It seems wherever you look online these days, people are talking about the benefits of blogging. With a proven track record of generating traffic and leads –  as well as building relationships with potential and existing customers – there are a heap of reasons why you should consider adding a blog to your marketing toolbox. Best of all, it really costs you nothing except your time – and you’ll even have fun doing it!

In our latest video blog, Sarah – a member of our amazing Copywriting team – gives you 5 reasons why we believe you NEED to start blogging today.

Here’s the full transcript…

Hey! I’m Sarah – a copywriter here at Wyzowl – and I’m about to give you 5 reasons why you NEED to start blogging today!

1. It’s great for SEO!

SEO is one of those things that every marketer bangs on about. And sure, it can be a total snore fest.

But if you want to see your website at the no1 spot on Google, then you’re gonna have to make SEO your new best friend – and blogging can help you do that.

When your customer visits Google, they have a question that they want answering. Google’s job is to give them those answers. So, if you create blog content that specifically answers their questions, you are for more likely to rank for it. And if you make sure that your blog content is highly valuable – and relevant to your niche – then other bloggers are more likely to link to it, which means valuable links…higher rankings…and more traffic!

2. It’s perfect for social

Hmmm…what can I post on social to build more followers? Hey Hassan, have you got the video of the elephant riding a tricycle?

So…the more you blogs you write, the more content you’ll have for your social feeds, which means more people will share your stuff…which in turn, will build your followers.

3. It earns you industry leader status

So you wanna be known as the best at what you do, right?

Well, blogging can help you be the best. So long as you start to produce valuable content that can’t be found anywhere else – content that actually teaches your reader something – you will build up trust. The kind of trust that will turn you into an industry leader!

4. It attracts leads

Tired of wondering where all those juicy leads are? Well… blogging is the ULTIMATE leads magnet!

If you come up with the right topic – and promote your ass off – you’ll attract loads of leads to your blog.

What you need to do is place downloadable content within your blog post. Your reader will then click onto it, give you their contact details and – ta-da! – you got yourself a shiny new lead!

5. It influences buyers

According to QuickSprout, consumers say that a brand’s blog is the 2nd most influential factor when making a purchase.

So if you want to improve SEO, grow your social following, become an industry leader, attract more leads and boost your sales then you need to start blogging, right now!

No really, go do it, now!