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We Create Interactive Videos That Engage Your Audience

Interactive video gives viewers the power to engage with content like never before. This offers a world of opportunity to marketers – the ability to tell incredible interactive stories, tailor content, implement lead capture forms, ask questions, sell products and more.
Wyzowl Interactive Video

Interactive Video Examples

Below, you’ll find just a few of the interactive videos we’ve created. We do have plenty of others to share with you – so get in touch if you can’t see a video in your industry!
Wyzowl Interactive Video

What Is An Interactive Video?

Interactive Video transforms the way a viewer digests video content. Rather than the traditional way of watching a video – sitting back in your chair and letting the video play out, with only the option to pause, rewind and skip forward – interactive video puts you, the viewer, in charge of your own experience. You can make decisions, click options, answer questions, complete forms, download content, buy products and more, without leaving the player window. This creates unprecedented opportunities for businesses to do so much more with their video content. Generate, qualify and score leads; streamline your purchasing process; or just take your viewer on a rip-roaring, decision-led story. The choice is yours!
We chose Wyzowl because we found them very easy to work with. They were able to take simple directions from us and create amazing videos that really conveyed our message to our customers with very short turnaround times.
Mark Bell – Barracuda Networks

What Makes A Great Interactive Video?

We’ve made dozens of great interactive videos, and we believe that the great ones all have a few things in common…

Clear Objective

Interactive ObjectiveThe best interactive videos are clear about what they want to achieve; whether it’s to entertain the viewer, capture their details, or just educate them about a particular product or service. This purpose bleeds into every aspect of the interactive video, and is perfectly clear to the viewer as well.

Highly Relevant to the Viewer

Interactive RelevancyOne-size-fits-all video marketing is rarely effective: you aim for everybody, and end up engaging nobody. With interactive video, there’s no need to be ambiguous. You can ask the right questions to segment your audience, pointing them towards the exact part of the video that’s most relevant to their needs.

Engaging and Entertaining

Interactive EngagementInteractive videos, by their nature, are supposed to be fun. This is relatively new technology and, if your viewers don’t enjoy the experience, you’ve probably done something wrong! Great interactive videos put the viewer at the heart of the experience, with regular interactive functionality to keep things lively.

Great Storytelling

Interactive StorytellingWhether you’re using interactive video to entertain your leads, educate your customers or train your staff, great storytelling should be at the forefront of every second of video. This means setting the scene properly, highlighting every decision and its consequences, before paying off with a satisfying ending.
We’d love to discuss ways to make your video truly unique and exceptional. Contact us for more information & pricing.
Dealing with Wyzowl has been a breath of fresh air. I love the professionalism and I really love the system that Wyzowl use in terms of managing a case. I love that nothing is too much trouble.
Fraser MacDonald – Founder – Lionyard Lettings

How To Use Your Interactive Video

An interactive video is a dynamic, versatile tool that can be used in many creative ways to benefit people inside and outside your organisation.
Interactive video lets you create story-led adventures where the decisions taken by your viewer determine the narrative and end result. Think of it like a digital version of those ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ stories you used to read as a kid!

Of course, these stories aren’t just a tool to entertain and engage your viewers. They can also be used to educate them, inform them, or communicate a particular message.

By allowing the viewer to select ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ options, you can teach particular behaviours, or tell deeply engaging stories that really relate to a subject they’re interested in.

There’s a Chinese proverb that goes: “Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, Involve me and I understand.” Interactive video involves your viewer – and can really help them understand.

One of the many great features of Interactive video is the ability for your viewer to add products to their basket from right within the video player window.

You could create a video that sells the features and benefits of a particular product, and then have an ‘Add to Cart’ button pop up in the corner of the screen. When the viewer clicks this, they’re taken in a new window to the relevant eCommerce site – with that product pre-populated into their basket.

Anybody involved in online retail will appreciate the value of getting a customer through the sales and checkout process in as few clicks as possible, particularly with trillions of dollars worth of merchandise abandoned in online shopping carts every year!

Completed interactive videos are hosted on our interactive video server, and they can then be embedded to work on any of your web pages.

Creating a landing page around your interactive video is a great way to turn it from a single piece of marketing content, into an integrated campaign.

