Customer service videos

Give your customers the tools and information to solve their own problems and achieve their own goals with your product or service.

Support and delight – at scale

When we talk about customer service videos we really mean any video content that’s designed to help and add value to your customers. As much as we try to educate our customers, it’s inevitable that there will always be things they struggle with. Giving your audience the tools to resolve their own problems and answer their own questions is a really smart investment – not only because it’ll increase customer satisfaction and retention, but also because it’ll help reduce the support queries you have to deal with.
This helps free up more time to focus on revenue-generating activities without sacrificing customer experience. Whether it’s FAQ videos, tutorials, feature or product demos, customer service videos can play a pivotal role in enhancing customer experience and overall perception of your brand.


Reasons to talk GI - Encourages brokers to talk to their customers about general insurance.
Walker Hotel
Explains to guests that, although the Walker Hotel has a new name, the service will remain the same.
Supports users who are signing up for online banking.

Customer service videos can be used to…


Give your customers the power to answer their own questions, and overcome their difficulties – without contacting your support team.

More than a third of marketers say that video has helped them reduce support calls.

Why use customer service videos?

Reduce support queries

Support calls and tickets can be a drain on your resources. But we probably all recognise from our experience as customers that we don’t LIKE to ask for help in this way. We’d much rather solve problems ourselves. Creating videos that answer your customers’ most frequently asked questions, or support them in their use of your product, is a great way to pre-empt those pesky support calls – saving your time for other, more enjoyable tasks that affect your business’ bottom line.

Increase retention

We all know the comparative costs of customer acquisition and customer retention. (Spoiler alert: it costs a lot more too ‘find’ than to ‘keep!’) In this complex, competitive era, the slightest problem can push your customers into the arms of your competitors. Creating videos that help your customers and improve their experience is a great investment – it can translate into better retention, increased satisfaction and referrals.

Remove barriers to sale

Although the main focus of customer service videos is to help your existing customers, there’s a lot to be said for having these videos available publicly. Demonstrating that you’re the sort of company that invests in helping your customers after sale is a great way to build confidence and win trust, which helps turn ‘prospects’ into ‘customers.’ They know that, if they struggle, you’ll be there to help!

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