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Crowdfunding & Kickstarter Video Production

We make crowdfunding videos that fuel campaign success – telling great stories, persuading your audience and inspiring backers to take action! 💰

Loved by over 2,000 customers ❤️

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Getting your crowdfunding campaign off the ground is an uphill battle 😓

In a sea of countless projects vying for attention, standing out and capturing the hearts (and wallets!) of potential backers is no easy feat.

Without compelling video content, it can be a struggle to convey your vision effectively and attract the necessary funding – leading to failed campaigns and unfulfilled dreams.

👀 Struggling to get noticed and build buzz

💰 Difficulty raising funds and hitting targets

📉 Low engagement and backer drop-off

🤯 Overwhelmed by marketing and promotion demands

😩 Frustration from lack of traction and results

The solution:
Launch your vision into orbit! 🚀

With our crowdfunding video production, we create beautiful video content that will captivate backers and build excitement

With unlimited revisions at each stage – plus clear pricing and fixed turnaround times – you can be sure you’ll end up with a video that does your big idea justice.

How can video help Kickstart your crowdfunding journey?


Explainer Videos

To explain your big idea and its benefits.

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Product Demo Videos

To demonstrate prototypes or early project stages.


Promotional Videos

To promote the crowdfunding campaign to a wider audience.

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Social Media Videos

To engage with followers and share campaign updates.

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With a crowdfunding & kickstarter video, at last you can…

🚀 Communicate your project vision to potential backers.

💡 Build excitement by showcasing prototypes.

📈 Increase campaign visibility with social media.

💰 Drive pledges by demonstrating how amazing your big idea really is.


But, why Wyzowl?

Here at Wyzowl we’re explainer video pioneers. We were one of the first companies ever to do them
(and we’re still one of the best! 😉)

Simple Fixed

Simple, fixed costs

We don’t believe in hidden costs and nasty surprises, which is why we charge a simple, fixed price.

Wealth of Experience

A wealth of experience

We’ve been helping audiences ‘get it’ since 2011, creating 4,000 videos for clients all around the world.

Invite Your Team

Unlimited revisions

We want you to LOVE 💛 your video, which is why we make unlimited revisions at each step of the process.

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Your perfect video 😍

From: £2,250

We include everything you need for the perfect video for one simple fixed price. Hand-crafted by our expert team ⚡️

  • Script writing
  • Custom illustration
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Fixed turnaround times
  • Professional voiceover
  • Royalty free music
  • Sound effects
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 12+ years’ experience

We also have a subscription service if you need us to create videos on an ongoing basis. Find out more here

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Got Questions

Crowdfunding & Kickstarter video FAQ

Who are Wyzowl anyway?

Fair question… we’re only a little hurt that you haven’t heard about us 😂

We’re one of the world’s leading explainer video agencies 🏅

Since 2011 we’ve created over 4,000 videos for 2,000 companies in 40 different countries worldwide 🌎

Some of our well known clients include:

Client Logos

…but we work with a wide range of businesses from small to large, in many different industries.

We’re a passionate team of copywriters, illustrators & animators and we love telling great stories with beautiful visuals 😍

What role does storytelling play in a crowdfunding video?

Storytelling is the heart of a crowdfunding video: the beginning, middle and end! It plays a pivotal role in connecting with the audience emotionally, making a project relatable and compelling. The psychology of a crowdfunding investor is subtly different to that of a typical customer. They don’t just invest in products, they invest in passion, and ideas. Telling the story of why your product exists and the difference it’s going to make to the world is genuinely the most important thing you can do. By conveying your passion, struggles, and vision, storytelling builds trust and authenticity – winning hearts and minds, and recruiting funders to your cause. A compelling crowdfunding campaign video enhances the memorability of your product or idea, fosters a sense of shared purpose, and ultimately persuades potential backers to support the project, turning it into a successful crowdfunding campaign.

How do you choose the right tone and style for your crowdfunding video?

Choosing the right tone and style for a crowdfunding video is crucial – and the key word is ‘authenticity’. The tone and style should align with your project’s identity, your own personality – and resonate with your target audience. Be yourself and let your passion shine through. And use expertise where you can – a Kickstarter video production company can help make sure you end up with a high quality video that looks and feels right for your project.

What common mistakes should campaigners avoid in their crowdfunding videos?

There are a few simple but common mistakes to avoid when it comes to Kickstarter video production. The first is around video length: overly long videos can cause your viewers to switch off, so keeping it concise is essential. Failing to establish a clear message and story can lead to viewer confusion – you have to get this right! Poor video and audio quality can badly undermine your core message. Perhaps most importantly – don’t make it boring! A great Kickstarter video production is all about finding the overlap between your passion, your product and your audience’s interests. Keep it short and concise, nail the benefits and impact that are going to resonate with your viewer, and do it in a tone that’s authentically ‘you.’

What are the best ways to promote crowdfunding videos and campaigns?

Promoting crowdfunding videos and campaigns effectively involves a multi-pronged strategy. Utilise social media platforms, email marketing, and press releases to create initial buzz and expand your reach. Engage your personal network, including friends and family, as initial supporters who can then share the campaign. Utilise dedicated crowdfunding platforms and related online communities for visibility. Paid advertising through social media or search engines can broaden your audience. Collaborate with influencers or bloggers in your niche for access to their followers. Keep your campaign page updated with engaging storytelling and transparent progress reports to maintain momentum and trust throughout the campaign.

How does the Wyzowl crowdfunding video production process work?

This does vary depending on what type of video you choose – the video production process looks quite different depending on whether it’s animated or live action. Take a look at the relevant product page and you’ll find out the broad strokes of how the process works.

Why choose Wyzowl as your Kickstarter video production company?

There are plenty of crowdfunding and Kickstarter video production companies out there. So why choose us? We have a huge amount of experience and expertise, with over 10 years as a full service video production company. We make video production simple for our clients – with clear, fixed pricing, set turnarounds, unlimited revisions at every stage from scripting to post-production. If you’re looking for production services with a smile – we’re the choice for you.

How do I get started?

Click here and fill out a short form – a member of our team of video production experts will be in touch with some more info about crowdfunding videos, the process, pricing, turnarounds and instructions on how to get your video project underway!