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We Create Non-Profit Videos To Highlight Your Cause

For non-profit organisations, video can push your cause into the spotlight and give you the extra boost you need to raise awareness.
We’ve created videos for non-profits and charities including:

Non-Profit Video Portfolio

See a few of the non profit and charity videos we’ve created below.

What Is A Non-Profit Video?

A non-profit video often describes your mission, tells people why they should care about your cause, and then makes an emotional appeal to help. Given that non-profits rely solely on donations, great marketing and outreach is vital. Non-profit video storytelling can provide a unique competitive advantage that sets a non-profit apart from their competitors who are also seeking donations and support from the public. According to a recent survey, more than 81% of consumers reported being convinced to buy something just by watching an organisation’s video.

A video acts as a 24/7 ambassador who’s always on call to tell your story. With sight and sound, your non-profit explainer video is the most effective medium to connect emotionally with audiences. It’s also the one they tend to like best. Recent research shows more than 85% of people surveyed say they want to see more video from brands in 2018.

Wyzowl is incredible to work with. We needed a video last minute because our regular animator was no longer doing freelance work, and Wyzowl came through in an amazing way. Their team followed our national brand standards better than any contractor I’ve ever worked with, stuck to a tight timeline, and were incredibly thorough, responsive, and communicative! I highly recommend Wyzowl and look forward to working with them again on future projects 🙂
Amanda Hinski – YMCA

Why Use Video For Your Non-Profit?

The main purpose of any marketing campaign for your non-profit is to raise awareness, and video can do all that and more…

1. Cause Awareness

Cause Awareness
A video perfectly encapsulates your message and can then be shared across many mediums. This means the reach you can have with video is huge. All it takes is for one person to share it, and then their friend, and then their friend, and so on!

2. 24 Hour Availability

24 Hour Availability Video is the best way to communicate your message at any time of day. When people visit your website, social media and other channels they can watch your video. This means they can understand more about your cause and donate or get involved.

3. Look Professional

Look Professional When you communicate your message effectively people will take notice. Video offers a way to tell your message clearly and effectively. This maintains the professionalism of your brand throughout.

4. Make a Great First Impression

Make a Great First Impression Communicating your message clearly and effectively helps people understand your cause. This will help you make a good first impression and stick in their mind. The quicker people can learn what you do and how they can help the more likely they are to take action.

5. Emotional Appeal

Emotional Appeal People react to content that engages them. Video is amazing for getting your message across in a clear and concise way. With a compelling video, you can naturally increase interest in your cause.

6. Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story Non-profits and charities often have a strong story. It’s the story that creates that emotional appeal for people to donate or support with their time. The more effectively you can tell your story the better the chance of people taking action.

How To Use A Non-Profit Video

Crowdfunding Page

Much of the success of a crowdfunding effort lies in its ability to make an emotional appeal. Video uses sight and sound to tell the story of your charity. There’s no other medium that’s as persuasive as video. The numbers don’t lie. A business explainer video can have a profound impact on both the success and amount of support your campaign receives, according to research from crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Kickstarter’s research shows that video can dramatically increase the success rate of a crowdfunded campaign. They found that campaigns with video had a success rate of 50%, whereas those without had a success rate of just 30%.

The results from non-profit videos are even more amazing when you look at fundraising levels. According to crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, campaigns with video raised more than 4 times the funds over campaigns lacking a video component to explain their cause.

On Social Media

Video is especially powerful on social media, and its use has been exploding in recent years. Between 2016 and 2017, viewing of branded video content increased 99% on YouTube and 258% on Facebook. It’s not just that people are watching more video, they’re sharing more video. Consider that a video tweet will be retweeted six times more than a standard photo tweet. That’s a dramatic improvement in performance without spending any extra time trying to drum up social media engagement.

Here are a few more ways to inspire you to use video on social media… When direct messaging and contacting people, try including your non-profit video to give them a better understanding of your mission. Also, be sure to pin your video to your social media profiles that allow it. On both Facebook and Twitter, you can pin your video to the top of your page. That way, your explainer video will be the first thing they see and understand about your organisation, the people you help, and how they can get involved.

In Email Campaigns

Did you know people love video emails so much that just using the word “video” in a subject line can increase open rates by 19%? Reinvigorate your email campaigns with a non-profit explainer video. Imagine sending your new video out to your entire email list? It’s a great way refresh their memory on what makes your cause unique, and help introduce people to your mission if they’re just getting to know you.

There are many inspired ways to use non-profit videos in your email campaigns, from sending people your new explainer video to announcing new fund drives and milestones. You can also make it part of your email signature. That way, you’ll always have an exciting way for new people to get to know your organisation.

Just be sure to always include a strong call-to-action asking people to share the video email with others who share your mission. According to data, 76% of people would share a branded video they liked with their network.

On Your Charity’s Website

Your website is the home base of all your marketing efforts. Make sure people understand and empathise with your cause within moments of landing on your page. If it takes any longer, you might be too late. Video has the power to capture and enthrall audiences within seconds.

With a well-told explainer video for your non-profit organisation, audiences will understand the importance of your mission and how they can get involved in just minutes. Move them with the combination of voice and image only videos have. According to research, when customers are given a choice between interacting with video or text on the same page, 72% choose watching video to learn about something. So make sure your organisation’s explainer video is prominently displayed on your homepage, preferably above-the-fold (on the upper half of the page).

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