20 Examples of Effective Training Videos

Written by <a href="https://www.wyzowl.com/author/melissadushane/" target="_self">Melissa DuShane</a>

Written by Melissa DuShane

Melissa is an award-winning copywriter and content strategist who combines creative experience with SEO and digital marketing expertise from working for high tech companies and start-ups.

Last updated on 23rd May 2023

There aren’t many slam dunks in business. Usually, it’s a choice between cost or effectiveness. Thankfully, you don’t have to compromise on either if you want to deliver great video training for employees. You can save money and give people want they want in one fell swoop.

Companies like Microsoft have used video to slash their classroom training costs. Training costs were cut from $320 per person to just $17 per person with video — a saving of $303 per person. Other brands, like IBM and Caterpillar Inc., have also generated a return on their investment with video learning compared to traditional in-person training. IBM saved $579 million in the first two years of its video learning program, with 40 percent of those costs saved from travel and lodging expenses.

And we haven’t even mentioned that people like video better than other marketing methods. According to our State of Video Marketing survey, 73% of people prefer to watch a video than read an article, document or email. Moreover, video increases retention by 35 percent.

It seems, then, that video works great for all these reasons and more. But let’s stop talking and start watching, so you can see this powerful marketing method in action.

1. Motivate without missing any details (Nikwax)

In this nifty animated training video, Nikwax brings up important points about how their product performs. But they don’t stop there. They talk about how to sell, not just what to sell.

With Nikwax, they’re not about a tacky up-sell. It’s about giving customers the ultimate in service. This video is a great example of touching on the big picture in your training video, which adds meaning and depth to the process.

2. Train with a total pro (Sage Appliances)

While it can feel like videos are getting shorter and shorter, there’s always a demand for longer content. This video, for example, is on the longer side of training videos at just over 26 minutes.

It’s basically a guy in a kitchen with a whiteboard. Although he’s clearly prepared content on brewing a great cup of coffee, it’s pretty free-flowing and conversational. It’s sort of like getting to spend a half-hour chatting with a barista.

Pros: Videos like these are less expensive to produce.

Cons: More carefully constructed content will eventually save money by taking up less employee time.

3. Kick off an in-person event (BRG)

An exciting and engaging video, like this one, can be a great way to kick off an in-person training event by giving an overview of what you plan to cover for the day.

This video from BRG makes their employees the heroes and adds a bit of humour to their training day by personifying cyber threats as sneaky goblins.

It’s definitely a unique way to encourage people to sit up and pay attention. Plus, it makes training a little bit more fun!

4. Interactive training that immerses you (Lifesaver)


(Click here to interact with the video)

Lifesaver is an interactive training video that teaches CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver. Through a series of immersive experiences, the viewer is put into the role of a lifesaver for people who are in life-or-death situations, such as cardiac arrest or choking.

When someone’s choking, you have to decide what to do. During CPR, your chest compressions (hitting the keyboard) are being timed. If there’s any doubt about the potential effectiveness of video, experience it for yourself. (And if you haven’t brushed up on your CPR training, then don’t even hesitate to do this.)

5. Show the alternative (Webfleet)

This clever video from Webfleet not only highlights how drivers can use their products to make their day easier but also shows the likely scenarios that would happen if they didn’t take advantage of those products.

The driver that has a bad day relies on papers that get misplaced and isn’t protected when he has a road traffic accident because he doesn’t have a dashboard camera.

The driver that has a good day is using all of the technology recommended by Webfleet and breezes through similar scenarios without them turning into major problems.

6. Visually engaging company statistics (University of Colorado)

Have a department that does loads of important work but isn’t getting the attention it deserves?

The University of Colorado has an Employee Services department that does all kinds of important stuff that may have gone unseen — if it wasn’t for this video.

Even though the content is what you’d expect from a ho-hum PowerPoint deck, the result is anything but snooze-worthy, with crisp graphics and peppy music to keep things rolling.

7. Watch masterful techniques up-close (Pagliacci Pizza)

Wondering how best to use video training for employees?

If you own pizza restaurants, teaching new hires how to hand-toss pizza dough is very necessary. This video clocks in at less than two minutes, but it gives you a close-up look at the technique of a pizza dough master.

It’s a great example of a high-level pro who wouldn’t necessarily be able to personally go around training everyone. Without this video, many trainees would miss the chance to spend time at the feet of a dough master. (And if you didn’t know how tossing pizza dough is a lot like shooting a basketball, check this video out.)

8. Non-boring checklists (CitySprint)

CitySprint is the leading same-day delivery network in all of the United Kingdom. If you want to send items securely with them, you gotta have some serious skills when it comes to packaging.

