Free AI YouTube Video Description Generator

This tool gives you the power to boost your video’s visibility. Share a little info about your YouTube video and this tool will craft compelling descriptions to help you attract more viewers and maximise the impact of your content on YouTube.

How to use the YouTube video description generator

  • The tool starts by asking for the title of your video. Don’t have a title yet? No problem! Tell the tool you don’t have a title yet, and it’ll move onto other ways to unpack the content of your video. Or, even better – ask the tool to help you come up with a catchy title! 👀
  • Provide some details about the content of your YouTube video and what key points are included.
  • Give info about any keywords, as well, if you’re looking to get these included in your description (this can be an important boost for video SEO.)
  • Tell the tool which tone of voice you’d like. Don’t feel limited to the shortlist presented by the tool, it’s fine to use your own words to describe the brand voice of your channel.
  • If the tool misses the mark – use feedback prompts to change the tone, content and any other details.
  • If it REALLY misses the mark and you need to hit the reset button, just say ‘Start again,’ and the tool will take you right back to the beginning to try again.
  • Want to work at scale? Need more options to consider? You might want to try asking for a number of options in one message! Simply write something like “Give me 5 different options to consider,” and the tool will work its magic! 🪄

The process

As video marketing experts we know how important it is not just to create great videos – but to get them found, and watched!

YouTube is the world’s largest video site (and the second largest search engine) so getting your description right on YouTube can make a huge difference.

We built the YouTube video description generator tool, based on an AI language model, to formulate snappy, clear, consistent descriptions that entice viewers and boost your video SEO game.