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The 5 Best Training Videos Ever

What makes a training video THE best? Is it a funny clickbait title? Or is it one that actually works – that gets great results, providing an amazing training tool for employees?

How to Increase User Engagement With Video

User engagement - the extent to which people actually use and get value from your product - is a key driver of business success or failure. Often, the problem begins during the...

4 Incredible Sales Video Success Stories

There’s an old saying that, in business, your job is either to support the customer - or support the person who does.  This ethos doesn’t just offer a reassuring sense of...

12 Incredible Examples of User Onboarding

Have you ever downloaded an app or piece of software and what?! Far too often, onboarding falls short of what customers expect from businesses. In fact, over 90% of...

33 Incredible User Onboarding Emails

It’s one of those words that says so much. ‘Onboarding’: it goes much deeper than ‘orientation’ or ‘induction.’ It’s not just about pointing customers in the right direction, or...