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We Create Viral Videos

It’s impossible to predict what will and won’t become viral, but what we can do is create videos that are fun and “of the moment” so that they appeal to a wide audience.

Viral Video Examples

These are just a few of the videos we’ve created. We have plenty more to show you, so get in touch if you can’t see a video in your industry!

What is a Viral Video?

The most simple definition of a ‘viral’ video, is that it’s a video which becomes popular through organic sharing. It’s the sort of video that people will watch, and then share with their friends, family and networks without any incentive to do so. They might share it through social, email, or simply by telling someone they know. As you’d expect, these videos tend to be about much more than just the features or benefits of a product or service. Sure, they can introduce or promote your product or service – but they do so in a way that’s so entertaining, funny or moving to the audience that they just HAVE to share it. This is challenging, and you never really know what’s going to capture the imagination of your audience – but the rewards are immense.

I often say the best way to determine a great partner is your willingness to work with them again. We’ve done this time and time again with Wyzowl and I urge others to do the same!

Randy Frisch COO & Co-Founder – Uberflip

Why Use A Viral Video

The benefits of your video going viral are endless, but here are some of the best for brands in our opinion…

1. Free Exposure

Free ExposureOne of the greatest benefits of viral videos is that they become newsworthy, and this means they get lots of free exposure on popular websites and publications.

2. Brand Awareness

Brand AwarenessA viral video will hugely increase your brand awareness because everyone will be watching it and telling their friends about it!

3. Boosted SEO

In House TeamHaving exposure on big websites and an increase in brand awareness will also lead to a flood of traffic to your website, and this will boost your SEO.

4. Unprecedented Reach

Unprecedented ReachWhen videos go viral, they can reach millions, sometimes even hundreds of millions, of views. There is no other financially viable way to reach so many people in such a short amount of time.

5. Cost-Effective Marketing

Cost-Effective MarketingThe kind of free exposure you get with a viral video doesn’t come cheap if you attempt to pay for it. Promoting your video can cost a lot, but if you’re video goes viral then there is no need.

6. Fast Results

Fast ResultsViral videos blow up FAST. Within a few hours of your video going viral, it is likely that lots of people are aware of your brand and what you do. To get these results through traditional marketing would take a lot of time, effort, and money.

Viral Video Fact…

of people say they’d like to see more video from brands in 2018
View our “State of Video Marketing 2018” page for more statistics like this

How to Use a Viral Video

Before a video can become “viral” it needs to be put out into the world. Here are a few ways you can use your video.

One of the primary reasons businesses want to create viral videos is simply to raise brand awareness. We all know how challenging it can be to market our businesses, so the idea of our audiences doing the hard work and sharing our content for us, is clearly very attractive.

Viral video has worked wonders for brands in a variety of industries and niches, and the interesting thing is that audiences are demonstrably willing to share video content, as long as it’s good enough! Data generated via our most recent State of Video Marketing Survey suggested that, having watched a branded video that they enjoyed, a huge 83% of consumers would consider sharing it with their friends.

Creating a viral video to build brand awareness often involves looking at your brand from a new perspective. If you can isolate what makes your brand different, and special, then keep pushing that to its logical conclusion, you can end up with a bunch of cool ideas to create funny, moving or irreverent videos that are just crying out to be shared.

As brands, we all want to be a part of the hot trends that are dominating the public discussion. The big sporting events, the celebrity gossip, the latest movies and anything else that’s currently got people talking. It’s unsurprising that many brands look to create content that isn’t really tied to their product or service offering at all. This simply gives them a tool to weigh in and be part of the wider conversation.

Here at Wyzowl, we’ve created viral videos that include a few fun, interesting facts about Wimbledon, to be shared during the tournament itself. We’ve created a video that explains the offside rule in football, originally for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. We created a video laying out the story behind Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao, knowing that a variety of people online would be aware that the fight was happening, but unaware why it was such a big deal. (all these videos can be seen in the examples section above)

Each time we’ve done this, it’s attracted eyeballs, attention and awareness of our brand which otherwise might not have been possible. It’s an approach that could definitely work for your business, too!

Launching a great new product or service is a lot like pushing a huge rock from the top of a hill. You know that if you can get it rolling, it will gather its own momentum and grow on its own. But that initial push is heavy, difficult work.

Viral videos are great because they can help you build some exposure at the beginning of this potentially difficult process. The viral video that most people seem to talk about is, of course, the live action explainer video created by Dollar Shave Club at their time of launch back in 2012. It racked up nearly 5 million views in 3 months – a phenomenal achievement for a startup. More significantly, the video generated 12,000 signups in the first 48 hours after it debuted on YouTube. People were so entertained by the humorous, irreverent style employed by founder and CEO Michael Dublin that they forgot they were watching a marketing video and just enjoyed the entertainment. What’s more, they subsequently went on to share it with their friends.

If you’re launching a product or service, think about how you’d like to present it to the world; how can you do it in a way that nobody would expect? Even though this approach was incredibly successful for Dollar Shave Club, it’s something that other brands remain wary of trying.

In an age of banner blindness and limited attention spans, organisations and individuals need to be sharper and smarter than ever before in catching the focus of their audience. Viral video can be a powerful, but subtle way, to transmit messages and ideas that might otherwise have been unpalatable or difficult.

The best example of this approach in practice is perhaps the ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ campaign. It all started with a ridiculously popular animated video, which has been viewed 169 million times on YouTube and counting. The song was subsequently launched on iTunes and the message was later translated into a book, smartphone game and interactive outdoor posters. What might not be immediately clear is that the whole point of this campaign was to cut accidents and deaths on Melbourne’s train system. It was a complete success. The video was shared more than 3 million times on Facebook – way beyond the geographical constraints of Melbourne – and, most tellingly, it convinced 1 million young people to pledge to be safer around trains, coinciding with a 21% reduction in accidents and deaths. Job done!

Ebook: How To Use Video On Social Media

Social media is the perfect way to start your viral video journey. This ebook will help you make the most of video on social media.

This ebook covers:

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  • The difference between paid and organic social video marketing.
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