App demo videos

Increase awareness of your app with a demo video that shows exactly how it works – and share it around the web to reach your audience.

Educate and inspire

Whatever you want to do these days, there’s an app for it – and probably more than one to choose from! App demo videos are a fantastic way to inform and inspire about what your app can do. It gives your viewer a guided tour of how your software tool works, in a way that’s much more comprehensive and engaging than screenshots alone. By demonstrating features in this way, you can show off the actual experience and reality of how your software tool works.
Put simply, these videos help develop user understanding of your software. This understanding can play a part in convincing potential customers to download or buy. It can also help optimise the experience for existing users – giving them a better understanding of the full value and potential of your tools and features, helping increase engagement and retention.


Lunarlight Atelier Limited
Ticketflashapp - Transactable ticket app.
PR in a Box
A cost effective way to promote your buisness.
The Ad tool for agencies.
Controlling Tax Filing Approval Policy with Process Workflow - Automates excise return filing, so users can file taxes accurately and on time.
An ecommerce platform for creatives
Property Radar
Find a person or property in the Property Radar software.

App demo videos can be used to…


Get in front of your ideal target user with video content that demonstrates how your app works, and inspires them to find out more…


Show exactly how your app works. Demonstrate features and benefits, and encourage those ‘potential’ users to become ‘actual’ users!


Share knowledge and expertise to ensure your users get a great experience with your app. Highlight advanced and less-used features.

Why use app demo videos?

Showing > telling

Nothing helps your audience understand how your app works, what it does – and what it doesn’t do – quite like actually seeing it in action. Basically every app will use screenshots as part of its marketing. Populate the app with great data that tells a story and lets people imagine its real world use.

Set realistic expectations

The better your audience understands what your app does – and doesn’t do – the more realistic their expectations once they download. This means that the people who download your app are more likely to be satisfied, which helps optimise retention.

Ensure a great experience

Showing off the features of your app doesn’t just help you to market your app and increase user acquisition. These videos can be used at every stage of the user journey, including giving them the information they need to ensure a great experience using your app. Reduce support queries, further optimising the UX and saving time for development.

“Everyone we’ve worked with has been courteous, professional, helpful, prompt and, last but not least, patient throughout the process. They turn out quality deliverables and always strive to make sure you’re a happy customer.”

Sean Lindo – Invoice2Go


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