Employee Onboarding videos

Welcome your newest hires to your team – give them the training, tools and information they need to get set for success!

A warm welcome for new hires

Hiring the right people can be an extensive process. Once you have them in your organisation, it’s important that you don’t let all that good work go to waste. Employee onboarding – sometimes called orientation – is a crucial step in making sure your new hires have everything they need to do an amazing job.
Whether you’re educating new employees about the culture of your organisation, outlining your core policies, getting all their digital accounts set up, or training them on key aspects of their role, video is a phenomenally powerful way to explain things. It includes a level of personality not always possible with written content, and – best of all – can be delivered repeatably, so knowledge can be topped up in future as needed.

Employee onboarding videos can be used to….


Support – Give your new hires the tools for success, so they can feel welcome – and do their best work.
“I was very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of everyone involved and can’t fault anyone at any stage! Everything was explained clearly and all queries were answered promptly!”
Anthony Gougeon – Capital on Tap

Why use employee onboarding videos?

Employee retention

Recruitment is costly and time-consuming: it takes hard work to get the right people into your team. Onboarding can help keep them there longer. Research by Glassdoor found that organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82%, and productivity by over 70%. But Gallup found that only 12 percent of employees strongly agree their organization does a great job of onboarding new employees, so there’s a big opportunity here!

Performance, productivity & culture

Onboarding new hires effectively isn’t just good for them – it’s good for business. The sooner they can hit the ground running and contribute positively to your team, the better the results will be. Employees who are onboarded effectively invariably perform well, are extremely productive – and understand what’s required to operate within your company culture.

Video is king!

Video is a pretty amazing way to onboard new customers and team members. Firstly, it’s vibrant, engaging and dynamic – grabbing and holding attention like few other media types can. It’s also incredibly flexible and versatile – screen recording, animation, live action, interactivity. Anything is possible! Finally, it can be repeated time and again, meaning that every new user gets the same great welcome to your brand. An onboarding video is an investment that can work hard for your business for years to come!

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