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We believe that content should be held to the same standard as any other marketing tactic. Yes, it should be super-valuable and help your audience – but if it doesn’t generate traffic or leads for your business, then why are you investing time and money into creating it?

On this page, we’ll share some evidence that our approach really works.

Our Own Experiment

We founded Wyzowl in 2011, and we’ve always relied on content marketing as a tool to help us grow.

However, for many years, there was little in the way of real strategy behind deciding what sort of content we should create.

While we had occasional successes, we experienced an equal number of failures and flops – articles which didn’t rank for any keywords, didn’t generate any traffic and basically didn’t provide any return on investment.

And, from speaking to our clients and other businesses, we found that everybody seemed to be in the same boat.

We started to experiment with different ways to find content opportunities, and eventually settled upon a model that enabled us to repeatably create content that drove quality traffic.

We’re now at a point where we have an established, strategic way of working whereby we Research, Plan, Create, Analyse and Improve every piece of content we create. This 5 step cycle helps us create predictable, scaleable content successes. And we believe we can use the same process to achieve success for you!

The Result

The results of our new approach have been phenomenal. We had been growing our online metrics (very) slowly and steadily for years. But, since introducing our new strategic approach…

    Between January 2018 and March 2019, we increased organic monthly traffic by
    over 1000%
    During the same period, we increased our monthly leads generated by
    and doubled the number of backlinks to our website.
    Many of these links came from high authority sites including
    bbc, forbes & Entrepreneur
    Since January 2018, we’ve increased the number of keywords we rank organically for by
    +681% in total
    This includes a
    increase in keywords where we rank from 1-3 on Google (that means we’re in the top 3 for nearly 600 new keywords.)
    It also includes a
    increase in keywords where we rank from 4-10 – an increase of over 2,000 keywords relevant to our audience, all commanding healthy search volumes.
    The net result of all this is that around
    of our traffic now arrives on our site via our content pieces – with just 5% coming directly via the home page.

    Client Results

    Our content created for is responsible for more than 30% of’s monthly traffic.

    “A considerable slice of the traffic that Kite gets monthly (>30%) is through organic and this is down to the content produced by the Wzyowl content team.”

    Jonathan Price
    Senior Growth Consultant,

    TomTom Interactive Video Campaign:
    67% interaction/click rate
    9.64 interactions per viewer
    93 second average watch time
    29% play rate

    Our content is responsible for more than 20% of their monthly traffic (as per ahrefs data).

    “Truly exceptional service and follow through. To cut to the case, we had a fantastic experience with Wyzowl and absolutely recommend them.”

    Justin McCullough

    Justin McCullough

    Director - Small Business Marketing, SparkPay Capital One

    Capital One

    “When the team at Wyzowl explained the way they approach content marketing, it sounded perfect for our needs. We had been struggling to produce consistent content and make it pay so their service seemed ideal. As with any new agency, there was a nervousness, but as soon as we started to receive their work I was confident that we had made a good choice. Their efficient project management system makes communication straightforward, they are very transparent from a perspective, and what’s most important is that the content, copy and design quality is high.
    Creative, professional and thorough.”

    Sanja Buterin

    Sanja Buterin

    Marketing Director - Infobip


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