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Our event video production service helps you build buzz beforehand, grab and hold attention during the event, and keep on promoting it, long after it’s over!

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What is an event video?

Event videos are short videos created to promote or enhance an event. They can be used before, during, or after a corporate event for marketing and engagement purposes. Whether you’re marketing an event – or simply attending one, and wanting to make the most of it with eye catching video content – event videos help you maximise your success and ROI!

How can event videos be used?

They can be used in several ways. You can use animated videos like teasers and promos ahead of an event, to generate excitement and boost ticket sales. Or you could use live action video, filming your events and putting together recaps and highlight reels showing the best moments after an event ends. You can also use things like explainer videos or product demos, to be displayed on your event stand or during an event presentation.

What makes an effective event video?

Whichever type of video you choose, an effective event video brings viewers into the experience. Wherever and however it’s used, it should have great production values with crisp visuals and audio that get the viewer immersed. The pacing should feel natural, and any graphics should smoothly enhance the narrative without distracting. You should also have a super clear idea of what you want to achieve with your video – this always gives you the best possible chance of hitting the mark!

How can video help me make the most of my event?

Video is a tailor made tool for event success! Promotional videos can help build anticipation and drive ticket sales pre-event. Speakers can use video in their presentations. Brands can sex up their stands and pitches with rolling video content. And event marketers can use content like highlights video reels to reinforce the value experienced by attendees – and start pumping up interest for your next event! For organisers and participants alike, video creates opportunities before, during and after the event to engage audience members and make exhibitors shine.
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Event video examples

Take a look at a few of the event videos we’ve created for our clients.



Emergency Lighting Centre- Designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of professional lighting systems.

BJU Press Facebook Party

A network of home school mums promoting their Facebook event.


Hospitality software innovators.
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We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of dollars in the form of new customers who originated with us by watching a Wyzowl video.
Sean Crafts – Mavenlink

How much does event video production cost?

It really depends on what type of video you’re producing. Since event video production costs can depend on the complexity and details involved, we encourage you to contact us to explain exactly what you’re looking for, and we’ll be glad to provide a comprehensive quote outlining the investment required to meet your video needs and specifications.

How can you use video to promote in the lead up to an event?

In the lead up to live events, you can use promotional videos and teasers to hype things up and get people interested. Some modern events have apps to help attendees get the most out of the event – if that’s the case, you can use demo videos to get them familiarised with how things work beforehand.

What types of videos work well during events?

Having well-produced event videos readily available can be a powerful enhancement during the event itself. Videos can be part of your event stand, or used during presentations to augment your content. Whether supplementing presentations, highlighting speakers, or promoting future corporate events, having engaging custom videos on hand helps your event go more smoothly and makes a memorable impression.

How can you use video to recap and promote an event after it’s finished?

The event may be over, but video content can keep the buzz going! By having a video production team on-hand, you can capture the standout parts of the day – and share them into a highlights video to share post-event. Conduct short video interviews with attendees recapping their favourite moments. Speaker presentations and talks can be uploaded to sites like YouTube to extend their shelf life, while relatable clips on social media will amplify their reach and build profile which will help with future events.

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Event Video Production FAQ

Got questions about our service, us or how it all works? See a few of the most common questions we get below.

Do you offer live event video production – e.g. event filming?

Yes, our live action video package extends to having a videographer capture and film your event.

Can you support with live streaming?

No, live streaming isn’t really our thing – but we can help you prepare canned video content for before, during and after your event!

What sort of events can you create videos for?

Any sort of event! Whether you’re putting together a trade show, sales conference or planning award ceremonies, we can create videos to help you do it even better.

What is the event video production process?

The production process for event videos can vary greatly depending on the specific needs and scope of each project, so if you get in touch with our expert video production team, we’d be happy to discuss your particular goals, then provide detailed information about pricing, expected timelines, and any other specifics you need to bring your vision to life.