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We Make Explainer Videos That Create Lightbulb Moments

However incredible a business, product or idea, it counts for nothing if your audience doesn’t understand it. Explainer videos are the ultimate tool to help impart that understanding – creating ‘I get it!’ moments that help grow your business.
From startup to enterprise, we’ve created 2,500+ explainer videos for 1,300+ companies including:

Our Explainer Video Portfolio

We’ve created thousands of explainer videos for companies in many industries. Here is a small selection of our work. If you’d like to see more please get in touch!













What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is the perfect elevator pitch. It communicates the broad strokes of a topic in a quick, snappy way, concisely communicating the really important key points, and telling the viewer where to go or what to do to find out more. Explainer videos are most commonly used to educate potential customers about a product or service; but they can also be used for educational purposes, to break down and explain complex or lengthy topics. If you struggle to explain what you do, or you’re looking to give your audience a ‘lightbulb’ moment – where something they didn’t understand becomes something they do – then an explainer video could be just the tool you’re looking for.


We created an explainer video for NLG Health that explained their company in only 50 seconds. More than this, NLG Health used the graphics we created for the video to brand their website. The end result is a video that fits into the website seamlessly and explains their business perfectly.

Why Use An Explainer Video

In addition to looking awesome and being a blast to create, explainer videos can produce many tangible benefits for your business. Let’s take a look at some…

1. Brand Awareness

Brand AwarenessYou can share your explainer video through many different channels. From embedding on your website to social media, email and blog articles.

2. Increased Dwell Time

Increased Dwell TimeWhen people watch your video on your website they are likely to stay on your page for longer. This is called ‘dwell time’ and is a positive ranking signal for SEO.

3. Professionalism

Look ProfessionalHigh quality branded assets instil a sense of trust and professionalism. An explainer video is a strong way to present your business to the world.

4. First Impression & Clarity

Make a Great First ImpressionWhen people understand your business and what you do they have clarity. This gives people a great first impression and makes it easy for them to tell others about you.

5. Higher Conversion Rate

Increased Conversion RateWhen people understand your offer they are more likely to take action. As such an explainer video is an excellent way to increase website conversions.

6. Build Your Story

Tell Your Story We all love stories! And an explainer video is the perfect way to tell yours. Explaining your business using a short explainer video will help people align with your brand.

How To Use An Explainer Video

Your Homepage

Multiple studies have suggested that the average website visit lasts less than a minute, with some of the more alarming estimates claiming it could even be a matter of a few seconds.

You work hard to generate traffic to your website – so it’s clearly a massive missed opportunity if those visitors simply leave without even understanding who you are and what you do.

Equally, though, our research tells us something interesting: where both video and text are available on the same page, 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service. Giving your visitors a ‘play’ button provides your homepage with a clear focal point, and gives you as a marketer the power to control their learning process. It’s a trade off: for the sake of them investing just a minute or so of their time – and with far less effort than it would take to read paragraphs of text – you can communicate all the really important stuff the viewer needs to know about your product or service, and signpost them towards the next step in your process.

Social Media

If you’re active on social media (and, in today’s competitive digital world, you should be!) then you’ll know that many people will discover your brand via your social media platforms.

The tools you have to explain your product or service are pretty limited – sure, there’s an ‘About’ section, or bio, which lets you input some basic information about your brand and product. But the communicative power of an explainer video is often a much better way of articulating your value proposition to time-poor potential customers.

Creating an explainer video that communicates the essence of what your brand or product is all about – and then combining that with tools like Facebook’s “Pinned Post” and Twitter’s “Pinned Tweets,” means that these elevator-pitch style overviews are the first thing your social media visitors will see when they arrive on your social channels. This gives them a much more comprehensive understanding of your core message, which, in turn, can help encourage them to reach out and start a discussion with you.

Gone are the days of blanket marketing, where brands’ ad campaigns were measured purely by the number of eyeballs they reached. With the explosion of digital data, ads can now be richly and powerfully targeted, not just towards ‘lots’ of consumers’ but towards the ‘RIGHT’ consumers. This means you can reach your ideal target customer, based on their interests, demographics, location and many more characteristics.

An explainer video could be the missing piece of the jigsaw. Imagine how powerful it is to be able to reach the exact type of customer you’re looking for, with a bite-sized piece of content specifically designed to give them an overview of your value proposition.

And, what’s more, you’re doing it via video – an enduringly popular media type which is proven to grab (and hold) audience attention. Our research suggests a burning desire for video content among consumers – 85% of people recently told us they’d like to see more video from brands.

Training & Onboarding

Explainer videos aren’t just ‘outward facing’ pieces of content. They also have a range of internal use cases. For example, they can be a great way to introduce key values, cultures and behaviours in your organisation to new hires; or you can use them to talk through specific workplace policies, rather than burying them in soulless HR policy booklets.

The beauty of explainer videos, apart from the fact that they can make quite ‘dull’ stuff much more vibrant and easier to understand, is that they can be stored somewhere accessible, to be revisited whenever it’s necessary for knowledge to be refreshed.

If your employees miss something in their training, or they aren’t quite sure about a particular policy or process, they can simply access the relevant video on your network somewhere – rather than playing unnecessary games of email tennis with your HR department! This means that the process of refreshing knowledge takes minutes rather than, potentially, days.

Email Signature

Love it or hate it, email isn’t going away anytime soon! It’s a powerful tool to help distribute your explainer video.

In the first instance, you could make an explainer video a key part of your email marketing campaigns. Let’s say a potential customer signs up to your newsletter, or downloads a gated content resource – they’re generally placed into an automated email sequence that’s designed to move them through your sales funnel. This means subtly shifting the topic of your conversation from the subject of the content, through to your actual product. Introducing an explainer video is a really nice, subtle way to do this. You could pair it with some communication like, “Hey, we know you’re enjoying our content, so we wanted to share a bit of an introduction about our product…” with a link to the video.

You might also consider adding your explainer video to the email signatures for your employees. Research suggests that the average office employee receives a huge 121 emails per day, and sends 40. In other words – a typical business of 500 employees could be sending 20,000 emails per day. That’s 20,000 opportunities to explain what you do, and why it matters!

Sales Pitches

Whether you’re introducing your products to clients, pitching for investment or giving a presentation at a conference or exhibition, you know you have a great opportunity to get out there and spread the message of your brand. These events can also be pretty nerve-wracking.

An explainer video is an amazing tool for inclusion in these pitches and presentations, for a few reasons. Firstly, an explainer video allows you to convey the essence and key points about who you are and what you do articulately, consistently and repeatbly. You don’t have to worry about fluffing your lines or leaving the audience guessing – it’s all there in a pre-prepared package.

Showing your explainer video right at the start of your presentation gives a great, professional first-impression, and has the added benefit of directing audience attention away from you for a minute or so. This gives you a chance to adjust to your environment, gather your bearings and prepare for the rest of your presentation. You can get right to the heart of the detail in your pitch, safe in the knowledge that your audience has a solid base understanding of your brand or product.

Explainer Video Fact…

of people say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.
Statistic from our “State of Video Marketing 2018” survey

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