Free AI Plot Twist Generator

We built this tool to help you add excitement to your stories. Generate unexpected twists effortlessly, so you can keep your audience engaged and captivated from beginning to end!

How to use the plot twist generator tool

  • Provide some info about your story – as much or as little info as you like – and the tool will do the rest.
  • The tool is really good at filling in the blanks, so if you don’t provide details – such as character names, or place names – you can expect the tool to add these in for you!
  • Want to generate plot twists at scale? Use a prompt such as ‘Give me 3 more options’ and the tool will give you 3 options.
  • Equally, if you’d like to follow up with more specific, direct feedback – do so. The tool will take your feedback on board and tweak/refine the current idea – or come up with an entirely new one!

The process

Bring intrigue and excitement into your stories with our AI plot twist generator.

Drawing inspiration from storytelling conventions and creative prompts – and based on a powerful AI language model – our tool fires out unexpected twists that will leave your audience on the edge of their seats and give you huge inspiration for moving your stories forward.

Whether you’re crafting a novel, screenplay, or marketing campaign, trust our generator to infuse your narrative with twists that defy expectations and captivate imaginations.