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We create corporate videos that help businesses achieve the goals that matter to them – explaining their products, training their team, onboarding their customers and more!

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What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is a type of video content created for businesses and brands to fulfil various purposes. It encompasses different video types such as animated, live action, screen-recorded, and interactive videos. Corporate videos can be effective tools for explaining products, training teams, onboarding customers, and achieving marketing goals. They are tailored to convey a company’s message, showcase its offerings, engage the target audience, and generate desired outcomes for the business.

What are the different types of corporate videos commonly produced?

Corporate videos can take many forms. They might include animated videos, which bring creative ideas to life through custom graphics and storytelling; demo videos, which provide informative walkthroughs and demonstrations of websites or software tools; live action videos, featuring real people or clients to enhance sales, training, and onboarding processes; and interactive videos, allowing viewers to engage with the content by interacting with clickable elements, forms, quizzes, and more. Each type of video offers unique strengths and is suitable for specific purposes within your content marketing strategy.

What is the objective of a corporate video?

The objective of a corporate video is to effectively communicate and achieve specific goals for a business or brand. These goals can vary, including product explanation, employee training, customer onboarding, brand awareness, lead generation, sales conversion, and more. Corporate videos aim to engage and inform the target audience, establish brand credibility, showcase products or services, evoke emotions, and ultimately drive desired actions such as making a purchase, signing up, or increasing brand loyalty. The specific objective of a corporate video depends on the business’s video marketing strategy and desired outcomes.

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Corporate video examples

Here’s just a small snapshot of some of the corporate video projects we’ve created over the years…

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It’s been a pleasure to work with Wyzowl on our new video content over the last year. They’re always prompt and professional in their support. They’ve also been very patient and worked through problems with us as we’ve been implementing our refreshed brand into video content. Nothing is ever too much and the end result of the hard work has always been worth it. We’re looking forward to working with them more in future.

Michaela Walsh – Paymentshield

How much does a corporate video cost?

The cost of corporate video production services can vary significantly depending on various factors such as the complexity of the project, length of the video, production quality, animation style (if applicable), additional services required – and, of course, which corporate video production company you choose to work with. We ran an extensive research study into the cost of an animated explainer video which may be applicable to other types of corporate video production, too. Our advice – shop around and find a corporate video production company that fits your price tag, and can deliver the level of work you require.

How can I use my corporate video?

One of the beautiful things about a corporate video is that your final video can actually be used in a wide number of different ways. Corporate videos are a highly versatile piece of content. They can be cut into social posts for social media platforms, used in email, adverts, at trade shows, sales pitches, video ads promotional videos, corporate training videos, marketing videos, explainer videos, onboarding videos and more! Video comes with a one-off price tag, but can actually go on to serve so many purposes – making it a real must-have for businesses looking to grow through content.

What should be included in a corporate video?

The answer to this question depends on what you’re looking to achieve with your corporate video. However, the most important things are the same as they are whenever you create a promotional video for your brand – a compelling introduction to grab the viewer’s attention, a clear and concise explanation of the topic. Great visuals, such as high-quality footage, animations, or screen recordings, which are engaging and visually appealing. The video should also have a strong call to action, encouraging viewers to take the desired next steps, such as visiting a website or contacting your sales team.

How do you prepare for a corporate video?

Before you dive into the corporate video production process, it’s important to do some prep work. This involves clearly defining the video’s purpose, target audience, key message – and the metrics by which you’ll define whether it’s successful or not. When you start working with a corporate video production company, you’ll find that the project builds up from these foundations. Every step of the video production process builds on the decisions and direction defined when we get started on the project.

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91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool in 2023 – an all-time high since we started tracking this data back in 2016!

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Corporate Video Production FAQ

Got questions about our service, us or how it all works? See a few of the most common questions we get below.

How do I choose from so many corporate video production companies?

We know better than anyone that the market is packed with corporate video production companies. So how do you go about choosing the right one for YOU? Our advice would be:

  • Do your homework. Don’t go with the first video production company you come across! Speak to a number of different companies and get a feel for what they’re offering.
  • Check out their work. Make sure to check out examples of their work, so you can understand exactly what they’re capable of delivering, and make sure this is suited to what you’re looking for.
  • Don’t just be driven by price. It’s always tempting to go with the ‘cheapest’ option, and that video production company may be the right one for you – but do your due diligence and make sure.
  • Understand what’s included and what isn’t. How many revision rounds are you allowed? Are they chargeable? Do you have to pay per hour of work? What happens if you don’t like how things are going?
  • Understand the process. Let’s be honest: you’re busy enough with your day-to-day work without chasing the next deliverable or trying to work out where your video project is up to. Make sure you know exactly how long the process takes, what’s involved, how long each step will take, and what exactly is expected from you along the way.

What works better for corporate video productions – live action or animation?

As always, the answer to this question depends on your needs. Animated corporate video is incredibly popular and versatile, with unrivalled storytelling power and control over every visual aspect of the video to match your brand identity. Live action is better suited to brands looking to build confidence and trust among their audience – for example, with testimonial videos. Our video production service offers a range of high quality videos including animation and live action.

What sort of corporate videos can Wyzowl create?

We create videos of all shapes and sizes! We’ve got a wide range of video production experience – we have a huge portfolio of explainer video work but we’ve also worked on a mountain of testimonial videos, educational videos (such as onboarding and training videos) and even TV commercials. Check out our portfolio and other product pages to get a better idea of our experience and skill set as a video agency!

How long does corporate video production take?

We work to fixed turnarounds but this differs based on a number of factors. The video production process looks slightly different depending on the type of video being created. But regardless of this, because we offer unlimited revisions, the actual time video production takes from beginning to depends a great deal on how many rounds of changes are required and how quickly you’re able to share your feedback with us. Need a quick turnaround? Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Why is high-quality corporate video production important?

High-quality corporate video production is crucial in today’s digital landscape. While video creation has become more affordable and accessible, maintaining high production standards is essential for brand reputation. A well-executed video reflects professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail, fostering trust and credibility among viewers. It helps businesses establish a positive brand image and leave a lasting impact. In a competitive market, quality video production sets a company apart, conveying a commitment to excellence and increasing the likelihood of capturing and retaining audience attention.

What’s included in the Wyzowl video production package?

Everything from pre-production to post-production! At the beginning of the video production, we work with you to define your goals and objectives, and use that info to create a video concept which we set out in a script document.

Next, we design all the graphics for your video – yours to keep and use forever, however you like – and then add sound and motion to create the end product. You’re able to provide feedback and sign off at every step of video production so you can be sure you end up with high quality video content you love!

What makes a compelling corporate video?

As a seasoned and highly experienced corporate video production company, we’ve gathered a lot of insight over the years in terms of what grabs and holds an audience’s attention. A compelling video has to look and feel beautiful. But it also needs to tell a great story. And, perhaps most of all, these things all need to be perfectly targeted towards the right target audience.