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What is a recruitment video?

A recruitment video is any video designed to help companies in their hiring process. It can take many forms – from animated videos explaining your company’s mission, vision, company culture and values, to live action ‘behind the scenes’ testimonial videos which tell the stories of your happiest employees, and why they love working for you. High quality video content can help sell your company to potential recruits, and take your job postings to the next level.

Why are recruitment videos effective?

These videos work really well because they help bring your company to life. Animated explainer videos can create a slick introduction to your company’s culture – or provide essential info. Live action video can help show the real people behind the business, their passion, and the reality of working in your company. This helps potential employees connect on a personal level, making them more likely to apply (or screening out people who aren’t a great culture fit.) Videos tend to capture, and hold, attention better than text, making your job openings stand out in a crowded market. Plus, they give a glimpse of the job and its challenges, ensuring that potential candidates are genuinely interested and understand the opportunity.

What types of recruitment video content work well?

Recruitment videos that resonate well often feature a blend of content styles. Employee stories provide a personal touch, letting potential hires connect with real experiences. Day-in-the-life videos offer a sneak peek into the role, setting clear job expectations. Company culture clips showcase the workplace atmosphere and values. Employee testimonials build credibility through employee or client endorsements. Job preview videos dive deep into job roles and growth prospects, while animated videos simplify complex roles and concepts, making them more accessible. Combining these content types creates a diverse and engaging recruitment video strategy.

What are the benefits of creating recruitment video content?

Recruitment video production has several advantages. Firstly, they make the hiring process more personal by showing the people and the culture, which attracts potential candidates who share those values. Secondly, videos grab people’s attention better than just words, so more people see your job postings. They also help candidates understand the job better, reducing the number of unsuitable applications. Plus, these videos improve how people see your company, making them trust you more. In short, making these videos saves you time and money by bringing in the right people and making your company look better.
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Recruitment video examples

Take a look at a few of the recruitment videos we’ve created for our customers.
Socially Recruited
Supply Now
Blue Brick Talent
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Hiring Hub
We wanted to open the window to our site without people having to register or make a commitment. Tools like an explainer video are key for us to explain what we’re all about. Wyzowl enhanced the ideas we had for the video and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.
Simon Swan – Co-Founder & CEO – Hiring Hub

How much does recruitment video production cost?

The answer to this question is completely dependent on the style, length and complexity of your video. On the lower end, simple DIY videos can be virtually free. Of course, professionally produced videos come with a certain price tag – which can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Hiring a videographer, using animation, or renting a studio are all considerations in terms of cost. Overall, it’s best to set a budget based on your specific needs and goals, as video production costs can vary significantly. Check out our research project which explores the average cost of a 60 second animated explainer video.

Where and how can recruitment video be used to maximise reach and impact?

One of the great things about a recruiting video is that you can use it far and wide. You can add video to your website – or on a dedicated careers or recruiting website which exists purely to entice top talent. Don’t forget to include them in job listings, both on your website and on external job boards. Sharing these videos on social media platforms amplifies their reach further. You can even consider using targeted paid ads on platforms like LinkedIn to reach specific audiences interested in your industry or roles. This multi-platform approach ensures that your recruitment video gets maximum exposure and helps attract the right candidates.


How long does recruitment video production take?

Again this depends heavily on the type of video you’re creating. There are clearly some video types that are as simple as hitting ‘record’ on your webcam and they’re done immediately. For professional recruitment video production, it takes a little longer. Our research suggests 4-8 weeks is a good ballpark figure for a 60 second animated video. Discuss turnaround times with your chosen recruitment video production partner – they’ll be able to advise you how long it will take, based on your specific video requirements and style guide.

What are the top tips for creating a good recruitment video?

Creating an effective recruitment video hinges on authenticity and clarity. Firstly, be genuine – let your company’s true character shine through to attract like-minded job seekers. Showing things as they really are is the best way to attract recruits who will stick around and thrive in your team. So share those honest employee stories and day-to-day realities! Secondly, keep it clear – convey the job’s expectations, company culture, and application process straightforwardly. Use simple language and visuals to avoid confusion. Lastly, remember to make it engaging – use visuals, music, and a friendly tone to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

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43% of candidates are more likely to apply to a job with video content. (Source)

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Recruitment Video FAQs

Got questions about our service, us or how it all works? See a few of the most common questions we get below.

How is success measured when it comes to recruitment video marketing?

Success can be measured in various ways. Firstly, the number of views and engagement metrics like likes, shares, and comments reflect initial interest. The click-through rate to job listings from the video provides a direct measure of conversion. Tracking the application rate and the quality of applicants helps gauge the video’s impact on recruitment. Additionally, monitoring HR department metrics – such as the retention rate of new hires who were exposed to the video – can indicate its effectiveness in retaining talent. Ultimately, success is measured by how well the video attracts and converts suitable candidates while positively impacting the company’s hiring and retention goals.

What are the common mistakes to avoid when creating a recruitment video?

Avoid making the video too long or overly detailed, as viewers may lose interest. A short video is almost always better when it comes to engaging – and holding the attention – of a wider audience. Overly scripted or rehearsed content can come across as insincere, so aim for authenticity. And stay away from generic content – make sure your video highlights what’s unique about YOUR company. Finally, ensure clear and simple messaging, avoiding jargon or complex language that might confuse potential candidates. By sidestepping these errors, you can create a more effective and engaging recruitment video.

How do I isolate – and communicate – what’s special about a company?

There are a few ways to pinpoint and effectively communicate what makes your company stand out. As a starting point, consider conducting a brainstorming session or anonymous survey among your current employees. Ask them about the aspects of the company that they find most compelling and appealing. This could include questions about culture, opportunities for growth, work-life balance, or any unique benefits. Once you gather their feedback, use it to inform the content of your videos. Showcase these compelling elements through testimonials, day-in-the-life videos, or culture-focused segments. By aligning your messaging with what your employees value most, you’ll create more persuasive and authentic recruitment content that has the best chance of resonating with prospective employees and new talent. Of course, we can help you with this exercise throughout the process.

What are some examples of animated recruitment video?

Animated recruitment videos offer a number of creative ways to engage candidates. You can use explainer videos to simplify complex roles and company values, making them easier to understand. Another option is to create animated characters and scenarios that share employee experiences, adding a personal touch. You might also use animation to visualise the application and onboarding process, making it more accessible. For a more interactive approach, consider using animated scenarios to test candidates’ skills or cultural fit. These examples showcase the versatility of animated recruitment videos in attracting and informing potential hires.

And what about live action?

Live-action videos provide an authentic window into your company. They typically feature real employees and workplaces, allowing potential candidates to see the actual environment they’ll be part of. These videos can showcase employee testimonials, a typical workday, or interviews with team members and leadership. Live-action videos are especially effective for highlighting your company’s culture, work atmosphere, and values. They offer a personal and relatable connection with viewers, helping them envision themselves as part of your team, making them a valuable tool for attracting top talent.

Why choose Wyzowl as your recruitment video production partner?

We’ve been creating recruitment videos – and every other type of video you can think of! – for over 10 years now and have built a huge amount of experience and expertise along the way. We create content designed to help companies get results. We’ve also developed a simple, powerful process with fixed pricing and unlimited revisions, all designed to keep things easy, clear and predictable for our clients. All these factors make us a great choice to create your recruiting video!

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