Demo videos

Paint a beautiful picture of how your app or website works, with a demo video that shows it in action.

3 types of demo video…


We record the screens from your website or app. We use smooth mouse movements, taps and clicks to walkthrough specific features. Tutorial videos are straightforward, clear and concise demonstrations of your software in action.


We record the screens from your website or app. We set these screens up in 3D devices to show them in context. We use slick transitions, title slides and text to showcase your software.

Animated demo

We create an illustrated version of your website, software or app. We can then animate anything happening within it. This gives you the possibility to show any scenario within your software. Things that might not be possible with screen recording alone.

Examples - Animated Demo
Project management software that brings internal teams and clients together.
LogMeIn - Animated Demo
Service Now - Supports LogMeIn customers with using the Service Now feature. - Tutorial
An explanation of how to use the discussion feature in - Tutorial
An explaination of how to use the tasks features in
Instant School App - Showcase
Increasing communication between schools and parents.
Khareed - Showcase
Your platform for convenient sourcing and price transparency.

Why use a demo video?

Demo videos are a brilliant way to show off exactly how a website, mobile app or piece of software works.

They’re great tools that help build realistic expectations among your audience about what can and can’t be done.

Because they show the product itself in action, they help underscore the benefits of what you’re offering in a way that’s so much more potent than text alone – after all, seeing is believing!

This also makes them powerful educational tools. Why tell your audience how to do something, when you can show them?

University of Nottingham - Showcase
Online module enrollment walkthrough for students
Syntorial - Showcase
Video game-like tutorial software for programming synths.
Creditsafe - Showcase
Lead generation connecting you to your next customer
Lugelo - Showcase
A shareable storytelling platform using photos.

How to use a demo video

Attract your audience using…

Video adverts

Teaser videos

Explain your product, service or idea using…

App demo videos

Event videos

Support your prospects & customers using…

Onboarding videos

Training videos

“Amazing, amazing, amazing. This is quite frankly the best service I have received from a business in many many years. Why can’t more people be like Wyzowl?? Keep it up.”

Simon Rayner – PRinaBox


Our simple process


Once we fully understand your business and your goals, we write a script, outlining the voiceover, plus screenshots or GIFs to illustrate the screens to be shown in the video.

Screen Recording

We record the screens from your web or mobile app. We make smooth decisive movements with the mouse so each action is clear.


Animated demo videos only: We painstakingly recreate the screens of your app or website, and lay them out scene-by-scene for you to check and approve.


We record a professional voiceover, add royalty-free music and sound effects to create a beautiful soundtrack for your video.

Video Editing

We record the screens from your app or website, and then edit that raw screen capture together into a high-definition video file for you to use however you like. If we create a showcase video for you we’ll add the screen recordings to a 3D device to show your app off in context.

And it all comes with…

Clear, fixed pricing

Remember that time you got stung with an unexpected bill or a hidden extra? Wasn’t that fun? Of course it wasn’t! That’s why we always keep our pricing clear and transparent.

Unlimited revisions

We want you to be happy with your video, and we’ll work with you as much as required to make sure that happens. All we ask is a firm sign-off at the end of each stage.

A wealth of experience

Over the years, we’ve built up huge amounts of experience. We’re only too happy to pass that know-how and expertise to our clients, to make sure our videos achieve their goals.

Project management

Deal directly with each member of our team, add your own team members and we’ll nail your project together! Our PM tool helps us work seamlessly, wherever you’re based.

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