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Written by Hassan Ali

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Last edited on 7th October 2022

The advancement of our favourite industries would be nothing without the onset of fresh, innovative technology.

Despite its ‘old hat’ reputation, the real estate industry is no exception to this rule.

Proptech is the latest term buzzing around the real estate agency realm. It’s the new kid on the block, challenging the way traditional real estate professionals operates. But what exactly is this buzzword that’s crept up and began changing the landscape of the property industry?

What is proptech?

Proptech is – obviously – a shortened term of ‘property technology’. It’s also sometimes called ‘real estate technology’ or ‘smart real estate’ but it’s a pretty wide-ranging term.

And it’s actually a little older than you might think.

The first inklings of proptech hit the real estate sector back in the very early noughties, with the onset of online property management portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla (UK) and Zillow (US) – in many ways the first proptech companies.

Real estate tech has seen huge growth over the past decade, not just in its scope but in its adoption: for example, virtual property tours have quickly become a ‘must-have’ while an overwhelming majority of properties are listed through some online marketplace or other.

Now, in both the business and residential real estate market, the next wave of proptech disruption is underway.

From smart sensors, to home automation and even IoT (Internet of Things) – there’s exciting growth in many areas, all of which are disrupting and enhancing the status quo. But with new trends and technologies, come new challenges.

Revolutionising the real estate industry?

The solutions proptech are addressing are game-changing for all areas within property and real estate – some may even say they’re on course to completely revolutionise the industry.

According to entrepreneur and proptech expert James Dearsley: “The end goal of proptech is to best prepare the property industry for the digital future and then maintain its prosperity thereafter.”

The best proptech videos

So it’s evident that proptech is on the rise. But like any emerging technology, it can be difficult to explain your product or service well if it’s not something people are already familiar with. What’s more is that it can be even more difficult for your audience to actualise the product’s potential if the subject matter is inherently complicated.

When it comes to frontrunners in the property world, true proptech pioneers understand the impact video can have in helping to shed light on a product and connect to their audiences.

At Wyzowl, we understand the power and beauty of a well-put together explainer video more than most.

With that said, we’ve compiled this list of 18 of the best ever proptech videos from a wide range of companies that expertly explain, educate (and in some cases entertain!) their viewers.


This video from SCHWAIGER demonstrates perfectly how home automation can be smooth, seamless and totally simple. Technology can be intimidating when you’re implementing it into your personal spaces, however this video works well in proving that it doesn’t have to be intrusive whatsoever. Not only that but its style is playful and accessible. It’s essentially depicting home automation as helpful and tailored to our needs rather than being disruptive or complicated.

2. Works with Nest

Works with Nest does an excellent job of explaining how various devices connect and work with one another. It also conveys the sheer innovation of home automation as applied to modern home life scenarios. The video places their tech as sophisticated, yet simplifies it enough to make it seem accessible and not intimidating, all without being patronising. Finally, we need to mention the beautiful colour palette that makes this easy to watch.

All in all we’d say this is a stunning video and it makes excellent use of customer education too (you can read more about that via our article, here.)

3. TrackMyMove

TrackMyMove provides a clear and transparent view of their cloud based software. The quirky use of characters works well in demonstrating the various vendors – all of whom benefit from the software in different ways.

4. Airbnb

This explainer video from Airbnb is quite frankly nothing short of a piece of art. Made using a small camera strapped to an electric train model, the video takes the viewer on the ‘journey’ of the customer. The script helps to set the scene and pace too, and the intricacy of the models is simply stunning. What’s more is that it was shot in one single 60-second take.

5. Purplebricks

Purplebricks started off as underdogs in their field, so the success of their string of recent marketing videos were no mean feat. This one explains the process well, and positions them as leaders in their industry as they come across as knowledgeable and approachable. The message to property owners and home buyers alike is simple – Purplebricks can be trusted to get the job done!

6. Hive

Bold and wacky certainly isn’t everyone’s preferred style, but Hive have done a great job of adding humour and whimsy in a bold way. The fun characters and nonsensical scenarios work well in getting across the main message: that the product can be working remotely, when you’re literally anywhere away from home. Plus the catchy jingle sticks in your head and ensures you remember exactly what it is that the product controls (heating your house!)

