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What is a crowdfunding video?

A crowdfunding video is a short, persuasive presentation created to accompany a crowdfunding campaign, usually on platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. It helps engage potential backers, communicate the campaign’s goals, and tell its story and purpose. Crowdfunding videos often feature the project creator or team, highlighting the project’s unique value, benefits, and the impact of contributions. The aim is to inspire trust, excitement, and emotional connection, encouraging viewers to support the campaign financially.

Why is video such a good fit for crowdfunding campaigns?

Video is a great fit for crowdfunding campaigns because it offers a dynamic, engaging, and emotionally compelling way to communicate the project’s vision and story. It lets creators showcase their passion, expertise – and the benefits of supporting their venture. Video provides a personal connection with potential backers, building a sense of trust and credibility. Video can also do a great job of illustrating complex ideas and design features in a simple, easily digestible way – creating ‘lightbulb’ moments where potential backers understand the product or idea, and fully grasp the vision.

What types of crowdfunding video can I use?

Video is an incredibly versatile medium, and every crowdfunding video is the result of hundreds of creative decisions. Broadly speaking, the most important choice is whether to go with animated video, live-action – or some mix of both. Animated video is a great way to tell stories with characters, showcase real-world scenarios, demonstrate products that don’t exist yet, or show ‘inner workings’ with diagrams, cross-sections and close-ups. Live action videos can showcase you, your team and your customers – building a sense of authenticity and trust, while giving you the opportunity to put your passion across on screen. Of course, you can use both within one video production for a powerful package – live action to build trust and tell your story, motion graphics to illustrate the intricacies of your product or idea.

Why do so many successful crowdfunding campaigns feature video?

A crowdfunding video has pretty much become a prerequisite to any successful campaign, and a huge majority of campaigns feature a video. In large part that’s because entrepreneurs have cottoned on to the many benefits we’ve already outlined: they recognise that video adds a compelling and immersive dimension to a campaign that static images and text can’t match. Videos can effectively tell a project’s story, engage emotionally, and build trust. They let creators showcase their passion and vision, demonstrate product functionality, and create a personal connection with potential backers. Video content, when done right, simplifies complex concepts, making it easier for backers to understand the project’s value and making them more likely to invest.
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How much does a Kickstarter video cost?

The cost of a crowdfunding video varies widely based on several factors. Simple, DIY videos can be created with minimal expenses – film it on your phone or using an inexpensive camera, and use free or cheap editing software, and you’re all set! However, high quality, professionally produced videos are often worth the extra investment – they send a much better message about your project. These costs can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand – depending on complexity, production quality, scripting, talent, and location. Check out our research which establishes the average price of a 60 second animated video.

How long should a crowdfunding video be?

The ideal length for a crowdfunding video is typically around 2-3 minutes. This strikes a balance between providing enough information to engage potential backers and holding their attention. Within this time frame, it’s essential to quickly capture the viewers’ interest within the first 10-15 seconds and then deliver a compelling pitch, showcasing the project’s value, benefits, and the creator’s passion. Avoid making the video overly lengthy, as this can lead to viewer disengagement. The goal is to provide enough information to entice potential backers while maintaining a concise and engaging narrative. Keep them watching, and keep them inspired!

What are the key elements of an effective crowdfunding video?

An effective crowdfunding video has to grab viewers’ attention in the first few seconds. It needs to clearly communicate the project’s purpose, showcasing the problem it solves and the benefits it offers. Storytelling is crucial, highlighting the creator’s passion and the project’s journey in an emotive, relatable way. The psychology of people investing in crowdfunding campaigns is slightly different from the usual customer psychology – you really need to showcase passion, and potential impact. Quality is important, too: visuals should be high-quality, demonstrating the product in action or showcasing the project’s development. Finally, the video length should be concise, keeping viewers engaged while delivering a compelling message.

Should a crowdfunding video be animated, live-action – or both?

The choice between animated and live-action videos for a crowdfunding campaign depends on the project’s nature and the message you want to convey. Live-action videos offer a personal touch, creating an authentic connection with potential backers. They’re ideal for showcasing tangible products, demonstrating prototypes, or providing behind-the-scenes glimpses into the project. Animated videos, on the other hand, are effective for explaining complex ideas or innovative technology, making them suitable for tech-based projects or abstract concepts. A combination of both video types can work well, allowing you to leverage the strengths of each format while providing a well-rounded and engaging Kickstarter video.

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Crowdfunding Video FAQs

Got questions about our service, us or how it all works? See a few of the most common questions we get below.

What role does storytelling play in a crowdfunding video?

Storytelling is the heart of a crowdfunding video: the beginning, middle and end! It plays a pivotal role in connecting with the audience emotionally, making a project relatable and compelling. As we’ve mentioned already, the psychology of a crowdfunding investor is subtly different to that of a typical customer. They don’t just invest in products, they invest in passion, and ideas. Telling the story of why your product exists and the difference it’s going to make to the world is genuinely the most important thing you can do. By conveying your passion, struggles, and vision, storytelling builds trust and authenticity – winning hearts and minds, and recruiting funders to your cause. A compelling crowdfunding campaign video enhances the memorability of your product or idea, fosters a sense of shared purpose, and ultimately persuades potential backers to support the project, turning it into a successful crowdfunding campaign.

How do you choose the right tone and style for your crowdfunding video?

Choosing the right tone and style for a crowdfunding video is crucial – and the key word is ‘authenticity’. The tone and style should align with your project’s identity, your own personality – and resonate with your target audience. Be yourself and let your passion shine through. And use expertise where you can – a Kickstarter video production company can help make sure you end up with a high quality video that looks and feels right for your project.

What common mistakes should campaigners avoid in their crowdfunding videos?

There are a few simple but common mistakes to avoid when it comes to Kickstarter video production. The first is around video length: overly long videos can cause your viewers to switch off, so keeping it concise is essential. Failing to establish a clear message and story can lead to viewer confusion – you have to get this right! Poor video and audio quality can badly undermine your core message. Perhaps most importantly – don’t make it boring! A great Kickstarter video production is all about finding the overlap between your passion, your product and your audience’s interests. Keep it short and concise, nail the benefits and impact that are going to resonate with your viewer, and do it in a tone that’s authentically ‘you.’

What are the best ways to promote crowdfunding videos and campaigns?

Promoting crowdfunding videos and campaigns effectively involves a multi-pronged strategy. Utilise social media platforms, email marketing, and press releases to create initial buzz and expand your reach. Engage your personal network, including friends and family, as initial supporters who can then share the campaign. Utilise dedicated crowdfunding platforms and related online communities for visibility. Paid advertising through social media or search engines can broaden your audience. Collaborate with influencers or bloggers in your niche for access to their followers. Keep your campaign page updated with engaging storytelling and transparent progress reports to maintain momentum and trust throughout the campaign.

How does the Wyzowl crowdfunding video production process work?

This does vary depending on what type of video you choose – the video production process looks quite different depending on whether it’s animated or live action. Take a look at the relevant product page and you’ll find out the broad strokes of how the process works.

Why choose Wyzowl as your Kickstarter video production company?

There are plenty of crowdfunding and Kickstarter video production companies out there. So why choose us? We have a huge amount of experience and expertise, with over 10 years as a full service video production company. We make video production simple for our clients – with clear, fixed pricing, set turnarounds, unlimited revisions at every stage from scripting to post-production. If you’re looking for production services with a smile – we’re the choice for you.

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