30 of the Best Recruitment Videos Ever

Written by Adam Hayes

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Last updated on 9th August 2023

There’s no doubt that recruitment videos are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, recruitment agencies are already reporting 800% more engagement with job ads that include video.

And it’s not just job seekers who are getting on board with recruitment videos. Business owners and HR professionals are also recognising the power of this medium to reach and engage candidates.

Why are recruitment videos so popular? There are a few key reasons:

1. They’re engaging: Unlike a traditional job ad, a recruiting video allows candidates to get a real sense of the company culture and what it would be like to work there. This is especially important for millennials, who place a high value on company culture.

2. They’re efficient: A recruitment video can reach a large number of candidates in a short amount of time. And, because they can be watched again and again, they’re an efficient way to communicate your company’s message.

3. They’re cost-effective: Producing a high-quality recruitment video doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, with the right planning and execution, it can be quite cost-effective.

4. They work! Recruitment videos are an extremely effective way to reach and engage candidates.

30 outstanding recruitment videos

What makes a great recruitment video? Perhaps the best way to find out is to look at some great examples of company recruitment videos. So, let’s take a look at some of our favourite recruitment videos. We warn you though. You may have the sudden urge to throw in an application somewhere after watching them!

1. Dropbox

We’re kicking this off with one of the most unique approaches to the ’employee interview’ we have ever seen. With Dropbox‘s clever use of puppets and other visual gags, we’re still hearing exactly what their employees have to say, but the imagery is more captivating than your typical, generic recruitment video.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Turns out 15 seconds can be pretty exciting! This video is short and sweet, to say the very least, but it certainly excites the viewer. The video highlights a bold mission – ‘Come build the future of entertainment’ is about as big as it gets! It lists the roles available, and ends with a clear, compelling call-to-action.

3. BBH

Woah. There are some videos that are so good you just have to watch them again, and this is one of them. The inspirational rap/poetry matched with a mixture of the company’s employees, past work and carefully selected stock video clips creates a phenomenal ad for any potential ‘black sheep’ looking to join the BBH flock.

4. McDonalds

The majority of people hired by McDonalds are teenagers and young adults, and this video appeals to that demographic perfectly.

In Japan, anime is a hugely popular genre with young people, and so McDonalds used this style when creating their recruitment video. The result is an enjoyable, engaging video that tells a heartwarming story and evokes a sense of inspiration and motivation in viewers.

5. Insomniac Games

Insomniac Games took their recruitment video in an unusual direction by creating a music video. The song covers everything you’d expect from a recruitment video: the employee benefits, company achievements, and so on.

The video is set in the office, giving viewers a great chance to check out their potential new workplace, and it’s clear that the atmosphere of the business is fun and laid-back. Plus, the song is surprisingly catchy!

6. Islamic Relief

Utilising a subversive mix of Roy Lichtenstein-era Pop Art and Pointillism (the practice of giving shape to patterns from a series of small, distinct dots) this recruitment video for Islamic Relief is nothing short of poetic.

Indeed, given the subject matter of the video (that is, recruiting for a global charity), the use of a more artistic style of animation is a clever way of ensuring that naturally sensitive, artistic and creative people pay attention to the central message, as these are the sorts of people who are more likely to be attracted to a career in the charity sector.

7. Fiverr

Fiverr‘s recruitment explainer video is painfully self-aware and this makes it interesting, funny and unique. It draws attention to the fact that, because so many recruitment videos are the same, it’s difficult to know which business is being showcased. Our guess is that it’s based on the awesome ‘Generic Brand Video‘ that was released back in 2014.

8. Ocado Technology

Given that Ocado Technology are the minds behind powering the Ocado Supermarket delivery chain (as well as powering more traditional supermarket chains like Morrison’s) and given that they have been involved in groundbreaking research involving Artificial Intelligence, robotics and IoT, it’s unsurprising that the animation in this video seems so futuristic.

Beginning with a 3D animation of an ultramodern cityscape, the video pans out to reveal a seemingly innocuous piece of paper on a desk which subsequently springs to life with a sophisticated CGI of how Ocado works. This is designed to appear attractive to any potential employees, and indeed, it does show Ocado in the light of the dynamic, forward thinking company it is.

9. Ford

The great thing about this recruitment video from Ford is that, in a strict sense, it isn’t completely animated. Yes, it makes extensive use of animation throughout, but the clever thing about this video is its seamless blending together of animation and live action. This gives it a sense of personality which can sometimes be missing from other completely animated efforts, and highlights Ford’s commitment to its history as a company of innovation.

It works as a recruitment video aimed at college age students by making the conglomerated Ford seem personal. Each car becomes a haven, each outreach project a compassionate community centred intervention, so that by the end of the video we are convinced of Ford’s impact on the lives of individuals.

10. General Mills

There’s no doubt about the fact that starting a new job can be daunting. So this genius video from General Mills is refreshing and works so well on 2 levels:

The interactivity makes it instantly more engaging than any other traditional recruitment video, but it also goes one step further. By hosting a full virtual tour, prospective employees can actually familiarise themselves with the HQ. Add in a few whimsical characters for good measure, and there you have it – a perfect recruitment video!

