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What are videographics?

Videographics are animated videos that visually represent information and data in a captivating way. They combine facts, figures, and design to create engaging and memorable animated video experiences. Through the use of icons, illustrations, characters, and data visualisations like graphs and charts, videographics transform otherwise bland numbers, quotes, statistics, and words into beautiful, impactful stories. They are designed to leave a lasting impression on the viewer by utilising kinetic, auditory, and visual elements to effectively communicate complex ideas and data.

Why create videographics?

Creating videographics is a powerful way to turn data and information into compelling stories. They bring facts and figures to life through visually engaging animations, making the content more interesting and memorable. Videographics help simplify complex concepts and data, making them easier to understand and digest. By combining storytelling with beautiful design, videographics can effectively communicate messages, capture attention, and engage viewers. They are versatile content pieces that can be shared across various platforms, increasing the reach and impact of your message.

What types of information and stats work well in videographic format?

Videographics are well-suited for presenting a wide range of information and stats in an engaging format. They can effectively showcase statistical data, research findings, survey results, industry trends, and key metrics. Complex concepts, comparisons, and historical data can be visualised through charts, graphs, and animations. Videographics can also bring life to storytelling elements such as case studies, success stories, and customer testimonials. Overall, videographics excel at transforming data-driven content into visually appealing narratives that resonate with viewers.
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Videographic examples

Take a look at a few of the videographics we’ve created for our clients.



A video about trade shows.

Building Engines

A video about their business statistics.

Aston University

A video about climate change for SME's.
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We are really happy with the final video and indeed have been really impressed with the whole process by everyone at Wyzowl!!
David Rowland – Natixis

Where can videographics be used?

Videographics can be used across various platforms and channels to maximise their impact. They are commonly shared on websites, landing pages, and blogs to enhance content and engage visitors. Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are also popular distribution channels for videographics, as they can attract attention and generate shares. Videographics can also be used in presentations, sales pitches, email campaigns, and trade show displays to effectively communicate complex information and captivate audiences in diverse settings. They’re a great addition to your marketing strategy!

What does the video production process look like for videographics?

The video production process for videographics is similar to the process for other animated videos. It begins with briefing and fact-finding, where the production team gathers information about your business, target audience, and goals. We’ll work together to review your infographic and understand the most important data points. Next, a script is written, outlining the narration and on-screen visuals. Once the script is approved, a storyboard is created to visualise the graphics and scenes. The animation stage follows, where movement, sound effects, and voiceover are added. Feedback and revisions are incorporated at each production phase until the final video is completed and fully signed off at the conclusion of the video production process.

How do videographics compare to static infographics in terms of effectiveness?

Videographics have several advantages over static infographics in terms of effectiveness. While infographics can convey information visually, videographics take the visual aid a step further by adding animation, movement, and storytelling. This dynamic presentation captivates viewers and holds their attention for longer periods. Videographics also have the ability to incorporate sound, music, and voiceover, further enhancing engagement. The combination of visual and auditory elements in videographics creates a more immersive and memorable experience, making them the perfect way to convey complex information and deliver impactful messages.

How do videographics make data more engaging and easy to understand?

Videographics make data more engaging and understandable by leveraging visual storytelling techniques. They combine compelling graphics, animations, and narratives to present information in a visually appealing and digestible manner. By using icons, illustrations, charts, and graphs, complex data is simplified and presented in a visually compelling way – and the motion, framing the order in which data points are presented, and adding to the way in which they’re displayed, can increase audience recall. This visual approach allows viewers to grasp key insights, understand trends, and absorb information more effectively than traditional data presentations.

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Videographic articles

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Videographic FAQs

Got questions about our service, us or how it all works? See a few of the most common questions we get below.

Do I need to have an infographic ready before you create my videographic?

While it is generally helpful to have an existing infographic as a starting point for creating a videographic, we can assist with infographic production if needed. Whether you have a pre-existing infographic or not, we can work closely with you to understand your requirements, gather the necessary information and data, and create a videographic that effectively communicates your message. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs, and we’ll find the best approach for your video project.

How long should a videographic be?

The ‘sweet spot’ for a videographic typically ranges between 1 to 3 minutes. However, the length can vary depending on the complexity of the information being presented and the intended audience. It’s important to strike a balance between providing enough information to engage viewers and keeping the video concise and focused. By condensing the content into a visually appealing and well-paced format, a videographic can effectively deliver its message within a short timeframe, maximising viewer engagement and retention.

What if I can’t fit all my data into a videographic?

If you have a large amount of data that you can’t realistically fit into one videographic, there are a few options available. One approach is to prioritise the most relevant and impactful data points to include in the video and save the rest for supplementary materials or follow-up content, such as a stats page or downloadable report. Another option is to create a series of videographics, each focusing on a specific aspect or subset of the data. This allows for a more comprehensive exploration of the information while maintaining a manageable length for each video.

How do you ensure videographics are on-brand for a company?

We work with all our clients to make sure our videos are on-brand. Firstly, we gather brand guidelines (if you have them!) including colour palettes, typography, and visual style. We incorporate these elements into the videographic design, ensuring consistency. We also use your company’s existing assets, such as logos and imagery, to maintain brand recognition. Our creative team works closely with clients, seeking feedback and making revisions as necessary, so – if we miss the mark visually – there’s plenty of opportunity, throughout the video project, to let us know! By collaborating closely and adhering to brand guidelines, we ensure that videographics reflect and enhance a company’s brand identity.

Can my videographic have a voiceover?

Yes, your videographic can have a voiceover. We offer a range of professional voiceover artists with a variety of accents and tones to suit your brand and message. A voiceover can add depth and clarity to your videographic, guiding viewers through the content and enhancing their understanding, although it isn’t always necessary. Our talented voiceover artists can deliver the right tone and style to complement your videographic and effectively convey your message, and keep your target audience engaged.