each step of the process – subject to a signoff at each stage.

Wealth of Experience

A wealth of experience

We’ve been doing this since 2011 and have built an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and expertise in what makes an explainer video work.

Consistent Output

Real humans, no robots 🤖

Resist the machines! Our team of real, talented HUMAN creatives are here to work on your project, not cookie-cutter AI tools.

Uniquely Yours

Uniquely yours

Everything we create for your video is made from scratch and it’s just for YOU. All the assets are yours once the project is complete, giving you extra resources to use elsewhere in your marketing.

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Your perfect video 😍

From: £2,250

We include everything you need for the perfect video for one simple fixed price. Hand-crafted by our expert team ⚡️

  • Script writing
  • Custom illustration
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Fixed turnaround times
  • Professional voiceover
  • Royalty free music
  • Sound effects
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 13+ years’ experience

We also have a subscription service if you need us to create videos on an ongoing basis. Find out more here

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Got Questions

Animated video FAQ

Who are Wyzowl anyway?

Fair question… we’re only a little hurt that you haven’t heard about us 😂

We’re one of the world’s leading explainer video agencies 🏅

Since 2011 we’ve created over 4,000 videos for 2,000 companies in 40 different countries worldwide 🌎

Some of our well known clients include:

Client Logos

…but we work with a wide range of businesses from small to large, in many different industries.

We’re a passionate team of copywriters, illustrators & animators and we love telling great stories with beautiful visuals 😍

How much does an animated video cost?

Costs vary based on style and length. We offer fixed pricing based on how long your video is, and can give you an accurate quote if you get in touch.

Who can benefit from animated videos?

Basically – everyone! Animated videos are more accessible than ever, meaning everyone from startups to Fortune 500s can use animated video to tell stories, showcase products and build their brand. The big winners, of course, are the viewers!

How long should my animated video be?

Our advice is to, in most cases, aim for 1-2 minutes. This is short enough to keep viewers engaged and convey your message effectively.

Can I customise characters and visuals in my animated video?

Absolutely! Animated videos offer flexibility to tailor characters and visuals to match your brand and story, and we’ll make unlimited revisions until you’re totally happy.

Can you adapt my animated videos so they work for different languages and markets?

Yes, we offer localisation services and work with international voiceover artists to adapt your video for global audiences.

How are animated videos created?

We use a clear, killer process refined over many years, taking you through scripting, design, and animation stages to ensure you get a video you LOVE.

Can I see examples of your animated videos?

Absolutely! We have a diverse portfolio showcasing animations we’ve produced across various industries and niches. If you’d like to see an example specific to your industry, get in touch and let us know!

How can I get started with my animated video project?

Fill out our quick contact form with your project details, and we’ll get back to you with pricing, timelines, and next steps.