30 of the Best Medical & Healthcare Explainer Videos (2024)

Written by <a href="https://www.wyzowl.com/author/jemmamelvin/" target="_self">Jemma Melvin</a>

Written by Jemma Melvin

Jemma is Senior Copywriter for Wyzowl. She writes client scripts and longer form articles about video marketing. She has a wealth of knowldge on all things video.

Last updated on 10th January 2024

Using video in marketing campaigns can humanise organisations and that’s more important in the healthcare industry than most.

They can be as simple as introducing a new product or sharing a success story.

Or as important as calming nerves before a procedure or explaining symptoms after a scary diagnosis.

Ultimately, explainer videos are all about simplifying complex concepts and making them easier to understand. And when it comes to the healthcare sector – that’s often really important.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best medical and healthcare explainer videos.

The best healthcare and medical video examples

1. MedPower

MedPower is a platform that helps healthcare professionals – doctors, nurses and other medical staff – with training.

The healthcare explainer video uses a mixture of character animation and the analogy of the ‘MedPower’ machine.

The video shows complicated training materials being passed into the machine. It then spits them out in simpler video courses that MedPower provide. 

Of course, this isn’t exactly how it works, but a bit of creative licence never hurt anybody!

There’s no way this narrative could be done without animation, so it was a great move by MedPower to choose this route.

Tip: Use a simple analogy to explain complicated technology.

2. Ballboys

In a little over 60 seconds, a fictional character spreads awareness that could save thousands of lives. Video marketing doesn’t really get more amazing than that! 

This PSA from Marvel’s Deadpool reminds men of the importance of checking for testicular cancer. The tone of the video is everything fans would expect from Deadpool. It’s funny, edgy, and self aware. 

It’s not, however, what viewers would expect from a typical healthcare video. And that’s exactly what makes it so great and effective. 

Tip: Be bold

3. iFertracker

This healthcare marketing video explains a complicated, and perhaps daunting, subject matter in a clear and easy to digest way. 

Plus, visually it looks great. The colour palette is beautiful and the video uses a nice mix of top-down shots, close ups, and also shows animated versions of the app screens. 

Pared back animated versions of app screens, like the ones used in this video, can be a great way to add longevity to your video marketing efforts. After all, you don’t have to update your video every time the UI of your app slightly changes! 

Tip: Consider using stylised versions of your real UI in animated videos

4. Nimble Pharmacy

Nimble Pharmacy decided on a simple style of illustration and animation for their video and it totally works!

The pharmaceutical industry can be seen as a little stuffy sometimes. So lightening the video up with animation really separates Nimble from the crowd.

With such a large target audience, using characters that could represent anyone and talking to their audience in the first person, makes it easy for viewers to connect with the message.

Tip: Have fun with an abstract style. 

5. Kennion

Kennion Benefits made this video for their own employees, showing that video can work in other ways than just customer-facing. 

With a muted colour palette all the way through, taking advantage of the company brand colours, the video is super stylish. 

The video is short and succinct. Allowing busy employees to get all the information they need, but not have it be a huge chore. 

Tip: Video can be used for internal messaging too. 

6. Breast Cancer Now

This healthcare video from the charity Breast Cancer Now speaks directly to the people they help.

The breaking of the fourth wall is the perfect way for the video to highlight how breast cancer sufferers really feel in these familiar situations. 

Tip: Show relatable scenarios

(Want to see more examples from the charity sector? Feel free to browse our charity video production page)

7. Counselling Directory

This short video from Counselling Directory does a good job of personifying the fear that can follow around people who are suffering from eating disorders. 

Showing fear as a dark shadow that always lingers around the sufferer in every scenario that they face really helps to drive home how all-encompassing this health issue can be. 

Tip: Try using personification or visual metaphors

8. UPS Healthcare

UPS is already well-known as a shipping and logistics service, but this video focuses specifically on the healthcare arm of the business. 

The constant panning to the right is a great way to keep viewer attention and it makes for interesting transitions from one scene to the next. 

However, the thing that stands out for us the most in this video is how well branded it is. The colour palette is very limited, sticking mainly to the range of blues that are associated with UPS Healthcare. 

Tip: Make sure your video matches your brand 

9. AdhereTech

AdhereTech is a clever system that helps you keep track of your prescriptions. But if you’re new to the service then you’ll need it explained to you.

The company chose to use an animated explainer video to do this and base the characters on their actual audience. This helps the viewer put themselves in the characters’ shoes.

