Free AI Video Brief Generator

Use this tool to kickstart your projects with clarity. Share a little info about your video project and our tool will generate a concise brief almost instantly. A great brief can help align your team, set objectives, and ensure success from the start.

How to use the video brief generator tool

  • This is a guided process which will walk you through the process to an amazing brief. Start by answering the initial questions, and then walk through the process question-by-question.
  • Feel free to use this as a brain dump. The tool will reformat your answers into full sentences when it generates the final brief form.
    You can edit the form once you see the first version, by simply sending follow up prompts.
  • Not happy with the completed brief? Say something like ‘start again’ and the process will start from the beginning!

The process

We know from creating over 3,000 videos for clients all around the world, that a comprehensive project brief sets the foundation for success.

We built the video brief generator tool to combine a sophisticated AI language model with our own knowledge of what makes a powerful, effective brief.

With a series of targeted questions, it unpacks important details about your project goals, target audience, and desired outcomes.

From there, it formulates a clear and concise brief that aligns with our proven methodology and represents a great first step towards a successful video project.