24 Best Customer Onboarding Videos – EVER!

Written by Hassan Ali

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Last updated 21st November 2023

First impressions can mean everything. If your customer has a bad first interaction or struggles to get started with your product, they may not be a customer for long.

The time between acquisition and first success is critical. It can mean the difference between new customers churning or sticking around. The key is knowing acquisition does not equal success, especially in software.

A successful customer onboarding process can help propel your customers from initial sign-up to basking in the glow of their first success with your product.

What is customer onboarding?

If you’ve ever watched a “Getting Started With” video when you signed up a for a new software subscription, that’s onboarding in action. Video onboarding is sort of like a grand tour, some handy-dandy tips and a welcome message rolled together.

But the point of all user onboarding comes down to getting people to use your product. Unless people are using your product, they won’t want to keep paying for it. They won’t even want to keep a free app installed unless they’re using it.



According to our Video Marketing Statistics 2022, most people (73%) would prefer to watch a video when it comes to learning about a product or service.

It’s been said that a good onboarding video makes users comfortable with your product or service. A great onboarding experience sparks curiosity. And the very best onboarding creates an a-ha moment that makes users feel like they’re in exactly the right place.

Today, we’re taking a look at 24 of the best customer onboarding videos we’ve ever seen, so you can improve your customer onboarding strategy and increase customer retention. Let’s get the ball rolling!

1. A few key steps to get started (Project.co)

Project.co smartly focuses their user onboarding video around a few key steps that are crucial to getting started, which helps new customers avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Project management tools like this can greatly streamline operations for users, but they do typically have a learning curve at the beginning, making solid customer onboarding important. Project.co makes sure new customers don’t get stuck in a no-man’s land of not setting up their projects or not understanding what they need to do next.

2. A mini-movie walkthrough (Band)

The onboarding video for the Band app is like a mini-movie. It opens on tiny people seen overhead who break out into groups.

Then the video follows the activities of one group using the app to better communicate and share with each other, plus doing fun things like planning events and picking restaurants. By the end of the movie, it’s easy to want to join in the fun.

3. Tailor user onboarding (Britbox)

We created this animated onboarding video for BritBox to help them onboard users who’d received a gift subscription to the platform.

They wanted this video to appeal to existing customers but also act as a welcome video to anyone who was new to BritBox.

It was important to BritBox that the video be slow-paced and walk users through the entire sign up process as the audience for the video skewed older and less tech savvy.

It doesn’t make for the flashiest video, but that’s not what’s important when it comes to onboarding. The most important thing is educating new users and letting them move at their own pace so they turn into happy customers.

4. Friendly tips for your first trip (Uber)

Uber’s onboarding video covers more than just how to take your first trip. It gives drivers the kind of handy tips they’d only know after having completed a number of rides.

If you’re a driver who stumbled over your first few trips, you may be tempted to abandon Uber’s driving service altogether. In the interest of customer retention, Uber helps drivers reach their first success with a conversational tone and helpful hints that feel like we’re getting advice from a trusted friend.

5. Lively instructions for a complex product (Penki)

Some customer onboarding experiences are more complicated than others. The Penki app creates 3D images with an iPhone and a camera set to long exposure.

Not so easy to explain.

But the explanation is made easier through video. This live action user onboarding video shows the clever creations possible with Penki through delightful instructions that flash across the screen.

6. Feature friendly video guides (Zoom)

Hosting a webinar can be intimidating, but this short and engaging video from Zoom helps to calm the nerves of viewers.

This educational content is beautifully branded and clearly has a high production value. The warm and friendly presenter does a great job of walking existing users through the webinar setup process. The video also features real screens from the app so that users can follow a long.

Videos aimed at existing users, like this one, can be a great way to increase customer satisfaction.

7. Savvy tips worth getting excited about (GrubHub)

One of the potential pitfalls for a GrubHub driver?

Driving on an empty stomach!

This live-action video features a GrubHub driver narrating the onboarding process while on a typical delivery run — all the way from hopping in his car to pick up at the restaurant to delivering to the customer’s door.

