How to Create an Amazing FAQ Video (Steps, Tips & Examples)

Written by Samantha Ferguson

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Last updated on 28th November 2023

In this article we’re going to look at how to easily create an amazing FAQ video, with a step by step guide and lots of tips and examples! 

When it comes to FAQs, most people just want a clear answer as fast as possible. And videos are a GREAT way to do that. 

So if you’re getting a lot of customer queries or your text-based FAQs just aren’t hitting the mark, maybe you should create some FAQ videos. 

Let’s take a deeper look at exactly how to do that…

What is an FAQ video?

An FAQ video is a video that answers frequently asked questions about your brand, product, or service. 

Videos can be a great addition to your FAQ page because they can give people the answers they need in a quick and engaging way. What’s more, they can also increase dwell time on your site resulting in an SEO boost! 

How to create an FAQ video (step by step)

1. Find your most frequently asked questions! 

It’s important to make FAQ videos that people actually want and need, so the first step towards making your videos should be to research common issues and problems that your customers are experiencing. 

This information should be pretty easy to gather. You can start by talking to your support team and finding out from them what your customers’ most common questions or issues are.  

You could also take this a step further and send out customer surveys to find out what your customers would like to know. 

Google Forms is an excellent free tool that makes it easy to do this. From your Google account, all you need to do is click the blank template to create a new form: 

Google Forms

Then create the question that you want people to answer. You can select the option of a multiple choice answer (like the image below) or allow customers to freely type their answer. 

Google Forms

When you’re happy it’s easy to save out your survey and send it out to your mailing list or create a shareable link. 

2. Write a clear script

A solid script is a key element for any video, but it’s especially important for an FAQ video. FAQ videos need to lay out everything the viewer wants to know in a clear and concise way that is easy to follow. Taking the time to write out a great script will make this easy! 

If you’ve never written a script before it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve created this helpful article: How to Write a Video Script (Template Included)

3. Decide on a type of video

There are many different types of FAQ video that you could choose from – it all depends on what would work best for you and your business. 

For some, a straight-to-camera video that features a friendly face from the company is the best way to go. For others it might make more sense to create a product video that includes close ups of the product and on-screen instructions of how to use the features. Or, for SaaS companies, a screen-recorded demo would be the best way to explain how to use their product. 

Have a look at lots of different videos and then decide what would work best for your product and your customers. 

4. Find a place on your site

Ideally, your FAQ videos should be very easy to find. Just like text-based FAQs, you should create a landing page for your videos and make it easy for people to navigate to the best one for their needs. 

Wistia’s support site is a great example to take inspiration from:

Wistia support site

The site is easy to search and features an FAQ video for almost every question or issue on the page. 

5. Track your success

It’s important to keep an eye on the success of your FAQ videos so that you can understand how to improve them further in the future, but also so that you know how much of a benefit they are to your company. 

Track how much time they’ve saved your customer success team. Find out the ideal length based on customer engagement. And discover what works and what doesn’t – for example, is it better for you to make videos with on-screen text or not? 

It’s worth taking the time to really perfect your FAQ videos because they can be such a valuable asset to your business. 

4 Benefits of FAQ videos

1. People prefer watching videos

As established in the introduction, a large majority of people prefer videos to pretty much every other form of content. 

By transforming your text-based FAQ pages into short and helpful videos you will delight customers and make their experience with your brand more enjoyable. 

2. Builds brand loyalty 

Videos – particularly FAQ videos that solve a problem – take your company from a faceless organisation to a humanised brand with personality. And this can increase brand loyalty. 

This can be especially effective if you feature a recurring character in your videos that represents your business. While not exactly FAQ videos, the “Will it Blend?” series by BlendTec is a great example of this. 

Each video (for the past 15 years!) features BlendTec’s founder Tom Dickson blending different objects to show how powerful the company’s blenders are. Here’s the most popular video (with 19M views at the time of writing):

So, if you want to increase brand loyalty even more with your FAQ videos then pick a friendly face who can represent your company for years to come. 

3. Improves SEO 

An incredible 80% of marketers say that video has increased dwell time on their site. 

This is great for SEO because it sends a signal to search engines that your site answers user queries effectively. 

4. Reduce support calls

If you’re noticing a lot of support calls coming in about the same issue then an FAQ video could be the perfect solution to reduce calls and increase customer satisfaction. 

According to our Video Marketing Statistics 2022, only 3% of people prefer calls when it comes to learning about products and services. 

