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What are hotel & hospitality videos?

Hotel and hospitality videos are videos designed for use in the hospitality sector – which we know is a wide definition! It might be videos that showcase resorts and services to potential guests. It might include things like welcome videos, testimonials, area guides, amenities overviews, promos, virtual tours, event highlights, brand stories, and more. These videos allow viewers to visualise the hotel experience and either convince them to visit – or help them get the most out of their stay. The bottom line is, videos are a great tool for budget and luxury hotels alike.

What are the different types of videos commonly used in the hotel and hospitality industry?

A variety of video types can be helpful for hospitality businesses and hotels. Welcome videos extend a warm greeting, while testimonials build trust by showcasing positive experiences. A great resort video and area guide can offer valuable insights, enticing potential guests to explore nearby attractions. Promotional videos highlight exclusive offers and events, sparking interest and bookings. Virtual tours transport viewers into the heart of the property. Event highlights capture memorable moments, and brand stories convey the essence and personality of the establishment. These diverse formats are essential tools for hospitality businesses looking to create immersive and compelling experiences for their guests.

Why is video so effective in the hospitality sector?

Video is effective in the hospitality space because of its storytelling powers. Few media types are quite as engaging or impactful. With the ability to combine sound, visual elements and movement, video – in its various animated and live action guises – helps engage your target audience, tell stories, communicate ideas and sell experiences like no other content type.

In what ways can hotels and hospitality brands use video to achieve their goals?

Video can inform and excite guests at every touchpoint during research, booking, pre-arrival, onsite, and after departure. Videos on websites/ads attract guests, social media video keeps brands top of mind, and on-property video enhances the onsite experience. Hospitality brands can even use video internally to train staff, further enhancing the guest experience.
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Hotel & hospitality video examples

Take a look at a few of the hotel & hospitality videos we’ve created for our customers.

Brightr Travel
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Enda Rylands – General Manager – Ramada Hotels

How much does hospitality video production cost?

The cost of making videos for the hospitality industry can vary a lot. It depends on what kind of video you want, how long it’ll be, and more. The best way to know how much it’ll cost is to talk to a video company you like and ask for a quote. They’ll tell you what’s included in that price and what might cost extra. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for! Here at Wyzowl we offer simple, fixed pricing – the same luxury hotel video production, regardless of your budget.

What are the benefits of using video for hotels and hospitality brands?

Using videos for hotels and hospitality brands comes with several advantages. It’s a great way to show off your hotel’s features, rooms, and amenities in an attractive and easy-to-understand format. This helps potential guests make better choices. Videos can also capture the unique vibe and experiences your hotel offers, making people feel more connected to your brand. They’re fantastic for marketing on your website and social media, making your brand more visible. Plus, instructional videos can enhance the guest experience by explaining services and facilities. It’s a win-win!

How long does the hotel video production process take?

This also depends on a number of factors, such as how many rounds of feedback and changes are needed and how quickly you’re able to pull that together. On average, it usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks from start to end – however, it can be quicker or longer depending on the complexity of the project and how efficiently you can collaborate with the video production team.

What makes an effective hotel or hospitality video?

An effective hotel or hospitality video should look and sound great, with clear visuals and sound. It needs to tell a captivating and genuine story about the brand, highlighting what makes it special. Including guest reviews to showcase satisfaction is important. It should connect with viewers emotionally, be short and sweet, and leave a lasting impression. Don’t forget to encourage viewers to take action, like booking or visiting the website.

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Hotel & Hospitality Video Production FAQs

Got questions about our service, us or how it all works? See a few of the most common questions we get below.

Where should hotel and hospitality videos be published?

To get the most out of your hotel and hospitality videos, you can share them in various smart ways. Put them on your website and popular social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Show them at your hotel on TVs in common areas and guest rooms. For more people to see them, run paid ads on platforms like Google Ads. Plus, use them in your email marketing. Also, get them listed on travel sites like and TripAdvisor. That way, you reach a wide range of potential guests.

How can the ROI of hospitality videos be measured?

Measuring the ROI of hospitality videos involves tracking several key performance indicators. Start by monitoring website traffic, looking for increases in page views and time spent on site. Analyse booking and reservation data to see if video engagement leads to higher conversion rates. Social media metrics, like likes, shares, and comments, can indicate engagement. Guest feedback and surveys can provide qualitative insights as to how people have interacted with your videos. Track the cost of video production and compare it to increased revenue and bookings – this is the most accurate formula to calculate ROI!

How can video improve the guest experience?

Videos can make a hotel stay better for guests in several ways. They provide helpful information about the hotel’s services and nearby attractions. Welcome videos create a friendly atmosphere and help guests feel special. Instructional videos make things like check-in and using room features easier to understand. Virtual tours let guests see different room options, so they can pick what suits them best. In a nutshell, videos make the whole experience more convenient and enjoyable, leading to a more memorable stay.

Why choose Wyzowl for hotel video production?

With over 3,000 videos produced, our expertise makes the whole hotel video production process easy. Our team handles the whole video production process, from pre-production (planning and briefing) through to script writing, on-location shooting, animation and post-production. Our breadth of experience and expertise mean you’ll get a quality video with stunning visuals, putting your brand in the best light – and our commitment to service means it’ll be easy for you, with direct access to our creatives throughout the process via our project management system. Trust us to deliver a great finished product – and a smooth, easy process.

How can hotels repurpose video content?

Hotels can get more mileage from their videos by using them in different ways. For example, a promotional video on your website can be turned into shorter clips for social media. Event videos can be condensed into highlight reels, instructional videos can become part of an on-demand series for guests, and testimonials can be included in email marketing or online ads. Reusing videos in various forms and across different platforms helps them reach more people and serve different purposes.

How should scripts be written for a hotel video?

When scripting a hotel video, keep it short, interesting, and focused around what guests want to know. Try and start the video with something that grabs attention, and use a tone that matches the vibe of your brand or hotel. Don’t forget a clear call-to-action, like booking a room or checking out your website. Keep it brief and get to the point – because people online don’t have a lot of patience.

How can hotels measure the impact of their video marketing?

Hotels can gauge the effectiveness of their video marketing efforts by analysing various metrics. They should track the number of video views, likes, shares, and comments on platforms like YouTube and social media. Keeping an eye on things like website traffic, bounce rates, and conversion rates linked to video content can reveal its impact on bookings. Monitoring email click-through rates and customer feedback can also provide valuable insights. Surveys and feedback forms can help assess the emotional and informational value of videos in the guest experience, ultimately offering a comprehensive understanding of their impact.

When is animation the best choice for hotel videos?

Animation shines when you want much more control over visual storytelling. It’s great for crafting a polished, imaginative portrayal of your hotel’s amenities, services, and ambience, which matches your hotel’s brand and overall vibe. Animation can be welcoming, fun and makes a great first impression. It’s also a great solution for when live-action filming can’t quite capture the mood you’re going for or when you have filming limitations – for example, if your hotel is undergoing renovations or you have a busy hotel desk you struggle to close down for filming.

When is live action the best choice for hotels?

Choose live action for hotel videos when you want to show the real deal – the hotel’s actual physical attributes, genuine guest experiences, and the beauty of its surroundings. It’s perfect for capturing the authentic, unscripted moments and the unique vibe of your resort.