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The Irrefutable Laws of Video Branding

Branding is a tricky science. Managing customer expectations while building good vibes is a practice that’s well compensated for a reason. But making an impression with customers is not impossible, particularly if you follow some tried and true rules for building a brand through effective video. In this post, we’re highlighting a few irrefutable laws of video branding.

1. Your Product Must Solve a Problem

There’s a lot of confusion about what a brand is, particularly for newer businesses. For many, it’s a logo and a look. For successful businesses, however, it’s a focused association, built on providing a solution. Coca-Cola is a thirst quencher. H&R Block is a way to save money. Your business is, fundamentally, a way to solve a specific problem, experienced by a specific group of people, using your specific solutions.

Of course, your business is more than this. But as an effective vehicle for conveying brand image, this is where your video should focus. Deliver value to your viewers by presenting a solution to a need. Do so by demonstrating that you understand their frustrations, and that your product or service has addressed every part of the problem in an intuitive way.

2. Your Message Must Be Focused

It’s tempting when creating a video to make broad impressions about the range of solutions your business has to offer. After all, you want to generate revenue, why not sell everything at once? There’s a good reason for this.

The effectiveness of a brand message is inversely proportional to its scope. This is a sophisticated way of saying that the more you focus your message, the more effective your branding will be. Microsoft offers an array of products, but a video advertising office focuses on Office. Your message shouldn’t be diluted by a bunch of extraneous stuff. It should be sleek and slim, offering a solution and a message that hits a consumer’s sweet spot in order to drive conversion.

3. Your Aim Must Be to Build Association

Providing a solution to a problem is part of a much bigger effort involved in branding. At its core, branding is about building associations. While providing a solution is a great first step, your efforts cannot end here.

Take Airbnb’s launch video for example. After just a few seconds of viewing, it’s clear what the company is trying to accomplish. If providing a solution were enough, the video would probably only last about 15 seconds. However, the journey continues, depicting our young subject in warm, happy locations, surrounded by friendly people, all the while speaking in an unburdened tone, conveying contentment. As much as they want to sell their app, what Airbnb is really selling is a way of life, a sense of community, and a means of connecting with people and locations.

This can be challenging, as building association is a subtle science, but doing so effectively will pay dividends for your business. Your video must identify what it is your customers want. Peace of mind? More free time? To grow personally? Each one carries an emotional weight, and your efforts must identify and embrace these fully.

4. You Must End with a Call-to-Action

So you’ve presented a solution, reinforced by feel-good sentiments, in a focused manner. Great! Now you have to turn that positive impression into action so that you can continue to make an impression. A great video without a call to action is like a race car that runs out of gas just before the end of the race. So fuel the last lap with a call to action.

A call to action is, simply, a request. “Download our app.” “Sign up for our newsletter.” “Register for a free demo.” Each one takes a positive experience and walks it down the conversion path. Purchases are essentially a series of small decisions that result in a transaction, and by removing the barrier of worry with a great message, and then providing a clear opportunity to act, your video can and will generate opportunities and a positive reputation in the process.

Branding is a challenge, but one worth the effort. Thankfully, video is here to help, provided you follow the rules. Make sure your video presents a solution, so that your customers see you as a helping hand. Focus your message to drive your message home, and build positive emotional associations in the process. Finally, end your video with a call to action, so that you can continue to build your reputation, and fuel conversion by doing so. Flex that creative muscle and provide a powerful viewing experience, and you’ll be amazed at the results.