So, if calling your customer service line is their only option for resolving an issue then this is going to lead to disgruntled customers. And it takes up a lot of your staff’s time too! 

Videos give customers the option to solve their issue themselves, freeing your support staff up for other tasks. 

5 Tips to make the best FAQ video!

1. Do your research

As mentioned above, it’s really important to make FAQ videos that your customers will actually want to watch! 

Be sure to do your research before creating your video if you want to see the most benefit.

2. Make them professional 

People watch so much video content these days. In fact, according to our Video Marketing Statistics 2022, people watch an average of 19 hours of online video every week

This means that viewers will easily be able to tell if a video looks professional or not. Using an agency like Wyzowl is probably the best way to ensure you have a polished end product, but there’s also no reason you shouldn’t be able to create your own professional video too – as long as you have all the tools you need! 

Check out this article to find out more: 17 Top Tips for Creating Professional-Looking Videos.

3. Keep them short and snappy!

Viewer attention spans are shrinking, especially with the rise of short-form videos on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

If your FAQ videos are even a couple of seconds longer than they need to be then you could risk viewers getting impatient and clicking away. 

Keep this in mind when you write your script and again when shooting and editing your video. Try and find ways to say exactly what you want in the clearest and most concise way possible.

4. Make them easy to find

Give your FAQ videos a place on your website so that they are super easy for your customers to find. 

There’s also no harm in posting your FAQ videos in other places, like Youtube and social media. After all, the more places your videos appear, the easier they will be for customers to find.  

5. Add personality

If you’re going through the effort of making a video, why not make it fun?! People are more likely to respond to your videos if you add a little bit of your brand personality to them – like the BlendTec video above. 

This will not only instil trust in viewers but it will also make your videos more engaging to watch.

6 Great FAQ videos to inspire you

1. Wistia

Wistia has a whole suite of FAQ videos that cover everything from how to upload a video to how to use their platform for podcasting – and from experts in video you’d expect nothing less! 

Their collection of support videos tackle different customer queries in a clear, thorough, and concise way. The videos often feature a friendly presenter and screen-recorded sections that show viewers exactly how to solve their issue. 

2. Britbox

When BritBox selected us as their animated video company of choice, we created this animated demo that could help customers redeem their gift subscriptions. 

The target demographic for this FAQ video was older people with little technical know-how, which is why it is slow paced and includes on-screen instructions. 

The reason for choosing an animated video was longevity. Britbox content changes regularly and so creating a pared back animated version of their platform means that their video will still be relevant even if their platform content or UI changes slightly. 

3. Samsung

The Freestyle projector from Samsung is a premium product so ensuring customers get the most out of the purchase is a must. 

This helpful FAQ video does exactly that by walking customers through everything they need to do to get started with their projector. 

The video features close up shots and detailed on-screen instructions that are easy to follow, helping customers get ready to use their product in just around 2 minutes.

4. B&Q

As a DIY and home improvement store, B&Q sells a lot of products that require at-home assembly. 

Detailed videos like this one are a great addition for customers after they’ve bought products as it makes the process of building their products a lot easier and more enjoyable. 

This video is quite long but that just means it’s thorough. Plus, the video is split into neat chapters so viewers can skip to the timestamp that is most relevant to them if they don’t want to watch the whole thing.

5. Dyson

This quick and to-the-point video by Dyson shows viewers exactly how to replace the comfort grip on the V11 vacuum. 

This great piece of content proves that you don’t need lots of bells and whistles when making an FAQ video. This video has no voiceover or music, just straight-forward step-by-step instructions and clear footage that allows people to resolve their issue quickly and effectively.  

6. Service Credit Union

Here’s another FAQ we created, this time for Service Credit Union. The goal for this video is simple: teach viewers how to sign up. 

The entire sign up process is explained in less than 60 seconds. That’s less time than it would take for customers to find the company’s contact number and dial their support line, never mind actually having a conversation with a rep! 

The video uses zooms and highlights to draw the viewers’ attention to certain important information. This makes the video easy to follow along for customers who want to sign up quickly. 

Final thoughts

FAQ videos are great for many reasons. They give customers the tools to solve problems on their own, increase customer satisfaction and free up your support staff to work on other things.

Visit our customer service videos page to find out more about creating FAQ videos for your company.

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Samantha Ferguson</a>

Written by Samantha Ferguson

Samantha is Copy Team Manager at Wyzowl. She has written over 1,000 scripts and hundreds of articles on video marketing so what Samantha doesn't know about video isn't worth knowing!
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