20 Outstanding Examples of Software Demo Videos

Written by Sam Parker

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Last updated on 1st December 2023

In the fast-paced world of marketing, where capturing attention is paramount, software demo videos have emerged as a powerful tool for showcasing the value and capabilities of software products.

These engaging videos offer a unique opportunity to captivate audiences, communicate key features, and inspire potential customers to take action.

In this post, we’ll lay out 20 of our favourite examples.

From captivating storytelling to sleek user interfaces, these demo videos exemplify the art of presenting software solutions in a compelling and memorable way. By exploring these outstanding examples, you’ll gain valuable inspiration to infuse creativity, highlight key features, and connect with your target audience effectively.

Without further ado, let’s get into the examples! Here are 20 of the best software demos around along with commentary on what makes each of them so effective, memorable, and unique. 

1. SurveyMonkey 

SurveyMonkey has long been a leader in digital data collection and analysis. 

The company was founded in 1999, but much later, in 2017, SurveyMonkey announced a totally redesigned product. 

What better way to tell the world about these big changes than with a software demo video. 

Take notice of how well the brand elements come together to create a cohesive, high-energy tone. 

The fast-paced music, bright colours, and playful graphic elements support and enhance plenty of informative content that shows off tons of features, use cases, and integrations in less than two minutes. 

2. Square 

While software demo videos can be great for product launches, like the SurveyMonkey example above, they can also be a great tool for ongoing user education. 

Square is a great example of how to use a software demo to inform users about helpful features. 

As Square is one of the most popular payment systems for small businesses, most people know what it is. 

But those people might not know about all the features and functionalities that come with it. 

In this demo, Square overlays the actual product interface with a helpful voiceover to explain the details of the app, simultaneously educating new users and adding value to their experience along the way. 

3. Project.co

We love this software demo for many reasons – and not just because we made it for our sister brand, Project.co

Project.co is a client-facing project management system that makes it easy to bring teams and clients together to communicate, manage tasks, and manage payments. 

The app has a lot of features that companies look for in a project management tool, which made squeezing them all into a short-and-sweet demo our biggest challenge on this project. Notice how the fast-paced music creates an upbeat energy that makes it easy to follow along with the demo. 

We were able to show off the software’s most important features in just over a minute by presenting those features in use, making it easy for a viewer to see how they could integrate this tool with their team and customers. 

4. Office 365 

Office 365 incorporates storytelling into their software demo video, creating a protagonist – Ms. Coleman – that their target audience (educators) can empathise with. 

Notice how this demo addresses key pain points teachers feel, like tight budgets, task overwhelm, large class sizes, and a general lack of time. 

Enter the story’s hero: Office 365. The demo then walks through how the product addresses all of those challenges to empower Ms. Coleman to do her work better and faster. 

On top of that, the video’s colourful palette and illustration style add playful elements that make this piece fun to watch. 

5. QuickBooks 

QuickBooks shows us another great example of a software demo that begins with the customer problem.

In this case, they chose to focus on invoice management and payment tracking – common frustrations for any business owner. 

Notice how they chose to use graphics instead of actual screen recordings to represent their product. 

Because the QuickBooks app is always in development, their team launches product and interface updates on a regular basis. 

Instead of displaying screens that might quickly be outdated, they use graphics to ensure this video can be used for years. 

6. SEMrush 

Tracking your website traffic can easily become an uphill battle; as if data analytics wasn’t complicated enough, KPIs, CTAs, CPCs, and other acronyms are abundant in this industry, making your web data seem like another language entirely. 

SEMrush breaks through the clutter with clarity in their software demo video. 

They begin to counteract confusion with a simple illustration style, and never crowd the screen with too much information. 

They pair those visual elements with a clear, well-paced voiceover that doesn’t use too much industry jargon, allowing users to easily follow along and understand exactly how their software can empower digital success. 

7. Archilogic 

If you’re looking for a great way to begin your software demo, look no further. 

Archilogic shows how it’s done in their video, which begins with their value proposition: “Sharing floor plans and models is now easier than ever.” 