In the healthcare marketing video we see a map showing how many people are already using the service, this is a great way to give social proof and encourage people to sign up themselves.

Tip: Base your characters on the audience themselves

10. Sleep Number

Sleep Number created a step by step video to walk viewers through their Sleep30 challenge. 

The aim was to show viewers exactly what they need to achieve. This was laid out using design elements and reinforced using text on the screen.

Using on-screen stats and a strong call to action cements Sleep Number as an authority on the subject. This is really reassuring for the viewer and they can finish the video ready to take on the challenge!

Tip: A step by step video can help with viewer understanding. 

11. World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation released this video to mark World Mental Health Day in 2012, and the video still racks up views today. Currently sitting at nearly 11 million views!

The saying comes from when Winston Churchill described the bouts of depression he experienced during his life as a ‘black dog’. It has become a popular way of describing the disease that so many people, all over the world are faced with. 

The video itself is based on a book of the same title written and illustrated by Matthew Johnstone.

The illustration style is classic and using the visualisation of the black dog helps viewers to understand without lots of medical jargon.

Tip: Use visualisation to convey your message. 

12. CVS

Pharmaceutical giants CVS changed their name to CVS Health in 2014 and stopped selling cigarettes. A huge leap for the health industry in America and one that makes a lot of sense.

Alongside the change, they released their video #OneGoodReason, the story of Tammy Jackson on her quest to quit smoking.

The video follows her journey of discovery and culminates in her realising the most important reason to stop smoking is her very own children.

CVS released six other videos in this short docuseries, following different people in the same way. They used a diverse range of gender, race and age, allowing audiences to be able to see similarities in themselves. 

Tip: Have an emotive storyline. (And start a hashtag)

13. Oscar Health Insurance

Health insurance is serious, but marketing videos don’t have to be! This fun and snappy animated video from Oscar Health Insurance uses humour to drive home the fact that accidents can happen when you least expect them. 

Tip: Lighten things up with humour

14. Sanofi

This most beautiful of animated explainer videos was made to spread awareness during World Immunization Week. 

Although a little on the long side, this video manages to grab and hold the attention of viewers not just because it looks great, but because it shows scenarios that almost everyone can relate to – and in doing so the video also cleverly highlights the importance of vaccinations in making all of these moments possible. 

Tip: Make it relatable

15. DPC Healthcare

This medical explainer video has an excellent hook. It starts by asking viewers to think about the sickest patient in the room, and then goes on to explain that the sick patient is healthcare itself.

This theme continues with great visual metaphors, such as cost increases being shown as rising temperatures. 

The video is a bit longer than most explainer videos, but the time is used effectively to thoroughly explain the issues with healthcare now and then outline DPC Healthcare’s plans to solve them. 

Tip: Start off with a great hook

16. Couch to 5K

This simple 30 second video gets across what it’s like to use the Couch to 5K podcast while running. 

Videos like this are great because they show that you really don’t need to break the mould when it comes to marketing your healthcare product or service. Sometimes you just need to be clear and concise. 

Text on screen, as in the case of this video, can be really helpful in that sense. Plus, it’s practical too. A study by Verizon concluded that a staggering 83% of viewers watch videos with the sound off! 
Tip: Use text on screen

17. Prescribe Wellness


In this short and simple video, we learn so much about Prescribe Wellness, showing you don’t always need a long video to get your point across. 

The video follows one simple flow movement and has no harsh transitions, creating an ‘easy watch’ vibe, which is effective when talking about healthcare.

Using a muted colour palette consisting of the brand’s colours ties the video in with the brand image without having to plaster the logo everywhere.

The use of a soft, non-committal call to action also works well here “…it simplifies your life”. This should resonate with the viewer and leave them thinking ‘I need this!’

Tip: Use clever transitions to show different scenes.

18. Memorial Sloane

When a subject matter is so human-centred, it can be easy to rely on characters to tell the story.

But this video has no characters and no narrator and still manages to convey a powerful message. 

Using inspirational music, plus simple shapes and colours Memorial Sloane tell their audience about their work with immunotherapy.

This video is not meant to tell you everything, but it gives you just enough information to want to find out more. 

Tip: Linework, typography & icons can be just as effective as characters

19. Athena Health

Testimonials can be powerful for any type of industry, but especially when it comes to healthcare. People want to know that other people have had a good experience and the proof!

Athena Health has a number of testimonial videos, using different types of people from all walks of life, meaning viewers can hopefully find someone they relate to.

The videos are a mixture of sit down interviews and footage of the staff member at home and work.

