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Our Strategy

We believe there’s a better way to create marketing content.

It all starts with research and planning before the creation process even begins.

It’s a scientific methodology we use to identify content gaps and opportunities, based on research into the audience and competing content. This helps us understand exactly what we need to do to create a ‘winning’ piece of content that serves a REAL purpose for your business.

And it’s all underpinned by our proprietary Content Islands framework – so every piece of content has a place within the buyer journey, whether it’s generating traffic, capturing leads or nurturing those leads into becoming customers.

Our process works as follows…

Step 1

Define Content Goals

The foundation of any successful strategy is fully understanding your goals. Each piece of content should have a purpose, a goal, and a clear position within a wider content marketing strategy. One of the most common mistakes we see is ‘ad-hoc’ or ‘scattergun’ content. These are standalone, individual pieces of content that are created and published with the best intentions – but which ultimately lack strategic intent, and therefore fall short. The clearer your goals, the better our chances of creating content that works hard for your business.

Audit Current Content

A content audit is the activity of checking and reviewing all of the content you currently have on your site. By performing an audit we’ll get a much better understanding of your content, which pieces have been successful, which ones could be repurposed, where there are gaps and if there are common topics around which we can create further content.

Competitor Analysis

Next we take the time to perform a robust analysis of your competitors and their content. This helps us nd out more about your industry, while identifying opportunities to outperform the competition. We’ll get a flavour for what others in the industry are doing, what works, and what doesn’t. Among other things, we’ll evaluate how they layout their content, what content resources they use, how much they publish, the quality and length, which topics they write about, how their content is structured and how it performs in search rankings.
Step 2

Understand Content Audience(s)

Having a deep understanding of your audience is critical to great content creation. Delivering quality, successful content requires a deep understanding of what your audience wants, and the questions they have. This process involves working with you to isolate the typical demographic, seniority, interests, goals, motivations and challenges of your ideal target customer. The clearer we are about who your audience is, the better our ability to write content that resonates with them.

Identify Content ‘Sweet Spot’

Once we’ve agreed who your audience is, we look to find what we call the content ‘sweet spot.’ This is the meeting point between three factors:
  1. The audience’s interests, goals and challenges
  2. The areas of expertise and value represented by your brand, product and/or service.
  3. The topics that we, as a writing team, can research and write about to a high level.
We present this as a Venn Diagram. The items that ful l all three of these criteria are the ones that occupy the content ‘sweet spot’ in the middle, and will form the foundation for our content output. These are the topics that we can write about to a high level, add value to the audience, and remain relevant to the product or service.
Step 3

Perform Keyword Research & Identify Opportunities

Keyword research is used to ensure our content addresses questions and topics that people are actually searching for. We research keyword volume and competition levels, which we can then use to target better rankings in search engines. Once we find a niche keyword, we can then expand on it to find medium and long-tail opportunities. Keyword metrics validate the value of our content ideas because, ultimately, as valuable as we, or you, think a content idea might be – it’s ultimately going to fail if nobody is actually searching for it. This process is one of the real cornerstones of our content ideas and planning process. By researching and identifying the correct keywords, we can gain a much clearer picture of how to construct our content effectively. Identifying valuable keywords isn’t, by itself, a guarantee that our content can rank for those particular keywords – there are hundreds of factors that decide this. However it does give each piece of content a clear purpose and goal, while allowing us to benchmark the top- performing pieces of content on a given topic, and ensuring that our work at least matches and ideally improves upon that level.
Step 4

Content Planning & Schedule

Based on all our learning up to this point, we now set about creating a content plan and schedule. We combine your budget with your stated goals, and create a basic budgetary plan and timeline, designed to give you the best chance of achieving those objectives. This is underpinned by our expertise in which pieces of content are best-suited to deliver particular results – whether it’s to generate tra c, capture leads, nurture potential customers or support existing customers.

Brief Creation

Based on our ‘sweet spot’ analysis and keyword research, combined with the planning and scheduling outlined above, we now look to assign names, topics and titles to each piece of content. We provide the suggested title for each piece of content, as well as a basic overview of what it’ll cover and the audience persona we’re creating it for. This information all gives our team a great starting point from which they can create more in-depth plans for each individual piece of content as we move through the creation process. It helps to get our team, and yours, aligned on the focus and scope of each piece of content, shortening feedback loops and making life much easier further down the line!

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