Why Choose Wyzowl?

We are one of the worlds market leading explainer video companies. But, we understand that just because we’re right for others doesn’t mean we’re right for you. See the reasons so many people choose to work with Wyzowl below.

A Wealth Of Experience

We have more experience than most other companies with creating animated explainer videos. We were one of the first in the market back in 2011 and since then we’ve created over 3,000 videos for over 1,500 companies in over 40 countries.

Pioneers Since 2011

Est 2011 Back in 2011 Dropbox, Google and others brought explainer videos to the mainstream. At the same time, we pioneered creating explainer videos with clear fixed pricing, turnarounds & unlimited revisions.

Worldwide Service

Worldwide Service We’ve worked with businesses from 40 different countries worldwide. We’ve been able to do this efficiently by building our own client project management system. Everyday we work with clients worldwide.

Various Styles

Various Styles We love to adapt to a style one of our clients has seen. Over the years this means we’ve worked in various styles from 2D graphics, line drawn and sketch through to 3D and image based.

Over 3,000 Videos Completed

Videos Completed We’re lucky to have completed over 3,000 videos for over 1,500 companies. This has helped us understand what works, why, how and in what way for which type of business.

Original Research

Original Research We work hard to understand the market we’re helping to grow. We regularly undertake research such as our ‘State of Video marketing 2018’ survey to understand how the market is evolving.

We know Video

We Know Video We are experts in the explainer video industry. From story writing, scripting, design & animation to promotion of your video. Let us pass some of this expertise on to you.

The Wyzowl Guarantee  Brand Guarantee

When you work with Wyzowl you’ll get a whole range of benefits. These benefits help us ensure we create high quality videos that our clients love with a service they come back to and recommend time after time.

Unlimited Revisions

Unlimited Revisions We offer unlimited revisions within the scope of your project at every stage. We’ll continue to make changes until you’re happy. This means you can always rely on a video you love!

Fixed Turnaround Times

Fixed Turnaround Times We work to fixed turnaround times at every stage of the process. We’ll also give you specific delivery dates for everything we do. This means you’ll know exactly when each part of your video will be complete.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team When you work with us on a video you’ll have a dedicated team of experts at your disposal. We’ll introduce you to each person who works on your project and you’ll be able to chat with them directly.

Fixed Pricing

Fixed Pricing We hate it when a price changes for seemingly no reason. That’s why we offer fixed prices for every second of animation. This way you’ll always be able to stay within budget.

All Inclusive Package

All Inclusive Package When you choose Wyzowl everything is included within your simple fixed price. Consultation with our team, script writing, design, animation, voiceover, music, sound effects and a HD video.

Direct Access To Your Team

Direct Access To Your Team You are able to talk directly to each person working on your video at each stage. We built our own online project management system so you have direct access to ask questions at any time.

Our Service

We understand the value of exceptional customer service. We feel that every one of our customers deserves it. From answering calls and queries quickly to providing a convenient, creative and comprehensive service. Everything we do is tailored towards providing you with the best service and end product. See a few ways we do this below.

In House Team

In House Team Our team all work in one big open plan office. This means that everyone who works on your video can talk directly to each other. This keeps quality high and maintains the vision of the video throughout.

Replies Within 2 Business Hours

Quick Replies We understand the need for a quick response. This is why we always aim to get back to client queries within 2 business hours. We’re a responsive team, just like service should be.

Experts In Each Area

Experts Wyzowl is made up of experts in their fields. Project Managers, Copywriters, Illustrators, Animators and Support. You’ll be introduced to each person on your dedicated team at each stage.

Everyone Gets The Platinum Package

Platinum Package We work to 1 fixed price per second of video. We don’t over charge. We give the same amazing service to every single customer.

A Killer Process

We’ve worked hard over the years to refine our process. We’re very proud of our systems and online project management system. We feel that this makes working with us simple, easy, effective and comprehensive.


Step By Step Process We have a step by step process for every video type we work on. This means we can progress each project quickly and comprehensively as well as keeping quality at the highest level.

Feedback At Every Stage

Feedback Process You have the opportunity to feedback at every stage of the project. This gives you the opportunity to direct the overall vision for the video whilst keeping your time commitment to a minimum.

A Focus On Revisions

Revisions We have an internal KPI to keep revisions low. To do this we’ll ask comprehensive questions at each stage so we fully understand what is required. The aim is to keep your time requirement to a minimum.

Ultimate Creativity

Creativity We’ve worked on various styles of explainer video. We push our team to stretch the boundaries of creativity. Our aim is to create the best possible video for you and your brand.
You can view the specific process for each type of video from the “Video Types” drop down in the menu at the top of the page.

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