Putting a face to a name can be super valuable and leave the viewer feeling as though they can trust that person’s opinion.

Tip: Use a conversational testimonial. 

20. Athena Health

Yep, Athena Health again! This healthcare marketing video not only looks great, with bold and contrasting colours that really stand out, it sounds great too. And we’re not just referring to the energising soundtrack and spot-on sound effects, we’re talking about the script. 

If you’re struggling to script your video, here’s a great exercise: close your eyes and listen to this video. 

The script has quite a challenge as the concepts that Athena Health are trying to get across here are brand new and completely flip the script (no pun intended!) when it comes to healthcare. 

But their script does an amazing job of breaking everything down and making the pain points and their respective solutions super clear and easy to follow. Plus, the tongue in cheek humour is a nice touch! 

Tip: Don’t underestimate the power of the script

21. Pfizer

This short and slick video from Pfizer explains the risks associated with pneumococcal pneumonia for people over the age of 50. 

It’s quite a complex and somewhat dry subject, but it’s made much more interesting by the visual style. Colourful shapes are used throughout to explain how the immune system works and how things change as people age. 

Tip: Use abstract visuals to convey complex ideas 

22. Westwood Healthcare

This recruitment video from Westwood Healthcare stands out thanks to smooth transitions and an inspirational soundtrack. 

The little background touches are also great and work to keep the attention of viewers and make the video more memorable. 

Watch it again and you’ll notice the steam rising from the coffee cup and even the minute hand ticking around on the clock. 

Tip: Don’t forget about the little details

23. Summa Health

In this snappy 30 second video, Summa Health asks (and answers!) the question: What if your doctor…was more than a doctor? 

This video utilises lovely, fluid transitions and is chock-full of visual metaphors that make it engaging and memorable. 

Tip: Hook viewers with a question…and then answer it

24. Cardinal Health

This animated video does a great job of talking directly to Cardinal Health’s audience from the first second. The video then goes on to highlight their audience’s problem before explaining the solution. 

In this video, Cardinal Health shows multiple examples of para-medicine in action. A huge benefit of creating an animated video like this one is that you can show as many different characters and settings as you want and it doesn’t impact the cost of the production. 

Tip: Give examples where possible

25. Bayer

Not all healthcare videos are aimed at humans! This fun animation from Bayer explains the common health risks associated with worms in pets and the signs to look out for. 

Worms aren’t the most appealing thing to look at, and the cutesy animation in this video definitely does a good job of mellowing some of what would be graphic images in a live action video

It also helps that animated pets do exactly what you want them to do, when you want them to do it, unlike sometimes unpredictable animal actors! 

Tip: Animation can make life a lot easier

26. Crossover

This beautiful video does a great job of using colours to convey emotions. And the use of 2D characters in dynamic 3D environments give this explainer video a highly professional feel – it almost feels like watching a short film! 

The video also uses the company logo in clever ways that will no doubt stick in the viewer’s mind and make the brand easier to recall. 

Tip: Incorporate your logo into your video

27. CALM

Most of the videos we’ve looked at so far have been quite light, but this video from CALM is really hard-hitting. 

By clipping together home movies of people who died by suicide, the video creates a sense of urgency and encourages people to find out more about how they can help. 

This video is particularly memorable because it subverts expectations by showing happy videos and then explaining that suicidal doesn’t always look suicidal. Really powerful stuff. 

Tip: Subvert expectations

28. Brighton HPS

Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, so the faster you can get your message across, the better. 

Brighton HPS say everything they need to say in just 30 seconds, and the use of moving circles to highlight different things mentioned by the voiceover makes this an easy and engaging watch. 

Tip: Make your video only as long as it needs to be

29. Optivio

This is a great example of a well balanced explainer video. It opens with an interesting statistic to hook viewers, and then highlights the problems faced before drilling down into a solution. 

The video also breaks down their process into 3 simple steps, making the video easy to follow and the information easy to digest. 

Tip: Break your process down into steps

30. Elysium Health

This short and sweet video from Elysium Health links their product to a concept we’re all familiar with: the fountain of youth. 

The video also has a lovely style with imaginative transitions that keep you guessing and engaged. 
Tip: Keep the viewer guessing

Final thoughts 

The healthcare industry has many stories to tell, with content that people need to hear. The best healthcare explainer videos are the ones that tell these stories.

Medical explainer videos are a great way to deliver clear concise messages and get your healthcare business results – no matter what you’re trying to achieve.

Need help with making your next video? Check out our healthcare video production page.

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