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YouTube Video Production

We create YouTube videos that bring your channel to life – helping you unlock the potential of the world’s largest video platform!

Loved by over 2,000 customers ❤️

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YouTube is a huge opportunity – but hard work! 😣

Struggling to build your audience? 👥

Content getting lost in the vast YouTube universe? 🌎

Important messages falling flat? 💬

On YouTube, engaging and retaining viewers is crucial for success.

But dull, forgettable videos simply won’t cut it: you need dynamic, high-quality content that entertains, educates, and keeps people coming back for more.

The solution: Content that does justice to your brand! 📈
We create videos that bring your YouTube channel to life.

Say no to uninspiring, cookie-cutter content – instead, get beautiful explainers, demos and testimonial videos that leave your channel visitors in no doubt as to how amazing your brand truly is!

How it works…


Script writing

Based on your video goals, we’ll create a first draft of the script.

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Storyboard creation

We create all the graphics for your video from scratch and lay them out scene-by-scene for you to check and approve.


Animation & sound

We create a first cut of your video including royalty free music and a professional voiceover track.

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Unlimited Revisions

Unlimited revisions

We’ll make unlimited revisions at each step until you’re totally happy and ready to sign off.

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Reach a huge global audience 🌎

As well as being a video sharing platform, YouTube is a search engine in its own right. Create content that serves your audience with the problems and answers the questions they have – and you can be in the right place to reach them with your brand, and start a relationship with them.

Forge a community of superfans 🧑🤝🧑

Through compelling storytelling and personality, you build a loyal tribe that binge watches religiously and amplifies your messages.

Showcase your expertise authoritatively 💯

YouTube provides a broadcast channel to position yourself as an industry thought leader by delivering in-depth, informative video content.

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With a YouTube video, at last you can…

🚀 Achieve explosive discoverability through YouTube SEO

📡 Broadcast to a worldwide audience as a thought leader

👯‍♀️ Build an audience of raving fans who binge your content

📈 Drive serious growth momentum around new follows and subscribers

💯 Position your brand as the authoritative voice in your industry’s realm


But, why Wyzowl?

Here at Wyzowl we’re explainer video pioneers. We were one of the first companies ever to do them
(and we’re still one of the best! 😉)

We’ve been helping audiences ‘get it’ since 2011, creating 4,000 videos for clients all around the world.

Simple Fixed

Simple, fixed costs

We don’t believe in hidden costs and nasty surprises, which is why we charge a simple, fixed price.

Easy Management

Easy management

We have a custom-built project management system where you can get direct access to our creative team, AND invite yours.

Invite Your Team

Unlimited revisions

We want you to LOVE 💛 your video, which is why we make unlimited revisions at each step of the process – subject to a signoff at each stage.

Wealth of Experience

A wealth of experience

We’ve been doing this since 2011 and have built an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and expertise in what makes an explainer video work.

Consistent Output

Real humans, no robots 🤖

Resist the machines! Our team of real, talented HUMAN creatives are here to work on your project, not cookie-cutter AI tools.

Uniquely Yours

Uniquely yours

Everything we create for your video is made from scratch and it’s just for YOU. All the assets are yours once the project is complete, giving you extra resources to use elsewhere in your marketing.

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Your perfect video 😍

From: £2,250

We include everything you need for the perfect video for one simple fixed price. Hand-crafted by our expert team ⚡️

  • Script writing
  • Custom illustration
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Fixed turnaround times
  • Professional voiceover
  • Royalty free music
  • Sound effects
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 13+ years’ experience

We also have a subscription service if you need us to create videos on an ongoing basis. Find out more here

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Got Questions

YouTube video FAQ

Who are Wyzowl anyway?

Fair question… we’re only a little hurt that you haven’t heard about us 😂

We’re one of the world’s leading explainer video agencies 🏅

Since 2011 we’ve created over 4,000 videos for 2,000 companies in 40 different countries worldwide 🌎

Some of our well known clients include:

Client Logos

…but we work with a wide range of businesses from small to large, in many different industries.

We’re a passionate team of copywriters, illustrators & animators and we love telling great stories with beautiful visuals 😍

What are the benefits of using YouTube for creators and businesses?

Where to start?! YouTube offers a massive audience, powerful marketing capabilities, monetisation options, and insightful analytics to optimise content strategy and engagement. It’s also the world’s second largest search engine and an incredible place to reach new customers.

How often should channels publish content on YouTube?

It’s hard to pluck a number from the sky, but it’s fair to say consistency is key – balancing frequency with quality to attract and retain viewers, increase visibility, and foster engagement.

How much do YouTube videos cost to create?

Costs really do vary based on production quality and resources. Professional-grade videos require investments in equipment and expertise, with options for tailored pricing from video production companies. However, in theory, you can shoot using your mobile phone and let your content speak for itself – just keep in mind what this says about your brand!

How long should YouTube videos be?

For marketing, shorter videos (around 1 minute) are effective – but video length varies widely depending on content type, from vlogs to documentaries. There’s actually some evidence that YouTube prefers longer-form content that keeps you on their site for longer, with all the implications this has on ad revenue.

How do I reach my target audience on YouTube?

You can, of course, use organic methods like SEO optimisation, promoting via your online channels like social media and email, plus collaborations with other brands and creators. But you might also want to think about paid strategies such as targeted ads, if you want to maximise reach and engagement.

What are the most important metrics for YouTube success?

There are plenty to choose from. Popular metrics include views, watch time, engagement (likes, comments, shares), and subscriber growth, which collectively gauge how effective your content is and the extent to which you’re building an audience.

Why invest in high-quality YouTube video production?

Quite simply, high-quality videos enhance brand credibility, engagement, and shareability, driving more views, interactions, and potential conversions.

How do I get started?

Click here and fill out a short form – a member of our team of video production experts will be in touch with some more info about animated explainer videos, the process, pricing, turnarounds and instructions on how to get your video project underway!