12 Real Estate Explainer Videos We Love

Written by <a href="https://www.wyzowl.com/author/melissadushane/" target="_self">Melissa DuShane</a>

Written by Melissa DuShane

Melissa is an award-winning copywriter and content strategist who combines creative experience with SEO and digital marketing expertise from working for high tech companies and start-ups.

The real estate industry is unique for a number of reasons. Although it’s a service everyone needs — people need places to live and businesses need offices — few understand it.

The process of buying a home or leasing commercial space is complex, and most people only go through buying property a handful of times in their lives. More than 35 percent of home buyers are first-time purchasers. And because it’s probably one of the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, it’s worth learning a lot more about it.

That’s exactly where real explainer videos come in. Here’s 12 great videos to show you these tactics at work:

1. AgentFire

Humour is used effectively in this video, which paints the real estate agent as a character in a video game competing against two evil giants named “Trulia” and “Zillow.” Who will save them? Enter a brave knight to champion local real estate agents with hyperlocal websites built by AgentFire. Going with a theme can be risky. In this case, the video game graphics provide a touch of light heartedness, and the dramatic voiceover is engaging and memorable. The execution elevates what could be written off as a cheesy theme.

2. Aussie Mortgage Broker

Your audience never wants to feel like they’re being talked at. This video from Aussie quickly feels warm and relatable with touches like a cat jumping around on a keyboard. Aussie provides a valuable service for consumers looking for a home loan, but who might not understand the process of working with a mortgage broker. They explain what they do and what to expect. They also show off some impressive awards to help build credibility. The friendly tone is the opposite of a high-pressure sale. And the video ends on a clear call to action that’s underlined by the sound of a phone ringing.

3. Redfin

In this live action video, a friendly, knowledgeable Redfin Agent breaks down the amount of money needed to buy a home with the aid of crisp on-screen graphics. Without going into a great level of detail, he gives a helpful overview of what to expect: down payment, earnest money and closing costs. Plus, a lot more costs you may have never even heard of. Redfin’s Closing Cost calculator makes it easy. This video is part of a series of explainer videos Redfin has produced around topics like the “Closing Process in Two Minutes,” “What to Look for on a Home Tour” and “How To Get a Mortgage.”

4. EweMove

In this video from Wyzowl, we meet three adorable sheep involved in different aspects of the rental process named Ewe-an, Ewe-nice and Baaa-rbra. One is a landlord who needs to rent out their property. One is looking for a dream home to rent. The other is an agent from EweMove who can solve both their needs. By the end of the video, we see how everyone can get what they want quickly and easily with EweMove’s accredited process. All without getting fleeced.

5. Reliant Realty

In this video for Reliant Realty, we meet Patty. Patty’s a hardworking real estate agent who’s paying a lot of fees, whether she closes a deal or not. The conventional real estate commission structure makes it tough for real estate agents. Reliant Realty changes all that by letting real estate agents keep 100% of their commission. Once you see how their service works, it’s a pretty sweet deal that solves big problems facing real estate agents.

6. Property Force (2D)

This 2D explainer sleekly defines the PropertyForce service. This is a prime example of using video to explain a complex real estate service. In this case, the specialised service PropertyForce provides is helping real estate investors buy and sell property. They have a deep level of experience and expertise in the field, plus a proprietary software platform that neatly streamlines investing. In this case, the crisp 2D graphics underline the company’s overall mission to streamline real estate investing.

7. Neighborhoods.com

The Neighborhoods.com video is an example of how effective a video can be in explaining how a unique service works. People search for information about neighbourhoods when they’re looking for the right neighbourhood to buy a new house. Through the Neighborhoods.com website, those referrals are captured. The referrals are provided to expert real estate agents in those neighbourhoods. A real estate agent looking for leads would have a completely credible explanation for why they should use this service.

8. DocuSign

The “strongest available encryption technologies” is sort of a mouthful to open with. Instead the DocuSign video gives the viewer an illuminating walk-through of the real estate process, from listing to close. The video shows DocuSign in action helping a real estate pro with the 100 steps in the closing process. By the end of the video the audience understands how their service makes it easier, faster and more secure for real estate brokers to close more deals using DocuSign services.

9. Rently

Rently is solving one of the biggest pain points in the rental industry: scheduling the viewing of a property. The video opens with a guy who has a problem: he wants to check out a house for rent. Unfortunately, he’s downed by a troublemaking yet adorable animal. Meanwhile, a lady who’s using Rently cruises past him to view the home. With Rently, the process can be easily automated. It’s safe, effective and keeps out troublemakers like the adorable animal mascot who’s pestering potential renters. Even though there are potentially serious safety issues involved with showing homes, Rently shows they’ve got safety covered without being boring.

10. Mittal Brothers

The Mittal Brothers are prestigious real estate developers of Pune in India. For their 2 BHK development in Hinjewadi Pune, they used an explainer video to show the difference between their newly built property and other apartment buildings. Promising more sky, less city, this animated video shows that 2 BHK development is more of a resort than just a basic apartment building for anyone who’s in the market.

11. Revolution Real Estate

This Revolution Real Estate video opens on two of the biggest issues facing homeowners: It’s confusing and expensive to sell your home. Using overlapping male and female voiceovers is effective in describing the benefits of Revolution Real Estate. The voiceovers approximate a real-life couple looking to sell their house. By the end of this video, our voiceover “couple” sees savings of $12,000 in commissions while buying and selling their home. The audience sees the major advantages of using this real estate service.

12. How Real Estate Commissions Work

Certain aspects of the real estate industry can feel like they’re shrouded in mystery for the average home buyer. Real estate agent Bobby L. Wall shines a light on a taboo topic a lot of agents might be reluctant to discuss: commissions. He brings professionalism and friendliness – and radical transparency – to his explanation of how an agent earns commission by selling homes. He uses a simple chalkboard to show the different levels of commission that Realtors charge. In this video, the audience learns that a real estate commission is more than a number.

Real estate is ripe for explainer videos

For many people, the process of purchasing property can feel like a riddle wrapped in an enigma. Be the one who explains the ins and out to them, and they’ll instantly like you better and trust you more. Add in a little humour or be radically transparent to make your message even more effective and shareable.

Here’s a quick recap of the techniques used in these videos:

  1. Make a connection. You can use adorable sheep or evil monsters named “Trulia” and “Zillow.”
  2. Establish your authority by explaining your services, and dig into topics like how the real estate closing process works.
  3. Build trust by going beyond the facts and being radically transparent.

For more inspiration, examples and case studies, visit our Real Estate industry page.

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