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What are health & safety videos?

Health and safety videos are short, informational videos that educate viewers on workplace hazards, proper safety procedures, use of protective equipment, and more. The aim, of course, is to promote safe practices at work and prevent accidents and injuries, and these videos are often – although not always – used in the health and safety training process.

Why is video such an effective tool for health & safety training?

There are a few really compelling reasons why video works well for health and safety training. By using movement, videos can demonstrate proper techniques and model safe behaviours much more clearly than written policies and static images. They can also highlight, and draw attention to, risk factors and hazards. Short videos can be easily distributed and reviewed regularly, which helps keep health & safety top of mind in an organisation – rather than being delivered once, and quickly forgotten, as much health and safety training content sadly is.

What are the benefits of creating a health and safety video?

Investing in health and safety video production offers several advantages compared to other types of learning content. As well as being able to use movement to highlight particularly important parts, it raises awareness among employees by delivering the same information consistently. This saves time, ensuring that safe work practices are understood and followed. Video can help build a healthy work environment by increasing the impact of the health and safety message each time it’s delivered.

What are the key ingredients of effective health & safety videos?

Of course, every safety training video is different, but there are a few qualities that give you the best chance of success. Clear and concise messaging, relatable characters and scenery, simplicity, accuracy of information and visual appeal are all really important. Beyond this, establishing some kind of emotional appeal through great storytelling can really help increase the engagement and recall of your health and safety video content. Finally, it’s important to keep in mind video length – short runtimes can help optimise engagement and retention, so remember to get to the point quickly when it comes to health and safety video production!
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Health & safety video examples

Take a look at a few of the health & safety videos we’ve created for our customers.

Nord Safety
Erase The Hazards
Your Safety Pal
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Lifetime Solar
We could not be happier with the videos that Wyzowl made for us. They were affordable and very high quality. The entire staff has been a pleasure to work with and we would not hesitate to use them again for any projects in the future.
Johanna Snow – Lifetime Solar

How much does health and safety video production cost?

There are obviously a lot of variables at play when it comes to answering this question, but our research, based on contacting 242 separate companies, establishes a ballpark quote for a 60-second animated health and safety video of, on average, $10,983. Please get in touch to get a quote for your specific project!

When is it best to use animated health & safety videos?

Animation works well for exaggerating hazards, simulating dangerous scenarios, illustrating hard to visualise concepts such as microscopic processes and simplifying complex instructions. Of course, animation also gives you complete control over the narrative and aesthetic of your whole video, making it easy to match your brand style.

How long does it take to create health & safety videos?

The safety training video production timeline also has a lot of variables, chiefly how quickly you’re able to feed back – and how many rounds of feedback and changes are required. A good starting point is around 4-6 weeks from initial concept through to final approved video, though it’s possible to work more quickly than this when required.

And when is live action video more effective?

Live action can be a great way to capture realistic reactions and environments, showcase real safety regulations in practice, use recognisable settings to establish credibility, and connect with viewers through authentic human emotion and behaviour. Yes, it means finding a location and casting people to ‘act’ in your health and safety video, but in some cases, live action is the best way to go.

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Health & Safety Video FAQs

Got questions about our service, us or how it all works? See a few of the most common questions we get below.

What are the potential audiences for health & safety videos?

Health and safety video content can be consumed by a variety of audiences, including employees, contractors, interns, volunteers, customers, patients, students – pretty much anyone who needs to be informed about health and safety protocols!

How can we ensure our health and safety training videos are culturally appropriate and sensitive?

When creating health and safety videos, you should consider things like avoiding stereotypes, using the most inclusive language, diverse representation where it’s appropriate, and using localised examples.

Can you provide closed captions and other accessibility features for health and safety videos?

Yes, we can help you with closed captions and subtitles for your video. Let us know as soon as possible so we can discuss options with you for how these will appear on screen and interface with the rest of your video content. We also work with localisation experts so can provide subtitles and voice overs in a variety of different languages.

How often should health and safety videos be updated?

Of course, H&S info is ever-changing. We recommend reviewing content around once a year, to make sure the information provided is up to date. Again, if you let our team know about this in the process, we can try as far as possible to ‘future proof’ your video, which can save time and keep down costs when it comes to making future edits to your video.

How can we track video viewing compliance and completion?

Of course, you want to make sure your video content is consumed by the audience. LMS integrations, viewership analytics, video quizzes, and certificates of completion can all help promote engagement. Our focus is really on video production, but we can offer help and advice in this area, too.

Should we produce companion materials like handouts, posters, or presentations?

Absolutely! Supplemental materials can reinforce key messages and learnings. We can actually help with this – all the source files from your video belong to you, and can be re-used and repurposed for printed and digital material to support the video content we create.

How can we assess the real-world impact of our health and safety videos?

There are lots of different ways to gauge the impact your videos are having. Surveys, audits, incident reports, and other data can help gauge effectiveness, and – hopefully – demonstrate the extent to which your investment in quality content is driving the right results in your business.

What video delivery methods should we use?

There are lots of ways to deploy and deliver this kind of content. An internal, online video portal – like a sort of knowledge base – is a good way to give your team access to videos. Beyond this, you could set up private YouTube playlists, embed onto an employee intranet site, sign up to dedicated learning management solutions, deploy content via on-site kiosks or have them displayed on TV screens in the workplace.

Why choose Wyzowl over another safety video production company?

We’ve produced over 3,000 videos and have built up lots of skill and expertise along the way! Our simple, transparent process offers unlimited revisions, fixed pricing, and expert guidance at every step. You’ll work directly with our skilled team of project managers, scriptwriters, animators, and designers to create the perfect video for your needs. We’ve honed an efficient production process over 10+ years of video experience across 100+ industries. We make safety video creation easy, effective, and completely tailored to you.

How do I get started?

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