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What are training videos and why should businesses use them?

Training videos are instructional videos that demonstrate how to perform a task or teach a skill. They’re a GREAT way for businesses to train employees on various topics, such as new software, sales techniques, or safety procedures. By creating training videos, businesses can ensure consistent and standardised training across their team, reduce training costs, and allow employees to learn at their own pace. Training videos are also easily accessible and can be revisited as needed, making them a great investment.

What are the benefits of training videos compared to other training types?

Training videos have loads of benefits compared to other techniques! They’re consistent, flexible, and can be accessed from anywhere, so your team can learn at their own pace. Plus, creating videos can be more cost-effective than traditional in-person training – and they’re super scalable, making it easy to train large groups of employees. And because videos are more engaging, they can lead to better retention and learning outcomes.

What makes a GREAT training video?

A great training video should be like a good movie – focused, engaging, and informative, with a clear objective and a concise message. Think Indiana Jones, but instead of hunting for treasure, we’re hunting for knowledge!

The video should use visuals, sound, and examples that are relevant and fun, and be designed to hold viewers’ attention.

And don’t forget to keep it short and interactive, so viewers stay engaged and retain what they’ve learned. By making training videos fun and effective, businesses can ensure that their employees are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

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Training video examples

Take a look at a few of the training videos we’ve created for our clients.



An award winning range of cleaning and waterproofing aftercare products.


Demonstrating the step by step process to install their Slack app.


Lab safety best practices to ensure safety at work during Covid-19.


Training internal team members on the importance of booking efficient meetings.


A video to train intermediary brokers about how to use the Paymentshield quoting tool.


Training customers about how to fit their mattress protector product.
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It’s been a pleasure to work with Wyzowl on our new video content over the last year. They’re always prompt and professional in their support. They’ve also been very patient and worked through problems with us as we’ve been implementing our refreshed brand into video content. Nothing is ever too much and the end result of the hard work has always been worth it. We’re looking forward to working with them more in future.

Michaela Walsh – Paymentshield

How much do training videos cost?

The cost of creating training videos can vary widely depending on many factors, including the length of the video, the complexity of the topic, the quality of the production, and the experience of the video production team. We’d be delighted to provide you with a custom quote for your project – get in touch and tell us more about what you need!

How long should a training video be?

There are a lot of variables involved in answering this question! On the whole, though, the rule tends to be that ‘shorter is better.’ By keeping things short and to the point, employees can absorb the necessary information without becoming overwhelmed. And for particularly complex topics, consider breaking the content up into a series of bite-sized videos. Not only will viewers appreciate the brevity, but they’ll also be more likely to retain what they’ve learned.

How long does it take to produce a training video?

We have a simple training video production process that uses fixed turnarounds for each deliverable throughout the training video production process. However, the total time taken depends on how quickly you can provide feedback on our work, and how many rounds of changes are required. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but the whole thing generally takes about 6-8 weeks. If you need training videos more urgently than this, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

Where can I find corporate training videos to inspire me?

Check out this blog post in which we round up 20 examples of super effective training videos!

What types of training video are there?

‘Training video’ is a big umbrella term that encompasses a lot of different things. The list of training video styles we might be able to help you with includes…


Product training videos

Demonstrate the ins and outs of physical products.

Customer relations videos

Use ‘roleplay’ scenarios to showcase customer interactions. Improve your customer experience!

Safety training videos

Demonstrate how to do things safely and correctly using animation.

Demo videos

Use screen recording or animation to show how a software tool or product works.

Sales training videos

Give your people the tools they need to handle objections, close and convert.

HR training videos

Make your rules and expectations crystal clear with policy videos that support your HR team and function.

Retail training videos

Show your shop workers how to treat customers, plus learn vital skills like upselling and cross-selling.

Explainer videos

Explain products, services and ideas to your team to help them in an almost infinite number of ways!

Did you know? 👀

Video is comfortably the most popular training technique among employees. When asked their preferred ways to receive training at work, 36% of employees cited video – comfortably the most popular, above training manuals and workbooks (9%), one-on-one training (25%), shadowing and work-based learning (17%) and classroom-based training in groups (12%).

Check out more stats about employee training here

Training video articles

We write and share all we know about video on our blog. Here are some articles about training videos you might enjoy…

We surveyed 206 people in early 2021, asking them to share their feelings on the training they’ve received in their employment.
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Training Video FAQ

Got questions about our service, us or how it all works? See a few of the most common questions we get below.

Why is video the most popular training tool?

Video does such an incredible job at both distilling complex topics – letting you tell great stories. Training can be a real turnoff. Your team are busy with their day-to-day role, and people – in general – are super easily distracted. Training videos give you the power to deliver educational content your team will actually sit and watch.

Can Wyzowl handle international video production projects?

Absolutely! We work with clients from all around the world, and we’ve produced videos for over 40 countries. Our custom project management tool lets us collaborate with clients globally, at any time that suits them.

Can I provide my own script for the live action video, or does Wyzowl offer scriptwriting services?

While we offer scriptwriting services as part of our full package, we’re more than happy to take a look at your script if you already have one. We’ll review it and work closely with you to make sure it’s perfect for your video.

Will I have ownership rights over the final video produced by Wyzowl?

Absolutely! You’ll have complete ownership rights over the final video we create for you. We’re happy to provide source files and other assets, so you can use them in various aspects of your training and marketing activities.

What’s included in the package when I buy a training video?

Everything you need is covered! Our training video package includes the script, storyboard, animation, royalty-free music, sound effects, and a professional voiceover. We provide a complete package to ensure a top-quality training video that meets all your needs.

What makes Wyzowl one of the top training video production companies?

Our extensive experience and skill set, developed over more than a decade as a video production company, has driven a real sense of expertise when it comes to delivering great corporate training videos. The same skills that have helped us become one of the world’s leading creators of animated explainer videos companies, also help us create outstanding educational content to help educate and train employees.

Can I request revisions or changes to the video after it’s been delivered?

We understand that tweaks might be necessary even after the project is completed. However, please note that once each production stage is signed off, additional charges may apply for any changes made. We’ll always be upfront and transparent about these charges and will make unlimited changes until you provide that sign off.