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What are customer onboarding videos?

Customer onboarding videos are instructional or educational videos designed to guide new customers through the initial stages of their journey with a product or service. These videos help customers understand how to use the product effectively and get the most value out of it. A customer onboarding video (sometimes known as a user onboarding video) typically covers topics such as product features, setup instructions, troubleshooting tips, and best practices – ensuring a smooth transition for customers and increasing the likelihood that they experience success with the product.

Why is customer onboarding important?

Customer onboarding is crucial as it sets the foundation for a positive customer experience and long-term satisfaction. It helps new customers understand a product or service, its features, and how to use it effectively. Effective onboarding reduces confusion, increases user adoption, and promotes customer success. By giving the right guidance and support early on, onboarding makes sure customers can get maximum value from the product quickly, leading to increased engagement, loyalty, and the potential for upselling or cross-selling opportunities in the future.

When should companies use onboarding videos?

If you’ve got reasonable signup rates – but you’re experiencing low retention rates, high levels of churn, or if you simply have a complex product or service, customer onboarding videos could be for you. An onboarding video can help educate users and increase product adoption. Companies launching new products or features may also benefit from onboarding videos to introduce and explain their offerings effectively. Additionally, industries with complex or technical products can use videos to simplify onboarding and enhance customer understanding. Ultimately, onboarding videos can be instrumental in improving customer retention, reducing churn, and ensuring a positive user experience.

Why is video a good fit for the customer onboarding process?

Video works brilliantly in the customer onboarding process! Firstly, videos are highly engaging and can effectively demonstrate product features, functionalities, and usage in a visually appealing and interactive manner. They’re so much more dynamic and immersive than text-based instructions, making it easier for customers to understand and retain information. Videos also allow for a consistent and standardised onboarding experience, ensuring that all customers receive the same high-quality guidance – which can increase retention and reduce support queries.
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Customer onboarding video examples

Take a look at a few of the customer onboarding videos we’ve created for our clients.


Aston University

A video about finding a course.


Demonstrating how to get started.

BJU Press

A video about home schooling.

NMIMS Global

A video about the NGA value proposition.

New York Life

A video about how to create an account.

Brimmer and May School

A video about the mission and vision for the school.
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We couldn’t ask for a better communication. It was easy to get updates and it was easy for me to speak with the people working on the project. There was never any delays or worrying about whether things would be delivered on time. So easy to deal with.
Enda Rylands – General Manager – Ramada Hotels
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What are the benefits of customer onboarding videos?

The best customer onboarding videos offer several benefits. They provide a visual and engaging way to educate customers, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive onboarding experience. These videos can reduce customer confusion, accelerate product adoption, and increase user satisfaction. By showcasing product features, demonstrating best practices, and addressing common challenges, onboarding videos empower customers to maximise the value of the product. They also serve as a scalable and consistent training resource, saving time and resources for both the company and the customers. What’s more, because they give new customers the ability to work things out for themselves – an effective onboarding process can help cut customer support costs.

How long should a customer onboarding video be?

The optimal length for a customer onboarding video is typically between 2 to 5 minutes. It should be concise enough to hold the viewer’s attention while delivering key information effectively. Shorter videos tend to be more engaging and have higher completion rates. However, the length may vary depending on the complexity of the product or the specific content being covered. It’s important to prioritise clarity, relevance, and engagement over a strict time limit, ensuring that all essential information is conveyed without overwhelming the viewer.

What should be included in the best customer onboarding videos?

As with all parts of the onboarding process, the best customer onboarding videos are clear, simple and engaging. Clarity is really important – specific instructions, with clear illustrations or screen recording where necessary, help new users pick up the knowledge they need at their own pace. It’s important to strike a balance between informative content and visual storytelling to create a memorable onboarding experience.

When do customers watch onboarding videos?

Customers typically watch onboarding videos during the initial stages of their engagement with a product or service. This can occur immediately after their purchase or sign-up process, when they are eager to learn how to use the product effectively. Onboarding videos serve as a resource to guide customers through the onboarding process, familiarise them with key features and functionalities, and provide essential information to help them get started on the right foot. Customers may also revisit onboarding videos when they encounter specific challenges or want to explore advanced features as they deepen their understanding and usage of the product.

