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What is a nonprofit video?

A nonprofit video is video content created by a charitable organisation to raise awareness, engage supporters, and communicate their mission. Beyond this, it’s a pretty broad label – it often showcases a nonprofit’s work, impact, and goals, aiming to inspire viewers to take action, whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading the word. These videos often tug at the heartstrings, telling compelling stories to connect with the audience and foster a sense of purpose in supporting the nonprofit’s cause.

How can nonprofits use video in their efforts?

Nonprofits can use video in lots of ways to advance their mission. Animated videos give them the power to explain what they do and why they do it, telling compelling stories along the way. Live action video can be used to help share success stories, providing transparency about how donations are used. In all its many guises, video is a powerful tool for building awareness, fostering connections, and driving support for nonprofit causes.

What types of video are most effective for nonprofits?

Nonprofits can effectively use various types of videos to engage supporters and advance their mission. Storytelling videos emotionally connect viewers to the cause, while fundraising videos inspire donations by highlighting urgent needs. Explainer videos simplify complex issues, live videos foster real-time engagement, and testimonials build trust. Behind-the-scenes videos promote transparency. Each type serves a unique purpose, but tailoring content to goals and audience is key to their effectiveness in conveying the nonprofit’s mission and impact.
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Nonprofit video examples

Take a look at a few of the nonprofit videos we’ve created for our customers.

Nuru International
The Hope Center
ITC - She Trades, UPS
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We have worked with Wyzowl multiple times now because of the smooth and straightforward experience they’ve provided each time. Our most recent project focused on generating awareness for the launch of our newest form builder and we are glad to say it was a resounding success. The video we created with Wyzowl has had hundreds of thousands of views to date, and it’s still climbing. Because of their outstanding skills and production time, I would not hesitate to work with them again.
Aytekin Tank – Founder – JotForm

How much does nonprofit video production cost?

It really depends on the length, style and complexity of your video. We recently carried out a research project surveying 242 explainer video companies to get a benchmark price in the industry for a typical 60 second animated explainer video – you can check out this research here. While it only offers an average price for a particular type of video, it’s a decent starting point to use when working out how much a nonprofit video production company might charge.

What are the benefits of using video for nonprofits?

Using video offers numerous benefits for nonprofits. It helps convey the organisation’s mission and impact more vividly, engaging and inspiring supporters. Video content can be easily shared on social media, broadening the reach and awareness of the cause. Great stories foster a personal connection between the nonprofit and its audience, building trust and empathy. Videos can also boost fundraising efforts by effectively conveying the urgency and importance of specific campaigns. Video is an amazing tool for storytelling, engagement, and driving support for nonprofit causes.

What makes a compelling and effective nonprofit video?

A compelling nonprofit video captures attention through emotional storytelling, showcasing real impact. It begins with a powerful hook, clearly communicates the mission, and highlights tangible results. Keeping it concise, typically around the 1-2 minute mark, maintains viewer engagement. Quality production, including clear audio and visuals, enhances credibility. Finally, a compelling call to action inspires viewers to contribute, volunteer, or share the video – driving support for the nonprofit’s cause.

How long does the nonprofit video production process take?

Obviously this answer depends on a number of factors, but our research suggests that a typical 60 second animated video will take anywhere between 2 and 12 weeks – with the majority of companies estimating a turnaround of between 4 and 6 weeks. When you work with Wyzowl, we work to fixed turnarounds at each stage of our process – although the actual end-to-end turnaround time depends on how long it takes for us to receive feedback, and how many revision rounds are required along the way.

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💡 57% of people who watch nonprofit videos go on to make a donation, and 68% of nonprofit video watchers view similar videos within 30 days. (Source) Get more fascinating video marketing stats here.

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Nonprofit video FAQs

Got questions about our service, us or how it all works? See a few of the most common questions we get below.

Is there a nonprofit video storytelling formula that particularly gets results?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all formula, successful nonprofit video storytelling – like all storytelling – often follows a pattern. It’s the transformation from a problem – a pain point, a predicament, which you explore and emphasise. Then, a transformation to a much happier and improved ‘new’ state. This story – using characters – ties into the transformation your nonprofit organisation exists to create. It’s a great way to share your nonprofit’s mission and activities clearly. Don’t forget to finish with a call to action, urging viewers to donate, volunteer, or spread the word.

How do nonprofits measure the success of their video marketing efforts?

There are lots of different ways for nonprofits to measure video marketing success. For ‘off-site’ marketing, you can track video views, engagement (likes, shares, comments), and click-through rate to your website or donation page. Assessing audience retention – how long people actually watch for – can help gauge content effectiveness. From there, conversion rates – such as the number of donations or volunteer sign-ups resulting from the video – can help you gauge the bottom line ROI. And, finally, the feedback you receive from supporters is a valuable way to gauge whether your video marketing is fulfilling its purpose. Ultimately, success is determined by achieving YOUR specific goals – whether it’s raising funds, increasing awareness, or mobilising support for your cause.

What role does music selection play in nonprofit video production?

As with all video content, music selection in nonprofit video production can be really pivotal. It helps set the emotional tone, enhancing storytelling impact. The right music makes video that evokes empathy, inspires action, and creates a lasting impression. It should align with the video’s message and audience. Upbeat tunes may suit celebratory moments, while heartfelt melodies can accompany touching stories. Music reinforces the narrative, making the video more memorable and emotionally engaging, thereby encouraging support for the nonprofit’s cause.

What are the best platforms and strategies for nonprofit videos?

The choice of platforms and strategies for nonprofit videos will depend on your specific goals, but the usual options are all great starting points. Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram reach diverse audiences and video content is often boosted onto people’s news feeds at a greater rate than text and static images – making them a great way to build awareness of your nonprofit. From there, you have your own channels – your website, email newsletters, and so on. These are great ways to directly engage existing supporters. Remember, wherever your video lives, amplify its reach by responding to comments and collaborating with partners. To cast the net even wider, consider using paid advertising for targeted outreach.

Why choose Wyzowl over other nonprofit video production companies?

We know there are plenty of nonprofit video production companies out there! But there are plenty of reasons why we’re a solid choice to help you bring your mission to life with compelling storytelling. Our experienced team of video experts excels in creating emotionally engaging videos that inspire action. We understand the unique needs of nonprofits, offering budget-friendly solutions without compromising quality. With over a decade of experience and a proven track record, we provide end-to-end services, from concept to distribution, ensuring your message resonates with your audience and drives meaningful support for your cause. In short, you can trust Wyzowl as a nonprofit video production company that helps you make a lasting impact through the power of video!

How do I get started?

Ready to get the nonprofit video production process started? Get in touch! Give us a little info about your campaign video – what you need, your target audience and a little about your nonprofit organisation – and we’ll come back to you with more info about the entire process.