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We create animated manufacturing videos that assist businesses in illustrating processes, showcasing innovation, and conveying complex concepts.

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What are manufacturing videos?

Manufacturing videos (sometimes known as industrial videos) are powerful visual tools designed to meet the diverse needs of the manufacturing industry. This includes animated and live-action videos, and they can serve purposes like explaining complex processes, providing project insights, offering training and safety guidance, showcasing happy clients, and more. These videos bring clarity, engagement, and professionalism, while helping manufacturing companies convey essential info.

What types of videos can be used to benefit manufacturing businesses?

Manufacturing businesses can benefit from a range of video types tailored to their needs. These include informative explainer videos that simplify the complex manufacturing process, project overview videos to showcase key projects, training videos for skill development, health and safety videos to ensure a secure work environment, and client testimonial videos to build trust and credibility. These diverse video formats enhance communication, efficiency, and engagement, helping manufacturing businesses thrive.

Why do these videos work so well?

Manufacturing videos outshine other information tools like written content and static images because they leverage the power of sight and sound. They engage multiple senses, making complex concepts more digestible and memorable – and the use of motion helps bring abstract ideas to life. Videos also offer a dynamic experience, which can hold viewers’ attention longer than text or images. With the ability to demonstrate processes, emotions and specific scenarios, videos are extremely illustrative which makes them really useful, whether it’s for marketing, training, safety, or client trust-building.

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Manufacturing video examples

Take a look at a few of the manufacturing videos we’ve created for our customers.
Klecher Tube
Configit - CPQ
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It was such a pleasure to work with Wyzowl! During every stage of the project, they delivered amazing work that required very little revisions – saving time for the both of us! Thank you for making my life a little easier. I am so happy with my custom video and would most definitely recommend Wyzowl!
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How much should you expect to pay for industrial video production services?

How much an industrial video production company charges for their services can vary widely based on factors like video length, complexity, style – and, for live action videos, location and equipment. For animated videos, our study is a good starting point: we’ve established the average price of a typical 60 second explainer video. Our advice is to discuss your exact requirements with your chosen manufacturing industry video production company, get a full quote and understand exactly what is and isn’t included.

How long does the industrial video production process take?

The timeline for industrial video production can vary depending on the video’s complexity and scope. Typically, a simple video may take a few weeks to produce, involving tasks like scriptwriting, pre-production planning, shooting, editing, and post-production. More intricate videos with advanced animations or multiple locations might extend the process to several months. It’s crucial to discuss timelines with your production team and establish clear milestones to ensure your project meets its deadlines. Effective communication and thorough planning can help streamline the production process and deliver a high-quality video in a timely manner.

What makes a really great manufacturing video?

A truly outstanding manufacturing video is all about three key aspects: clarity, brevity, and production value. It conveys complex information with crystal-clear visuals and explanations, ensuring the audience easily grasps the content. It respects viewers’ time, delivering the message concisely without unnecessary details. Lastly, it boasts high production value, with great design, slick animation, and sound quality, enhancing its overall impact and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

What are the best video marketing platforms for manufacturing businesses?

Manufacturers can effectively showcase their videos on various platforms to reach their target audience. Firstly, YouTube offers a massive reach and allows for easy video sharing and optimisation for search. LinkedIn is valuable for B2B marketing, where manufacturing professionals often engage with informative content. Company websites and product pages provide a branded, controlled environment for showcasing videos. Additionally, social media platforms like Facebook and X can expand the video’s reach to a broader audience. Email marketing is also powerful for reaching existing customers and prospects. It’s obviously important to tailor your video marketing strategy to your specific goals and audience preferences for maximum impact.

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Manufacturing video production FAQs

Got questions about our service, us or how it all works? See a few of the most common questions we get below.

How do manufacturing businesses measure video marketing success?

Manufacturing businesses can tell if their video marketing is working by looking at things like how many people watched their videos, how long they watched, and whether people liked, commented on, or shared the videos. They can also check if the videos led people to take actions like visiting their website or buying their products. By keeping an eye on these numbers and feedback from viewers, manufacturers can see what’s working and what’s not, and make changes to improve their video marketing efforts.

What’s the ideal target audience for industrial videos?

The ideal target audience for industrial videos varies depending on the video’s purpose. For safety training videos, the primary audience would be employees and workers within the manufacturing industry. Explainer videos may target potential clients or investors, while client testimonials are aimed at building trust with existing and potential customers. In general, the target audience should align with the video’s specific goals, whether it’s educating employees, attracting new clients, or strengthening relationships with existing ones.

How can video boost the sales efforts of an industrial or manufacturing company?

Video can significantly boost the sales efforts of an industrial or manufacturing company by providing engaging and persuasive content. Explainer videos can simplify complex products or processes, making them more understandable to potential buyers. Testimonial videos build trust and credibility, reassuring customers about the quality and reliability of the company’s offerings. Additionally, product demonstration videos showcase features and benefits effectively. These videos can be shared on websites, social media, and sales presentations, enhancing engagement and ultimately driving sales growth.

What are some use cases for animated manufacturing video?

Animated videos are versatile tools for manufacturers. They can be used for explaining intricate processes or machinery operation, simplifying complex concepts for training, creating engaging product demonstrations, and illustrating safety procedures effectively. Animated videos also excel at visualising data and statistics, making them useful for presentations and reports. Moreover, they can be employed to tell compelling stories about the company’s history, values, and achievements, strengthening its brand identity and connecting with the audience.

Does live action video work well for manufacturing firms?

Yes, live-action videos can work really well for manufacturing firms! They offer a real-world, tangible look into the company’s operations, showcasing equipment, processes, and the people behind the products. Live-action videos are particularly effective for demonstrating the scale and quality of manufacturing facilities, building trust with clients and partners, and providing a human touch to the brand. They can create a strong emotional connection, making them a valuable asset in marketing and communication efforts within the manufacturing industry.

Why choose Wyzowl over other industrial video production partners?

There are plenty of companies offering video production services, so why choose Wyzowl as your manufacturing video production agency? Well, with Wyzowl, you benefit from our extensive experience, industry expertise, and an impressive portfolio. We offer clear, fixed pricing and turnarounds, along with unlimited revisions to ensure you love the final product. We’re dedicated to exceptional service, providing quick response times and direct access to your creative team. With Wyzowl, you get a partner who understands your needs, delivers outstanding results, and is committed to your satisfaction, making us the ideal choice for manufacturing businesses seeking impactful video solutions.

How do I get my video project started?

Get in touch, share some info about your needs, and we’ll come back to you with some details about us as a manufacturing video production company, our processes, timelines and what happens next!