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Customer Onboarding Video FAQ

Got questions about our service, us or how it all works? See a few of the most common questions we get below.

What metrics indicate onboarding video success?

Onboarding video success can be measured through various metrics. Key indicators include onboarding video completion rates, average watch time, and engagement metrics such as likes, shares, and comments. User behaviour metrics such as product adoption rate, feature utilisation, and time to value can demonstrate the impact of the videos on customer onboarding and success. Additionally, tracking customer satisfaction, user feedback, and post-video survey responses can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness and perceived value of the onboarding videos – and the onboarding process as a whole.

How do you ensure brand consistency in onboarding videos?

Ensuring brand consistency in customer onboarding videos is really important, and something we take seriously. It starts with a clear understanding of your brand guidelines, including visual elements, tone of voice, and messaging. By aligning the video’s visuals, typography, colours, and overall aesthetic with your established brand identity, we’re able to maintain consistency in the way we create videos. Incorporating brand elements such as logos, taglines, and brand voice throughout the video further reinforces your brand identity and strengthens recognition.

What’s the best way to distribute and share customer onboarding videos?

The best way to distribute and share customer onboarding videos is through a multi-channel approach. Start by hosting the videos on your website or a dedicated onboarding portal, making them easily accessible to new customers. Utilise email campaigns to send personalised onboarding video links to customers upon signup. Leverage social media platforms, such as YouTube or Vimeo, to reach a wider audience with your content and attract new users to your app, product or service. From there, you can embed videos in knowledge bases, support documentation, or within the product itself for easy reference. You might also consider using video hosting platforms with analytics – this helps you track engagement and gather insights about how your onboarding video is performing.

I’m looking to onboard employees, not customers. Can Wyzowl help?

Absolutely! Click here to discover our employee onboarding video service. An employee onboarding video helps you welcome and nurture your new employees – so you can supercharge employee retention!

What makes an effective customer onboarding video?

Based on our extensive experience, our top tip for creating effective customer onboarding videos is to ‘Keep it simple!’ Be aware that the human attention span is limited: you need to give your new users the most important bits that will give them the most value, most quickly. For products and services, focus initially on your most important features and key benefits. For software demos, start out with key tasks and functionality – the things that they’re going to use most, and will get them up and running quickly. Following these simple tips will make a big difference!

I want to make a series of onboarding videos. Can you do that?

Definitely, we can help you create a video onboarding series! Our team and process are really well set up to work on series’ of videos. Because we front load our fact finding process when we create videos, we build a wealth of knowledge about your product, service or software tool. We also get a feel for your brand – design, tone of voice, animation style – and once these things are established, the process becomes easier and quicker, for both our team and yours, as we work through your series of onboarding videos.

What types of onboarding videos can be created?

Various types of customer onboarding videos can be created to enhance the customer onboarding process.

Animated videos can be used to provide a visually engaging and captivating introduction to the product or service. For instance, an animated onboarding video might showcase the key features and benefits of a software application in an engaging and entertaining way.

Screen-recorded onboarding videos are another valuable tool for onboarding. They can offer step-by-step tutorials on using specific features or performing tasks within the product. For example, a screen-recorded demo video can guide new customers on how to set up their account and navigate through different sections of a web-based platform.

A live action onboarding video features real people or actors and can be used in onboarding to add a personal touch. These videos can introduce team members, share customer testimonials, or demonstrate real-world use cases of the product. For instance, a live action onboarding video might showcase a personal welcome from a business owner.

Interactive videos provide an immersive experience for onboarding customers. They allow new users to actively engage with the content, such as making choices, exploring different scenarios, or completing interactive quizzes. For example, an interactive onboarding video might simulate a virtual product tour where customers can click on various elements to learn more or customise their experience based on their preferences.

By utilising a combination of animated videos, screen-recorded demos, live action videos, and interactive videos, companies can deliver a comprehensive onboarding experience that educates, engages, and empowers customers to successfully adopt their products or services.