Right at the open, he promises some cool tips and tricks that keeps the audience hooked. The tips are underlined with catchy on-screen visuals, great for watching with no sound.

8. Walking in the footsteps of a real user (Sphere)

The Sphere app promises a “real experience” of one user from the moment he decided to sign up for the new social networking app.

At five minutes, this onboarding video runs on the long side, but it does give new users a comprehensive experience of the app that would have been impossible to get so quickly any other way.

In written format, this amount of information would’ve gone on for days and been tedious (at best!).

9. A pretty quick glimpse (Ipsy)


(Click to watch)

Ipsy is a beauty shopping app that rewards customers for purchasing on the app. This animated/live-action hybrid video introduces new customers to the benefits of shopping for beauty items with Ipsy with a friendly narrator named Madeline.

The video style is candid and more like one person talking to another person about a new discovery they’ve made. Clocking in at less than 30 seconds, this is one fast-paced intro that covers all the important points of the customer onboarding process, yet teases the beautiful bonuses of Ipsy. A great example of leaving them wanting more.

10. App tutorial video (Tasker App)

If you’re just getting started on TaskRabbit, you’ve got a lot to learn about getting hired on the network (and using the app).

This live-action onboarding video walks new users through the basics of setting their availability and getting hired for their first task. Although this is the typical close-up of a phone, it’s warmed up with a background of tools and upbeat music. By the end of this video, the new user will know everything from how to work with clients on the app to getting customer support from TaskRabbit if needed.

11. A world of enticing benefits (LifeWorks)

The LifeWorks app is a platform that enables companies to reward their employees. This video gives customers a delightful romp through all the benefits that come with the LifeWorks app, from exclusive shopping discounts to gift card rewards.

This customer onboarding video even resembles a swoon-worthy Instagram feed at times. Who wouldn’t want to dip their toe into one of these picture-perfect vignettes?

12. Onboard from the get-go (Grammarly)

Everyone’s seen at least one Grammarly ad in their life. They all follow a pretty genius formula. The video starts by speaking directly to an ideal customer – in the case of the video above, students. Then the videos dig into the features of the app, and this acts almost like a mini onboarding flow.

The video above shows real screens from the app and takes viewers through the process of how it works. It’s customer acquisition and onboarding all rolled into one!

13. Learn how to travel better (Garuda)

The Garuda Indonesia travel app tutorial video shows an existing customer using the app while enjoying a cup of coffee, and in doing so creates a positive onboarding experience.

This live-action video shows the entire onboarding process so that new users know exactly how to take advantage of all of Garuda’s benefits.

Choose your favourite seat. Get a mobile boarding pass. Check in online. Save with exclusive promo codes only on the app. The video shows off all the great travel benefits possible with lively on-screen animations!

14. Discover a new way to collect (Gemr)

Gemr is a community of collectors and an online marketplace for selling collectibles. In their customer onboarding video, Gemr gives a fun glimpse at some of the brightest perks for joining.

Show off your treasures. Add to your collection. Connect with other collectors who share your interests. The video makes wise use of screenshots that show off the website’s sleek interface (enticing enough to make any serious collector seriously contemplate joining).

At a little over one minute, this fast-paced video hits all the high notes without getting bogged down in the log-in details and minutia, keeping customers engaged and excited to get started!

15. Artfully animated walkthrough (ExperienceFellow)

Ever had a nightmare travel experience?

The ExperienceFellow app gives you a platform for reviewing hotel check-in, flights and more. Uniquely drawn, this animated customer onboarding video has block-print-looking people that are generic enough for anyone to imagine themselves in the stories the video tells. The artful colour palette is also striking with its limited hues, just orange, blue, black and white.

16. Put customers in the story (Revolut)

You could explain your features in a boring bullet list… or you could showcase an amazing customer experience.

This onboarding video for Revolut follows an attractive millennial around on her globe-trotting adventures. Along the way, you get to see everything the app can do, like exchange money across the globe with no hidden fees.

During the story, key Revolut features are highlighted with screenshots of the app at work. It’s packed with a-ha moments, all in just a little over one minute. That’s how you do successful onboarding!