7. Movebubble

This demo video from rental app giants Movebubble is slick, effective and clearly compiled with the next generation in mind. Its call to action is powerful, evoking the feeling of something bigger than our own sense of self: “Help us bring this change to the rest of the world.”

8. Sage Protect

Next up is Sage Protect. This animated video not only looks great, but it also brilliantly depicts a wide range of situations with the use of quirky characters. Its reassuring tone and easily relatable scenarios explains the benefits and added features well, all in the space of a neat 2 minute video.

9. HouseSimple

This well known video from HouseSimple is as clever as it is, well… simple. Due to its hilarious ending, it wasn’t long before this video started gaining some traction online, subsequently even developing its very own hashtag as part of the campaign. #whosderek was soon trending due to the memorable character at the end of the video.

Wisely, the company didn’t shy away from acknowledging the power of the video’s comedic value, and in light of this they even used marketing off the back of its success by offering to drop their fees and sell their customer’s home for free on the condition that the person had the name Derek.

10. MIPIM World

Let’s face it, the property industry often gets a bad rap. It’s a saturated market and the condition of the economy tends to mean things aren’t particularly affordable. With that said perhaps that’s why this video from MIPIM World is all the more impressive. It uses complex stats and figures, but manages to present them in a way that’s approachable.

11. Ring

Next up is this informative video from Ring. The use of real-life examples work well in positioning the company as knowledgeable/leaders in their field, and a lot of ground is covered in terms of their product. It perfectly demonstrates how proptech – and in this case home security – is evolving and becoming more customisable in order to work in line with both our traditional and ever-changing needs.

12. Rently

When we at Wyzowl created this video with our partners at Rently, we aimed for a fun style while communicating the features and benefits efficiently. The bright use of 2D helped us to achieve this, and we thoroughly enjoyed creating the mischievous weasel!

13. Workframe

Professionals in the property industry know the pains of project management all too well, so this streamlined animation from Workframe goes a good way to making a dense subject accessible. The inviting, bright colours teamed with the description of the platform as “efficient decision making” is the perfect way to describe the process.

14. Ubihome

What’s striking about this explainer video from Ubihome is its ability to get across the useful features of its product so well with barely any dialogue. The illustration style is distinctive, and the characters make it easily relatable and inject an element of fun. Not bad for under a minute long!

15. Latch

This presumably Apple-inspired video features simple, sleek transitions which make it modern and instantly engaging (this is aided too by the omission of any characters). It simply and accurately depicts the requirements of our modern lifestyles, making our need for the product a no-brainer.

16. Opendoor

This live action video production from Opendoor is perfectly fast paced and cleverly depicts the strife most people experience during the selling process. It would be interesting to see what their video would have looked like if they had instead opted for an animated explainer video instead. Fun, fast bold and offbeat – it’s everything that a 60 second explainer video needs, and then some.

17. NoAgent

The strong script here cuts through jargon and instantly speaks to its target audience by perfectly highlighting the pain points of being a landlord. This flat animation style teamed with the peppy music keeps things upbeat as they close with a brilliantly bold statement that instantly peaks your interest as a viewer: “join the rental revolution!” All in all, engaging to the viewer from the off and effective as a result.

18. Lucid Environments

Lucid Environments is a proptech consultancy and creative agency. This demo video is paced well while its style and colour scheme fits perfectly with the consultancy/agency feel. The fact that it’s both modern looking and tech focussed demonstrates how the company have managed to dispel their expertise in an accessible way. The almost futuristic vibe gives the impression that they’re disruptors and innovators, not confined by the limitations of traditional property habits.

Commercial real estate agents: feeling inspired?

So there we have it. Eighteen of the best proptech videos out there so far! So what have we learned? Sure, proptech bears the responsibility of transforming the property industry for the better, but more than that, proptech is ultimately a vital component for making our physical world a better, safer, and more prosperous place for everyone – and that’s undeniably powerful, irrespective of any industry.

One thing that does stand out is that top proptech companies universally use video to help achieve their goals – a trend we expect to see develop in the proptech sector in the years ahead.

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Written by <a href="https://www.wyzowl.com/author/hassanali/" target="_self">Hassan Ali</a>

Written by Hassan Ali

Hassan is Marketing Manager at Wyzowl. He is an expert in video marketing, video software, promotion & analytics.
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