Free AI User Persona Generator

Ever wanted to understand your audience better? With this tool, you can! Share a little info about your ideal user, and our tool will create detailed personas in a matter of seconds, so you can tailor your products and messages.

How to use the user persona generator tool

  • This tool is particularly useful for ‘filling in blanks’ around your user persona. If you have a lot of info to provide – that’s great. If you don’t, that’s fine – just put in whatever limited info you have, and let the tool fill in the blanks.
  • Something you don’t like or agree with in the generated user persona? Use feedback prompts and ask the tool to change them. Give more direction if necessary, or just leave it ambiguous – the tool is really good at coming up with novel ideas!
  • If you’d like to start again with a new persona, simply reply with: Create another.

The process

Understanding your audience is paramount, and our AI user persona generator simplifies this process.

It’s based on an AI language model and has been trained, just like a human researcher, to think about things like demographic data, hobbies and interest, so it can create realistic, detailed user personas.

We’ve trained it to include things that really matter to marketers and business people. By gaining insights into your target audience’s motivations, preferences, and pain points, this intuitive tool gives you the power to tailor your strategies effectively.