17. Sell the simplicity (Rubberstamp)

Rubber Stamp is a software service that makes approving purchase orders a breeze. This animated onboarding video for Rubber Stamp opens with an alluring invitation to “experience the simplicity.”

Although the service has many features, the video smartly focuses on simply creating a purchase order.

At just over 30 seconds, this is a quick shot that leaves you wanting more simple solutions. A quick listing of additional features at the end makes a great parting shot.

18. Drill down on one key benefit (HoneyBook)

When it comes to educational videos, sometimes less is more. HoneyBook’s customer onboarding video centers on the amazing potential for getting leads with the software.

Customer onboarding is often an introductory looksy around at everything, but it doesn’t have to be. If there’s one particular feature that’s particularly valuable to your customers, that may be enough to hook them — without overwhelming them with too many steps and details.

19. Make your customers heroes (Cintas)

Cintas gets the story right with their onboarding video. They make their customers the hero of the story (complete with a bright, red cape!).

This charming video clearly explains the service and generates excitement in the process. It’s easy to imagine a customer having their own a-ha moment watching this video. Nailed it!

20. Your quick start guide (Slack)

This simple animated video is like a Slack 101 class. It starts with a tour of the product and gives clear definitions for each feature. The customer onboarding video then goes on to explain exactly how to use all of the features that new customers need to understand in order to start using the software.

The stripped back animated look means that this video looks close enough to Slack that it’s still identifiable to users while also ensuring that the video won’t quickly become dated by any future UI updates.

The video offers a solid orientation, plus ways to transform your workday that make it easy to get excited about using the chat software.

21. Put your money where your mouth is (Wix)

This video opens in one of the most engaging ways possible, by posing a question. The question is aimed at anyone who’s a little unsure about using Wix.

The rest of the video successfully quells all doubts with the help of Wix’s very own R&D manager. It always helps if your onboarding video can come from someone in a position of authority on the subject you’re teaching users about.

The slick screens work overtime, not only showing how Wix works but also showing how great it looks. What’s more, Wix makes itself the subject of the onboarding video showing users that if Wix trusts Wix to run their website, they can too!

22. How one organisation uses it (Basecamp)

Basecamp’s customer onboarding video is a mini case study of how one company uses Basecamp to keep their projects organised.

The video opens on a screenshot and an explanation of just what Basecamp is and does. It’s a great reminder to never assume people (even existing customers) know what you do.

Although basic features are covered in the video, they’re discussed within the context of the company’s story. A+ for a clear introduction that would make almost anyone comfortable using Basecamp’s tools.

23. Beautifully animated support (Twitter)

This beautifully animated customer onboarding video is designed to help make people feel more comfortable using Twitter — by helping protect them against harassment.

It’s not flashy in the sense that it’s promising exciting ways your life will change after using Twitter. The video is just beautifully focused on supporting new users and loyal customers who may be experiencing the downsides of social networking, and helping them conquer their trolls.

24. Leave nothing to chance (Jotform)

This comprehensive video from Jotform covers the complete customer onboarding process, even taking users through the sign up process, leaving nothing to chance.

And yes, it’s one of the longest videos on this list. But the best way to retain customers is to ensure they fully understand how to get the most out of your product and service, so if that means creating a longer user onboarding video then so be it!

The great thing about this video is that it’s cut into labelled chapters so users can skip to different sections if they don’t feel like they need to watch the entire thing.

Optimise your customer onboarding process now!

Remember, if new users struggle to get started, they may just ditch the whole thing. Savvy marketers look beyond acquisition to customer retention and lifetime value.

Video onboarding helps transform your customers’ first impression of your company into a great one by doing one of these three things:

  • Making users more comfortable with your product or service
  • Sparking curiosity and excitement about your offering
  • Creating a-ha moments that clinch the deal

To find out more about onboarding with video, including best practices, successful examples and creative tactics, see our Ultimate Guide: Onboarding Users with Video.

Written by <a href="https://www.wyzowl.com/author/hassanali/" target="_self">Hassan Ali</a>

Written by Hassan Ali

Hassan is Marketing Manager at Wyzowl. He is an expert in video marketing, video software, promotion & analytics.
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