The 5 Best Training Videos Ever

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Hassan Ali</a>

Written by Hassan Ali

Hassan is Marketing Manager at Wyzowl. He is an expert in video marketing, video software, promotion & analytics.

What makes a training video THE best? 

Is it a funny clickbait title like this? 

…guaranteeing a click from either curious customers or disgruntled salespeople themselves. 

Or the absolute absurdity of this retro classic?

…that has over 1.5 million views and is still growing. 

Or is it the ones that actually work? 

The videos that get great results and provide an amazing training tool for new or existing employees. That helps businesses thrive. 

Let’s take a deep dive into employee training videos that have done wonders for businesses around the world…

1. Nikwax

Nikwax is a brand of waterproofing aftercare products that helps outdoor gear perform better for longer. 

A business that stocked the product needed a video to train their staff on how to upsell using the products. 

In a store that sold a lot of outdoor garments, in theory, the product should have been an easy sell, but the sales reps were not introducing the product in the right way.

The sales reps needed some background information on the product, a demonstration of how it worked and examples of how to weave the conversation into their customer interactions. 

Animation was a good choice for this as it allowed Nikwax to show various sales scenarios without the team having to scale Snowdonia for the perfect shot! 

Plus, the store environment was able to be recreated without having to shut for a day or disrupt customers.

The product could also then be demonstrated with cross-section diagrams, that could be drawn up and recreated by designers.

Staff members watching this training video also benefited from seeing exactly how to understand customers’ needs and offer great customer service.

One staff member said: 

“It was a smart way of doing it. A lot more interesting than some awkward man stood in front of a camera with a bottle. I think the results will show this is a more effective way of training because it shows you the scenarios.”

The video really delivered on a simple brief: grab the audience’s attention and teach them about Nikwax. Leading to staff being more in the know- as well as, more importantly, customers.

2. Shop Direct

Shop Direct & Wirewax
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Shop Direct needed a way to train their 400+ employees faster and more efficiently! Simple, right? 

But more than that, they wanted a method that led to positive engagement and one that employees actually finished.

In short, they wanted to provide impactful and memorable training and they chose interactive videos.

They partnered up with Wirewax to create ‘interactive adventures’. They really wanted to have an innovative training video that worked smoothly. 

They also wanted a training video that was scalable and could be used in different parts of their business. 

The video was a huge success, training time decreased by 50%, with over 10,000 interactions tracked plus a play rate of 90%!

Matt Arnold, Lead Talent Developer at the company said:

“It’s also allowing us to think differently about how we can educate our colleagues and try new things, ultimately providing a better experience for everyone.”

It seems like the training shake-up did wonders for everyone involved.

3. ReachOut

Training videos aren’t exclusively for process and teaching methods, they can be used for different workplace issues.

This video made by ReachOut was made to bring light to the difficult subject of workplace bullying.

The video was part of a range of content including blog posts, e-books and a new forum.

The animation helps the viewer clarify what constitutes bullying, in case they’re worried they are overreacting. Plus it shows them the action they can take if they’re being bullied at work.

The friendly animation style is a good way to engage an audience with a tricky topic and by using characters, it allows the viewer to see themselves in the story.

The characters and styles used also mean diversity amongst the characters is not an issue.

4. QBE

QBE Insurance Group sits among the world’s top 2 general insurance companies. A massive company, with an ever-growing team.

With thousands of employees scattered all around the globe, they needed training material that could be accessed by everyone, at all different times and in a variety of places.

They opted for an animated training video. They liked the versatility of animation and wanted to create an aesthetically pleasing piece.

With a mixture of character work, text on screen and showing actual screens of the platform, the video covers everything. Plus a clear call to action tells the viewer exactly what to do next. 

This all resulted in an in-depth, interesting video, made available for each and every employee of the company!

5. AstraZeneca Careers 

Joining the team: how did you prepare?

Discover how our new starters prepared for their first day during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are still looking for great talent and have worked to ensure you're set up for success from day one. #recruitment #joinus #lifeataz

Posted by AstraZeneca Careers on Friday, August 28, 2020

AstraZeneca released training videos to prepare new employees for their first day during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With working from home, not the norm for everyone, people were looking for advice and guidance to set them up for success from day one 

The video is a mixture of animation and live-action clips, showing real employees of the company sharing their top tips. This provides an expert opinion and could put new starters at ease.

The company said that this way of training led to a 35% increase in content consumption from the team.

AstraZeneca Careers has used this same method from the very beginning. They have carried on using video training as they have grown because it’s such a success!

Final thoughts

Wyzowl employee training statistics 2021

A massive 89% of people feel video is an effective tool for training. 

And we agree! Videos create a flexible way of training, that can be used by anyone, anywhere.

When creating training videos, you have lots of options, animation, live-action, or interactive to name just a few.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll be able to use the video repeatedly, getting the most value you can.

What do you think?

We have created training videos for lots of different companies, big and small. You can check them out here.

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