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What is a fintech video?

Fintech videos (sometimes called fintech explainer videos) are short, engaging videos that explain how a financial technology (fintech) product or service works, in a simple and visually appealing way. It’s like a friendly guide that shows business owners and decision makers how to navigate through digital tools that help with tasks like payments, investments, or financial management. These videos are designed to make complex financial concepts easy to understand, giving a smart and fun twist to business communication.

Why does video work well as a tool to explain complex financial concepts?

Video works wonders for explaining tricky financial concepts because it simplifies the complex. Through visuals and plain talk, it transforms jargon into relatable ideas. Busy business owners and decision makers grasp intricate details faster when they see them in action. Video’s mix of visuals and speech taps into multiple senses, making it memorable. So, even the most baffling financial stuff becomes a breeze to understand, making your message really stick!

What types of video can be used for fintech companies?

Fintech companies can harness the power of various video types to captivate their audience. Animated explainer videos vividly unravel how their innovative financial products function, using animations or real-life scenarios. Testimonial videos feature satisfied clients, building trust through genuine experiences. Thought leadership videos establish authority and educate on market trends. Webinars offer in-depth insights, while demo videos showcase product usage step-by-step. Animated video content like brand stories with a sprinkle of human touch foster connections. These videos collectively paint a comprehensive picture of a fintech brand or product’s value – catering to diverse learning styles and interests.
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Fintech video examples

Take a look at a few of the fintech videos we’ve created for our customers.

Quick Capital
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Sean Crafts – Mavenlink

How much do fintech videos cost to create?

The cost of fintech videos varies significantly based on complexity, style, and length. For simpler animations or basic explainers, costs could start around a few hundred pounds. As you jazz up with more intricate graphics or incorporate live shoots, prices can definitely ramp up. Generally, it’s a wise investment, considering how well videos convey complex fintech ideas. So, be ready to tailor your budget to match your vision and message. And be sure to discuss budget with your chosen fintech video agency before getting started on your project.

How does video fit into a fintech marketing strategy?

Video seamlessly integrates into every stage of the fintech customer journey. During the consideration phase, explainer videos simplify intricate concepts, aiding potential clients in understanding your offerings. Testimonial videos in the evaluation phase build credibility, helping decision makers trust your solution. Webinars and thought leadership videos cater to the research phase, showcasing your expertise. Then, after purchase, tutorial and onboarding videos support users in adopting your fintech tools effectively.

Is live action or animated video better for fintech?

Both live action and animated videos have their merits for fintech. Animated fintech video content excels in simplifying intricate concepts through visuals, ideal for explaining how fintech tools work. They’re versatile and can match various brand styles. On the other hand, live action videos, featuring real people, build trust and human connection. Your choice depends on your target audience’s preferences and the tone you want. Mix it up if needed – animated for explanations, and live action for testimonials or showcasing real-world usage.

How can completed fintech videos be used?

Completed fintech videos have a wide scope of utility. Embed them on your website’s homepage or relevant product pages to engage visitors. Share on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube to reach a broader target audience. Integrate them into email campaigns for a dynamic touch. Use in webinars, presentations, and trade shows to educate and captivate. Additionally, video hosting sites allow easy sharing and tracking of video performance. Flexibility is key – use them wherever your target audience is present.

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Fintech video agency FAQs

Got questions about our service, us or how it all works? See a few of the most common questions we get below.

What makes an effective fintech video?

Of course, there are many factors, but the best fintech videos begin with a laser focus. This means keeping two things in mind, throughout the entire process: goals, and audience. From there, it’s important to prioritise clarity: getting to the point quickly, no wasted time or words, and respecting your audience’s time. Production value, of course, comes into play – the video needs to look and feel slick so that it sends the right message about your brand.

How long does fintech video production take?

It depends what sort of video you’re talking about. A typical 60 second animated explainer video might take around 4-8 weeks to create. Longer, more complex videos might take longer, while simple DIY videos filmed using your own equipment can be created very quickly.

Why choose Wyzowl over other video production companies?

With over 3,000+ animated videos created, we’re hugely experienced when it comes to blending expertise with simplicity. Our track record in distilling complex concepts into explainer videos, we believe, is unrivalled. We make the video production process simple for you, and for us – with a focus on your goals and a pulse on your B2B audience. We’re a fintech video agency with a focus on making things easy for you – and delivering a product you absolutely love!

Is it worth creating a range of fintech explainer videos rather than one long video?

Absolutely, a range of fintech explainer videos trumps a single lengthy one. Short videos cater to dwindling attention spans, ensuring key points are absorbed. Each video can focus on a specific aspect, making information easily digestible. This modular approach allows viewers to choose what’s most relevant, enhancing engagement. Plus, it’s easier to repurpose or update individual videos as your fintech evolves. In the B2B world, a range of succinct videos delivers clearer, more impactful communication.

Can fintech videos be adapted to multiple languages and regions?

Absolutely, we can adapt fintech videos for multiple languages and regions. By using subtitles or international voiceovers, you can maintain your video’s core content while addressing different audiences. We work with localisation experts to do this seamlessly and inexpensively! Adapting fintech videos ensures your message resonates across borders, bridging language and cultural gaps.

How do I get started with my project?

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