Immediately they address the problem they solve, creating interest in viewers who experience pain around sharing architectural plans and models. 

We’re proud to say we created this one ourselves, and we’re extra proud to have proven that great demo videos don’t have to be long; in just 30 seconds, Archilogic’s purpose and value is crystal clear to its target audience.

8. Sprout Social 

What we love the most about Sprout Social’s software demo is the voiceover; it’s a great template for how to write a compelling script for your demo video. 

As you listen, notice how they tell their story. 

They begin by explaining what the product is (a social communication platform), who the product is for (businesses of all sizes), and what it does (create strong relationships with audiences). 

In the first 15 seconds, this video has already explained almost everything it needs to. 

Even better, it goes on to address multiple key audiences – small businesses, large businesses, government agencies, and more – to show its flexibility, allowing teams of all shapes and sizes to see how the tool could help them improve their social marketing. 

9. Xero 

Xero’s software demo doesn’t get too in the weeds when it comes to showing off software functionality. 

Instead, it gives a high-level overview of the platform, explaining how easily the app and its core features make daily business operations easier – and allowing viewers to imagine themselves enjoying those same benefits. 

This video is a great example of a demo that’s created for new audiences who have never used the product, and who need a high-level overview of the tool, not the technical details. 

10. Crello 

Quite the opposite of the last example, which gave a birds-eye view of the product, Crello’s demo video demonstrates to users exactly how to create a design for the first time using their platform. 

This video pairs on-screen text with screen-recorded videos to show viewers exactly how the software functions, how to access features, and most importantly, how easy it is to use. 

Along the way, it uses that text to promote differentiators, like the platform’s 40 formats and 20,000+ templates, making this video both highly informative and super persuasive.  

11. Salesforce 

Salesforce’s demo is another great example that highlights a specific feature set; in this case, it’s the company’s analytics platform. 

What’s best about this video is that it addresses how various team members within an organisation can use and benefit from the tool, including sales and service representatives, sales managers, executives, and sales operations teams. 

The company makes it super easy for new customers to envision how the product could seamlessly support an entire organisation, not just one part of it.  

12. eBay 

You might be asking, why would eBay need a software demo? 

Doesn’t everyone in the world know what eBay is for and how to use it? 

That’s exactly what makes this video so genius. 

eBay uses a very specific use case that many people can relate to – selling an old phone – to promote their software and earn more users. 

They also use an easy-to-understand three-step approach to communicate how easy it is to make money off an old, broken, or damaged phone in just minutes. 

13. Firefox 

In the past few years, online privacy has become a top-of-mind issue for many internet users.

Firefox played off this global trend by tailoring its product demo to focus specifically on the browser’s enhanced tracking protection, and the privacy and security it gives users.

Their video is super succinct, coming in with fewer than 100 words on screen in the entire video – but its message is clear: Firefox makes security easy.

This demonstration video proves you don’t have to be verbose to make your point. 

14. Slack 

Slack has long been recognised as a highly innovative company, so you’d expect the same from their demo video – and you’d be right.

Most people know Slack and its basic functionalities, but there are so many features that add value to the user experience that aren’t as commonly used, making user education a key marketing initiative for Slack.

This video accomplishes that goal, and explains how to use their Workflow Builder feature to improve and automate communication within the tool.

Slack proves that software demos aren’t just sales tools; they can also be used to improve existing users’ experiences. 

15. Box 

Working in 2020 is faster and easier than ever.

The internet empowers instant connections and communication, and allows people to work collaboratively regardless of location.

But those advantages also come with their own set of problems – like working across multiple time zones, file sharing, and sharing feedback, all while ensuring security and privacy.

In this demo video, Box explains how it solves all those problems and more. Their video walks viewers through a series of real-life use cases, and explains how Box empowers knowledge, information, and idea sharing in each scenario.

It’s a great example of a demo that doesn’t focus too much on the interface, and instead opts to sell the overall software solution. 

