Free AI Testimonial Video Questions Generator

Use this tool as your starting point for powerful testimonial videos, and generate thought-provoking questions in seconds. After all, better questions = better answers = better testimonials!

How to use the testimonial video questions generator

  • This is a guided process. Start with some basic info about the video you’re planning, and then answer the follow up questions.
  • The more info you provide, the more prescriptive and accurate the results will be.
  • However if you’re looking for pure inspiration and don’t want to put in loads of info, feel free to keep things vague. The tool will do the rest.
  • Follow-up prompts can help make the tool even more useful. Not happy with the initial list? Try a prompt like ‘Give me 10 more,’ and you’ll soon be spoiled for choice.
  • Equally, if you like the style of some questions and not others, you can give this feedback and ask the tool to take it into account when generating a new list.

The process

We built the testimonial video questions generator tool using an AI language model, reinforced with our own knowledge of the essential aspects of a great testimonial.

The tool will ask questions to try and understand your brand, product or service, coupling this with the ‘secret sauce’ questions that make up a great testimonial: the elements that make up a great customer experience.