In this fun, upbeat video, we get quick tips for making sure packages arrive safely. If someone was explaining all this to you verbally, or worse yet — reading these points off a list — it wouldn’t be as fun!

9. Live action dramatic reenactment (Breathing Underwater)

People love legal dramas; there’s no such thing as a TV viewing season without them. This innovative training video is a live action scripted drama based on a real-life company employee who had to deal with the effects of a brutal lawsuit.

Why recreate this harrowing time in the company’s history?

To make the impact real for employees who weren’t around to deal with the lawsuit first-hand so that it never happens again.

10. Employee training safety video (HSE Batna)

Short of a Tom Cruise-sized movie budget, gas pipeline explosions are a tad difficult to re-create in a video. Therefore, this video from HSE Batna uses animation to show dangerous and downright explosive situations that you definitely want to avoid.

From unsafe driving practices to the dangers of electrical protection equipment, this video shows the harsh reality of the risky on-the-job situations that you won’t find in a manual.

11. Motion design and animation training video (Iversity)


(Click here to view the video)

If you want to know how to make an effective corporate training video, a good tactic is to start by tackling a complex topic.

Iversity, a Germany-based online training company, used a combination of motion design and animation to explain their advanced method of creating training content.

Taking you step-by-step through their highly technical method is more engaging with strong visuals, an upbeat voiceover and music.

12. A training video series (Kenra)

(Click here to check out Kenra’s video series)

Why try and cram everything into one training video?

Do what Kenra did and create an entire series.

Created for stylists, the Kenra hair care line requires expert training, so the company created lots of videos that allow stylists to learn how to do specific hairstyles using different Kenra products.

These videos are detailed and clear, allowing stylists to follow along in their own time and compare their work to what they can see on screen.

13. Lightning safety (Interview With a Cloud)

Ever wonder what a cloud is thinking when it shoots out a bolt of lightning?

Great news! This hilarious video gives you insights into the thought process with a slightly chubby cloud who offers some good tips for avoiding lightning.

This is one of the best examples we’ve ever seen of flipping the script. Instead of droning on and on about “lightning safety,” this video shows how easy it is for lightning to strike you down when you’re doing dumb things like running into an open field or standing next to a metal pole. If you do, this cranky cloud is gonna get you!

14. Encouraging compliance with understanding (Metro Email Service)

There are a lot of things about emails that aren’t safe, so Metro Email Service showcased some common internet security issues to their employees. The only thing is, these email issues are difficult to visualise.

So how do you make them feel real?

Their ingenious solution was to make the risks tangible by personifying the email delivery system with a human delivery guy who “attaches” the exec’s email with a giant paperclip. After sneezing repeatedly on her emails, it’s easy to see that some virus protection is in order.

15. Getting precisely to the problem (Canity)

How long does an effective training video have to be?

This video from Canity does the job in less than 90 seconds.

It tackles how to deal with an angry customer with surgical precision, which might be hard to repeat in precise detail over and over. (And where do you get a screaming customer at a moment’s notice?)

Thankfully, all you have to do is push play to enjoy this little nugget again and again.

16. Friendly animated training video (Western Power Distribution)

Everyone wants to train their employees, but have you ever thought about training your customers?

This sleek little animated training video from Western Power Distribution teaches customers how to prepare for a power cut.

17. Training employees on workplace bullying (Reach Out)

People can be annoying and aggravating… but is it bullying?

This video gives us a definition and provides additional guidelines for identifying bullying in the workplace.

By giving animated glimpses of situations where bullying takes place, it helps people to first understand the issue, then how to deal with it. The friendly but authoritative voiceover also helps get the message across effectively.

18. Add star power to your employee training video (Burger King)

You have to hand it to a company who cares enough about their employees to bring in a top dog like Snoop Dogg to train them on hot dogs.

Burger King really went all out with this training video for grilled hot dogs by enlisting the rap legend as their special ambassador. Wouldn’t it be so much better to watch a video like this with Snoop than one just going through the motions?

Fo’ shizzle it would.

19. Showcase the end goal (Dunkin’ Donuts)

Ensuring employees embody your brand values is very important for maintaining your brand identity and culture. However, it can be difficult to train things like a positive attitude and friendliness.

This training video from Dunkin’ Donuts is a perfect example of training material that helps to train employees on these values by showing existing colleagues presenting the correct behaviours.

It’s also split into sections, making it easy for employees to follow along and take notes.

20. What not to do!

You’ve just seen some of the best training video examples ever. Now, let’s look at what not to do. Step into our training video time machine by watching this…

Still craving more on how to make a good training video?

If you’re hungry to learn even more about effective training videos, be sure to pick up our guide: How To Use Video To Train Your Team.

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