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A video is the perfect way to tell people how you work and why you are the right education outlet for their needs.

Education Video Examples

See a few examples of videos we’ve created for the education industry below:

What Is An Education Industry Video?

An education video is a 1-2 minute animated video that teaches people about what you do with an easy-to-follow storyline consumers enjoy watching. Using a combination of stunning visuals and a great storyline, an explainer video can both educate and entertain audiences about a business in a way that makes learning more fun.

Video is also more effective at converting lookers into buyers. In a recent survey, more than 69% of people said they’d been convinced to buy software by watching a video. It’s pretty versatile too, video can be used to boost a company’s other marketing channels, from website to in-person training events to social media and email.

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James Nguyen – eTutorCloud

Benefits of an Education Video

As you’re in the education industy you’ll understand how important visual learning is. Here are some of the many benefits:

1. Different Learning Styles

Different Learning Styles Great educational video content combines the best parts of all learning styles – visual, kinesthetic and auditory. In doing so, it creates a slick and inclusive format that ensures your video is accessible to everybody, engaging and holding the attention of your whole audience, however they prefer to learn.

2. Increase Knowledge Retention

Increase Knowledge Retention Academic research has found that video content actually increases learning retention by 25-60%. When you’re imparting new information to your audience, the last thing you want is for that information to slip away as soon as you’re finished. Using video helps the message stick!

3. Repeatable Learning

Repeatable Learning One of the best things about video as a learning tool is that it’s consistent and repeatable. It can be delivered in the exact same way, time and again, without fear of missing anything out – and, when refreshers are needed, it can be revisited in exactly the same way, making sure information is always available where it needs to be.

4. Mix Up Your Content

Mix Up Your Content Let’s be honest; education and training, done wrong, can be boring. One of the worst things you can do is rely on one single content type, whether it’s written or spoken. Video is a different way to learn – and can really complement other types of content to make sure the overall learning package is fun and effective!

5. Reduce Training Cost

Reduce Training Cost Many of the costs associated with ‘traditional’ training are associated with venue hire, instructor time and the productivity costs of taking learners away from their regular activities. With video content many of the costs are minimised, because it can be created once and delivered remotely – time and again, as many times as needed.

6. Learner Popularity

Learner Popularity Bottom line, you need your learners to engage with your content if your educational programme is to be effective. That means packaging the content in a way they’re likely to actually consume. According to Forrester Research, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or web articles.

How To Use An Education Video


Your homepage gets more traffic than any other page on your website, which means this page also has to do more jobs than any other page on a website. People will go to a homepage to learn about the company and whether you have what they’re looking for. If they don’t get the answer they like — or worse yet if they don’t understand what you offer — they’ll bounce. With a beautifully animated explainer video, your audience gets an easy, fun way to understand what your business does, the problem you solve, and who you can help.

When audiences are interested and engaged, they’re far less likely to bounce off your site never to return. That’s good news for your website SEO, which can be harmed by high bounce rates. Our research shows that 80% of marketers say video increases the dwell time of visitors on their website.

And that’s great news for your sales department, because you’re engaging audiences with the story of your product and getting them to spend more time considering your offering. When people are engaged with your product and learning more about what you do, you’re moving them closer to the buying stage.

Training Events

Training events can be gruelling and high pressured. The expectations are higher than ever to deliver with more limited resources. With today’s jam-packed agendas, it’s essential to accomplish a lot of instruction in a short amount of time, and you can’t afford to miss any details. Adding video to your training events can help enhance and speed up the learning process. Try adding an entertaining business explainer video to the opening of the event to kick things off and help people get up to speed quickly.

If handing off training at events to a video feels uncomfortable, you might be surprised to know people actually learn faster with videos and visual information. Studies show some 80% of people will learn about a topic better with visual information. Adding video is one of those win/win situations where both companies and the people being instructed benefit. Just take it from Fortune 500 companies like IBM and Microsoft, who have successfully implemented video training into their organisations. In the first two years of using video training, IBM had saved more than $579 million dollars.

Social Media

If you haven’t thought of using an education explainer video on your social media pages, it’s time to give it some thought. Video usage has been exploding over the last few years. On YouTube, views of branded video content have soared 99% between 2016 and 2017. On Facebook during the same period, views of branded video content skyrocketed 258%. Safe to say, people are having a love affair with video content on social media.

People don’t just love watching video on social media networks; they’re also quick to share things they like with friends. What’s makes video so shareable? Videos are easier to share than long articles. They’re quicker and more entertaining, which is what people are looking for when they go to Twitter for quick bits of info and Facebook to have fun.

Here’s a tip to help you get the maximum views of your business explainer video: Pin the video to your Twitter and Facebook pages. Whenever people arrive at your Facebook page or Twitter feed, they’ll be able to watch your amazing explainer video. Once they’ve viewed it, they’ll be more likely to share it with others. When you share a video tweet on Twitter, it’s 6 times more likely to be retweeted than a photo.


If you haven’t tried video in email, you may not know what you’re missing. Did you know that simply mentioning “video” in an email subject line is enough to send your open rates skyrocketing? Research shows that adding the word “video” to your subject lines in an email campaign can help drive up open rates by 19%. But what is this magical effect video has on email campaigns?

It’s pretty simple really. People prefer video content over other forms like text. When presented with a choice, they’ll likely choose an easy-to-watch video over having to read content. Research shows that the overwhelming majority of consumers prefer to learn about a product or service from video. In our study, 72% of people said they prefer to use video over text when both were available on the same website page.

Try it in your next email campaign. You can also make your video an evergreen addition to your email signature. That way, every time someone in your organisation sends an email there’s a new opportunity for someone to see your video.

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