You could create a landing page with an interactive video for a variety of purposes – to recruit new people into your organisation; to sell the features and benefits of a particular product; or to tell a story designed to raise awareness of your brand.

By minimising the other components of your landing page, you can make the interactive video a focal point of the whole experience – ensuring your visitors enjoy the full value of the content.

Interactive video is a two-way street; yes, you can educate and inform your customers about your products and services.

But you can also ask questions and act upon the answers you receive.

By asking the right questions to understand their current circumstances, pain points and goals – you can then use that information to prescribe the right product for their needs. As a really basic example, you could ask the viewer to specify whether they work in a small business or a large enterprise – and then serve up content that introduces a specific product that’s built for that type of business, covering its features and benefits to that audience.

We’ve worked with a number of our clients to create multi-video series’ with each video covering a specific issue, feature or part of their service.

These videos combine to form a comprehensive ‘on demand’ knowledge base, helping achieve so much more than would be possible in one linear video.

For example, you could create a series of screen recorded videos, with each one introducing a part of a software tool. When the user clicks an area of the screen, they’re shown a video that explains everything about that particular feature or tool.

The same logic applies for animated and live action videos, too; you can break long sections of content into chapters.

The uses of interactive video extend far beyond your customers. Your team can also benefit. Interactive functionality takes e-learning to the next level by putting the trainee at the heart of an experience.

For example, you could embed quiz functionality into your video, which means you can explain an issue, then ask a multiple choice question to validate viewer understanding.

f they don’t answer the question correctly, they can’t move on with the rest of the video. This clearly helps optimise knowledge retention.

Interactive training videos can also be stored on your network to be accessed in future, when knowledge needs to be refreshed.

Our Interactive Video Production Process

After taking the time to understand your product, we create a script for your video, complete with interactive functionality.
We design the graphics, or capture the screens required for your video – making sure that everything is consistent with your brand.
We’ll animate the graphics to give life to the video. It’s important to make sure the video flows perfectly at this stage.
Finally, we add interactive functionality to your video. Clickable hotspots, interactive forms, eCommerce and quizzes can all be added to create a dynamic, engaging experience!

Common Questions About Interactive Videos

They say that knowledge is power. That’s certainly the case when it comes to hiring a creative agency. We’ve created a series of videos to answer some of the most commonly asked questions we receive. Want to know something we haven’t covered below? Get in touch – we’d love to discuss further!

What’s the ideal length for an animated video?

There’s no hard and fast rule about the overall length of an interactive video, since the viewer will only watch the parts of the video that are relevant to them. However, we do recommend making sure there’s some interactive option at least every 45-60 seconds to keep the viewer engaged.

What’s included with a Wyzowl video?

Our end-to-end interactive video production service includes absolutely everything! We write your script, design the graphics or screen record your app, animate your video with a royalty-free music track and professional voiceover. We then add interactive functionality before sending you an ‘embed’ link for you to use the video on your website and beyond.

Can I give feedback and make changes?

The most important part of our interactive video production process is YOU! We want to make sure you absolutely love your video. That’s why we offer unlimited changes at every stage of the process. All we ask is that you provide a firm signoff at each step. At script stage, you can make unlimited changes to the story and voiceover; at design stage, you can tweak the look and feel to your heart’s content; and, at animation stage, you can make changes to the pacing, timings and transitions.

How long does the process take?

At our side, we work to fixed turnarounds. It takes us 3 working days to create the Script, 8 working days to create the Storyboard, and 8 working days to create a first cut of your video. This, of course, doesn’t include any time it takes you to collate and provide feedback, plus the time it takes us to action the changes you suggest and create revised versions. It generally takes around 6 weeks to create a great Interactive Video. Please get in touch if you’d like to understand our process and timescales in more detail!

Ebook: Getting Started With Interactive Video

Everything you need to know to get started with interactive video!
It’s clear that video is the web’s most popular media type – but what if there was a way to make it even better? Welcome to the world of interactive video!

With interactive video, you can take a linear storytelling device and give your viewers the power to navigate it in a non-linear way. This possibility to interact with video in new and exciting ways presents many different opportunities for businesses looking to engage, convert, and learn about their customers.

Oh, and getting started is easier than you may think!

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