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How To Fit Social Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Of the many mediums of marketing, one stands out above them all in an increasingly media-centric society. The potential of social video to engage your audience and improve your brand is something that your marketing team should not ignore. And while it may seem daunting to put together a production team, prepare the content, and deliver a quality product, a few helpful tricks can get your video up-and-running at minimal cost.

Leave it to the Experts

When your team and your skill set are at their limits, sometimes it’s best to leave the job to the veterans. Making successful social video takes an understanding of animation, tone, performance, and content, and third-party video creators can provide this expertise. Some will even write the script and provide the music for you, all with an eye on your success.

Tap Your Team

Choosing to perform the task internally is also feasible, but budget conscious firms will benefit from a few helpful tricks to make the matter more manageable. One excellent way to cut down on costs is to use the people you have whenever possible. For example, when shooting a live-action video instead of animating, use your in-house personalities to narrate the events or appear in the background.

The key is to find your hidden gems; talent that, while not technically identified on a resume, is still present in your organization. Great leaders can help lead shooting efforts, home video editors can help bring polish, and exuberant individuals can bring character. While the services of professionals are hard to replace, the people you have may be just what you need to get started.

Use Your Existing Resources

But people aren’t the only resource your organization has that can help reduce the costs of production. Obviously not everyone has a movie-grade camera, but your location, audio equipment, video equipment, and other assorted assets can avoid costly purchases that may slow down your efforts. If your video breeds success, it’s worthwhile to invest in the equipment needed to up your game. But for beginners, there’s nothing wrong with saving a little money.

Invite Viewers to the Party

Social video, as the name implies, is social. The videos you create should have the goal of increasing engagement and fostering conversation and positive brand association. So why let your content be the only thing driving your campaign?

Encouraging user-generated content is a great way to energize loyal customers and extend the reach of your marketing. If you sell trail bikes, for example, you could invite submissions of GoPro videos using the bikes you sell. If you offer unique gifts, ask for videos of reactions from the recipients. There’s a multitude of opportunities to get your customers involved and, in doing so, reduce the burden of your marketing department in the process.

Give the People What they Want

Above all else, fitting social video into your marketing strategy is a matter of identifying what resonates with your customers and fulfilling their wishes. If you’re a local taxidermy business, you don’t need a big-production commercial, maybe just a showcase of your finest work. It may be tempting to go for broke with so much potential on the line, but your strategy should revolve around your target audience, and anything more or less simply won’t do.

Social video doesn’t have to be hard, and for firms looking to step up their marketing game without breaking the bank, there are plenty of solutions that make it a feasible and attractive option. Decide whether an external or internal method is right for your business, and use your resources and your customer base to energize and guide production. Be the best video channel for your customers, and they’ll be the best patrons for your business.