16. Grammarly 

Do you still remember your 7th grade grammar lesson?

Neither do most people!

But we all write every day, and unless we’re messaging our friends, it’s important we don’t write text that’s littered with errors and misspellings.

Luckily, Grammarly has the solution.

This software demo for their browser plug-in perfectly overviews the problem and the simplicity of their solution.

We love how it shows a user in action, making them the star of the show, while using graphic overlays of the interface to demonstrate just how easy it is to use. 

17. Ahrefs 

This video from Ahrefs makes our list for several reasons, but the primary one is its memorable animation style.

Notice how effectively it uses this medium to communicate about its product without any voiceover whatsoever – and with very little text on screen.

Also notice all the perfect sound effects, and how they’re flawlessly timed with the graphics you see on screen.

Fun, ambient motion graphics add movement around the edges of the video to ensure things don’t get stale, and real customer testimonials add social proof to this killer software demo. 

18. Rosetta Stone 

Everyone is familiar with Rosetta Stone; many people might even remember their infomercials from decades past.

But can you explain how their software actually works?

After you watch this product demo, you’ll be able to.

Rosetta Stone’s software demo shares exactly how the platform empowers fast and effective language learning through vocabulary tools, speaking exercises, coaching, games, and more.

It’s a great example of how to use a demo video to explain why your process differentiates you from competitors and makes your approach more effective. 

19. 1Password 

Anyone who uses the internet can relate to the annoyance of password management.

Some people choose simple passwords like 1234, others keep their passwords exposed on sticky notes, and some choose to simply reset their password at every log-in because there hasn’t been an easy way to manage them – until 1Password.

Their software demo video hits on all these key points and more, and positions itself as the solution everyone has been waiting for.

The video also addresses questions most users would ask: How exactly does it work? Is this tool secure?

What about when I need my password on another device, like my phone?

If you’re creating a software demo, consider what questions viewers might have about your product, and explain them in the video like 1Password does. 

20. BigCommerce 

Didn’t think a software demo could have you dancing in your seat?

Think again.

This video, while super simple, is also fun to watch and listen to.

And BigCommerce was right to err on the side of simplicity.

Since their product might be too technical for some non-tech-savvy viewers, they use simple language and graphics to communicate their value.

But they don’t sacrifice excitement for simplicity, showing the perfect balance of communicating a clear message while maintaining a high energy vibe in a demo. 

Final thoughts 

While each and every one of these software demos earned a spot on our list for a different reason, there are some common threads that make all of these videos truly awesome:

1. They address the customer problem: While some brands chose to be explicit in calling out the customer problem and others were more creative, each one of these videos clearly explained exactly what problem their software solves, making it easy for viewers to understand how the product could improve their lives. 

2. They have a simple script: When reading text in a book or brochure, readers can go back and reread sentences that are complex or don’t make sense at the first pass. But video is different. With this fast-paced medium, it’s important to be clear and succinct so your viewers don’t have to watch your video more than once – because odds are they won’t give you a second try. 

3. They let their brands shine: These videos all used bright colours, lively graphics, animated text, and other elements to add vibrancy to the viewing experience. Remember, informative doesn’t have to mean boring. Let your brand come to life in your software demo, and don’t be afraid to have a little fun. 

Now that you’ve been inspired by these 20 amazing examples, you’re probably wondering how you can get started creating your own software demo video.

If so, check out our article, 7 Essential ingredients of an amazing software demo, or check out our software video production page.

Both pages are filled with examples and tips on how to make a software demo that captures your viewers’ attention, explains your tool and its benefits, and – most importantly – earns sales.

Written by <a href="https://www.wyzowl.com/author/samparker/" target="_self">Sam Parker</a>

Written by Sam Parker

Sam Parker is a digital and brand marketer. She has worked with leading companies across tech, healthcare, manufacturing and retail to bring brands to life through digital media. Her background includes work with some of the most respected brands across a variety of verticals, including L’Oréal, Victoria’s Secret, US Foods and AZEK Building Products.
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