Video ads

Combine beautiful video content with powerful ad targeting options to reach the right person, at the right time, with the right message.

Right person, right message

Whatever your message, whoever your audience, it seems to be increasingly challenging to get through to them organically. The platforms which monopolise peoples time, have built hugely successful business models around ad revenue. Of course, reduced organic reach increases your marketing costs, but – equally – it represents an opportunity.
These platforms are able to leverage huge amounts of audience data, and then use that to show audiences the content and products that they’re most likely to be interested in. This means reaching the right person is actually easier than ever – giving you the power to be highly targeted in your messaging. Using video is the magic ingredient; it lets you strike your message home in a format that’s enduringly popular and engaging, and gets your message through!


Clear Estimates Pro
A powerful estimating tool for the building industry.
Easy Money
Peer to Peer lending investment opportunities.
Find good tenants faster on the home of good landlords.
Netgain AICPA
Explaining the AICPA regulation in a fun and engaging way.
Delivering your glasses on the same day as your eye exam.
Hiring Hub
The easiest way to fill your job vacancy fast.

Video ads can be used to…


Get your message across to your ideal target audience – on their platforms of choice – with powerful targeting options.

“Wyzowl have provided us with an exceptional service several times over the past year. They have great communication throughout each project, always asking for feedback and providing updates. ”

Ellie Pearce – Whoever You Need


Why use video ads?

Video engages audiences

More video is consumed today than ever before, and consumption seems to increase every year. Why is the demand for video content so insatiable? Because it’s one of the most powerful media types around. It helps us learn, understand – and it makes us care. This gives marketers the chance to cut through ‘banner blindness’ with a super-engaging package that inspires the audience like no other type of ad can.

Right person, right time

Today’s ad platforms give you unprecedented power to target your audience. All kinds of characteristics can be targeted, from basic demographics like age, gender and location, through to job role, company size, hobbies, interests and even browsing habits. This all means that getting your message in front of the right people, at the right time, is increasingly achievable – so you can be highly targeted in your messaging!

Your story, your way

Video is one of the most versatile tools on the web. It’s one of those big labels that actually encapsulates an almost unlimited number of different styles. From animated video, to live action, through to screen recorded demos, video gives you total flexibility over the story you tell – and the style in which you choose to tell it.

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