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What are food & drink videos?

When we talk about ‘food & drink videos’ we’re really talking about all kinds of video content that can be used in the food & drink industry. It might be recipe videos, food safety explainers, cooking technique overviews, restaurant experiences, client testimonials, food & drink product demos, and many more. It might simply be a video that sets out your company’s story. These videos, whether they’re live action or animated, visually engage viewers’ appetites and emotions, and aim to inspire action.

Why – and how – should food & beverage brands use video?

Video is a great fit for food and drink marketing campaigns. Eating and drinking are sensory experiences, and when it comes to online marketing, video is the undisputed champ of sensory engagement. How can brands use video? Useful approaches include recipe tutorials, behind-the-scenes footage, product reveals, menu overviews, food event coverage, stop motion animation of dishes, lively montages, and mouthwatering close-ups. Video can be shared on social media, websites, ads, and more to drive brand awareness, engagement, and sales.

What are the different types of videos you can use in the food and drink industry?

Broadly speaking, you have two choices: animated and live action video. Animation works great for things like explainer videos around things like food safety, ingredient sourcing and manufacturing processes. Live action can be a great way to deliver branded content such as recipe tutorials, customer testimonials, behind-the-scenes videos, product presentation, taste-testing and reaction videos. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg – video can be used in an almost unlimited number of ways depending on the unique nature of your brand, product and audience.

What are the benefits of using video in the food and drink industry?

The use of video allows brands to engage the senses of sight, sound and touch of potential customers’ imaginations. It helps viewers feel immersed in food experiences in a way that’s much more difficult to achieve with static images. Most importantly, video compels viewers to take action whether that’s visiting a restaurant, purchasing a product, or sharing content.

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We have worked with Wyzowl multiple times now because of the smooth and straightforward experience they’ve provided each time. Our most recent project focused on generating awareness for the launch of our newest form builder and we are glad to say it was a resounding success. The video we created with Wyzowl has had hundreds of thousands of views to date, and it’s still climbing. Because of their outstanding skills and production time, I would not hesitate to work with them again.
Aytekin Tank – Founder – JotForm

How much does food video production cost?

Obviously this depends on the type of video being created. A quick scroll on TikTok or Instagram will show you that some food content can be shot and uploaded on little to no budget using a mobile phone camera. Professional production tends to cost more, obviously – although how much depends on video length, whether it’s animated or live action, how complex the concept is, and other production factors like graphics, music, and edits required. At Wyzowl we offer fixed pricing tailored to each project’s needs.

Where should food videos be shared and promoted?

Food videos can be strategically shared and promoted across various online platforms. Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are popular for their visual appeal and shareability. YouTube offers an extensive audience interested in a variety of angles in the food and drink industry. Food-focused websites and forums, such as food-related subreddits, can be an effective way to widen reach. Additionally, incorporating videos into email marketing campaigns and your brand’s own website can help engage new and existing audiences. Collaborating with food influencers and chefs on platforms like Instagram can also expand the reach, while paid advertising on platforms like Google Ads and social media can target specific demographics.

What makes a great food and drink video?

A great food and drink video needs to be visually enticing – and it should get to the point! The aim, whether live action or video, should be to capture the colours, textures, and aromas that make the products irresistible. It tells a compelling story, whether through the chef’s expertise, a brand’s values, or the dining experience. The video should engage the viewer’s sense, with clarity and authenticity – offering a real, unfiltered look at the subject..

How does the production process work?

The process varies depending on which type of video is being created – we have different processes for animated and live action videos. In any case, we generally begin with a detailed consultation, where we pick your brains to understand your objectives, target audience, and the specific style of video you’re looking for. From there, we emphasise collaboration throughout the journey which means you’ll always have plenty of opportunity to feed back at every stage. For animated videos, we go step-by-step through the script, storyboard and animation processes. For live action, it’s planning, followed by filming, then – finally – editing and post-production. We’ll discuss the process in detail when you start your project.

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Food & Drink Video FAQs

Got questions about our service, us or how it all works? See a few of the most common questions we get below.

What are the latest emerging trends in culinary video production?

We always keep on top of the latest trends in video production, and food videography is no exception. The latest trends include using hyperlapse and slow motion for food preparation shots, incorporating interactive video elements like quizzes or menus, filming recipes in vertical format for mobile, a widespread increase in short-form video and more. If you have any specific questions about the latest trends in the space, get in touch!

How can video marketing success be measured for food and drink brands?

There are plenty of different ways to measure the effectiveness of your video, depending on what’s important to you. Popular metrics include video views, view-through rates, completion rates, social engagement, clicks, inbound traffic, and sales lift. Surveys can also measure brand lift and general customer feedback.

Where does animated video work best for food & drink marketing?

Animated video is great for explaining topics, concepts and ideas. Because you have full control over every aspect of what’s on screen, you can depict any scene, any product, any character – things that are difficult to visualise with real footage. Animation is colourful, fun and versatile. You can also control exactly how things look and feel – so you can create video marketing content that tells your story in a way that fits your brand. And forget the food stylists – you can show food exactly how you want it to be shown, without rearranging a thing!

When is live action video the best choice for food & drink brands?

Live action video helps showcase real foods, real people, and real restaurants/locations. It feels authentic and builds credibility. It’s particularly effective for video content like case studies and customer testimonials, where a real person, on screen, helps build trust much more effectively. Recipe videos, too, often work well with live action – this is because you can show recipes coming together in real-time.

Why choose Wyzowl?

We know there are plenty of culinary video production companies out there, so why choose us? Over 10+ years in the business, we’ve produced over 3,000 videos for clients worldwide with exceptional client satisfaction. Along the way we’ve built a great team, with incredible levels of knowledge and expertise about ‘what works’ in the industry. We also make things simple – taking care of every aspect of creative development from planning to final delivery, leaving you free to run your business. Our focus on quality, and great customer service, make us a great choice for your video production needs. You’ll have direct access to our team at each stage of the production process, and get the benefit of their passion, ideas and skills throughout.

How do I get started with my video project?

Get in touch with our team of video experts and tell us a little about your video content needs – whether it’s promo videos, recipe videos, explainer videos or anything else. We’ll recommend solutions, offer advice, and walk you through our simple culinary video production process. Let’s get started creating your mouth watering videos today!