11. KPMG

While not directly about recruitment, this explainer video detailing the history of KPMG, radiates a sense of pride, security, and purpose, three factors that are very desirable to people seeking a meaningful career. The video presents different scenarios throughout history in which KPMG helped or improved situations for the wider community. The overall feel of the video is that this is a company with purpose.

12. SAP

The thing that’s really striking about this video from SAP is the sheer joyousness of the colour palette. Just look at it. It’s awash in beautiful, lush neon-hued greens, blues, yellows and reds while still retaining a slick, modern professional look.

As the world’s largest business software company, it’s clear from this video that SAP wanted to take diversity in the workplace seriously. In the UK, for example, only 9.7% of executive positions in FTSE 100 companies are currently held by women, and in seeking to redress this issue by targeting women at the recruitment stage, SAP will have needed a declaration of intent. This video is it.

13. Barclays

As a leading banking company that employs 147,000 people and has 42 million customers, we’d expect nothing but excellence from Barclays recruitment videos. Unsurprisingly, this one certainly delivers. The emphasis is clearly on the company’s propensity for only hiring the ‘cream of the crop’ in terms of innovative staff, and this notion is cleverly combined with the ‘shock factor’ of the humorous live action elements – ultimately making for a compelling and entertaining video all round.

14. New School

A self proclaimed innovative organisation should have an equally innovative explainer video, right? This video from New York City’s New School boasts to be located in one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world – and their video certainly reflects this. As viewers we’re engaged from the off by the interspersing of sleek animation with text-on-screen testimonials to further drive their message.

15. VSCO

Modern and dynamic from the off, VSCO’s skillful use of live action and music make you wish you were part of their cohort! Their strapline is simple and effective: ‘for creators, by creators” – fitting perfectly with their fresh and slick video style.

16. Adidas Group


“When you love what you do, it’s not really work, it’s just what you do”. An undeniably powerful message from Adidas Group here, that easily resonates with experts and entrepreneurs industry wide. Nike, eat your heart out! It’s hard work inventing the future of sport, apparently. We’re inclined to agree, but it looks fun nonetheless!

17. UniCredit

Bright, dynamic and straight to the point, this UniCredit recruitment video highlights a perfect walk-through of the Graduate’s journey. The use of an upbeat, animated style makes it easy on the eye while allowing the in-depth process it’s depicting to be accessible and not at all intimidating.

18. Vimeo

Interestingly, Vimeo opted for an unusual behind the scene take on their recruitment video here. Watch as employee Andrea leads the camera through the fourth floor for a whistle stop tour of the Vimeo office for a day-in-the life experience, giving us insight into a typical day in the HQ and chatting with current staff from different departments.

The laid back style ultimately allows the viewer to get a taste for the company’s culture without being too ‘in your face’ about recruitment, leaving us just intrigued and endeared enough to make an application.

19. Shopify

In Shopify’s ‘Draw the owl’ video, creators have ran with a simple metaphor and stretched it out to the nth degree for comedy effect. Orthodox? No. Effective? Yes. What gives it a little more heft than other recruitment videos is that it even features the company’s Head of Talent Acquisition, Doug Tetzner, proving that he (and in turn they as a company) clearly go the extra mile when it comes to Shopify’s recruitment process. Throw in an owl for good measure at the end and you’re left with a memorable video!

20. Airtasker

This cheery animation explains how anyone who needs help with a task can ‘recruit’ people using the Airtasker app. The wholesome combination of bright pastel colours, bubbly music and relaxed pace makes watching this video a pleasantly calming experience. Now, who wants to do the dishes for us?

21. Blizzard Entertainment

Next up is video game developer and publisher Blizzard Entertainment. The insider perspective and use of cinematic music in their recruitment video make it engaging as they set the scene for their company story.

It’s evident that they instill the themes of collaboration, innovation and creativity throughout their workforce which is perhaps what positions them as one of the most popular and well-respected makers of computer games out there.

Ultimately they’re “just a bunch of geeks” who are harnessing their shared passions to be the best in the games industry. This shines through in their video.

22. Google

This is a bit on the long side for a recruitment explainer video, but as possibly the most sought after company to work for, Google can afford to bend the rules a little. This video tells a story in three acts: first we meet the interns, then we see them introduced to their roles, and finally they recap their first week as Google interns. It gives a great insight into what it is like to be an intern at Google, but if that isn’t enough for you, Hollywood made a feature film about the experience!

23. LMA

LMA’s 2016 animated recruitment video is interesting because it takes the idea of traditional infographic-style illustration and animation, and turns it on its head. Instead of bombarding the viewer with statistics from start to finish, LMA opt instead for considered, sparing use of information and place most of the emphasis on their stunning range of characters, colours and graphics.

The video’s script is especially clever, because by starting out with the workplace characters and expanding out from city to country to planet to solar system, it provides the viewer with a visual sense of the company’s ambition as a small to medium size enterprise.

24. Hudson

The video game Minecraft has been enjoying a bit of a moment these past few years and as part of this trend, retro 3D animation has similarly enjoyed a resurgence in popularity.

Hudson followed this trend admirably with their 2016 explainer video advertising its Pulse Mindset tool, which evaluates what motivates different individuals in the workplace and makes suggestions on how they might improve based on their personality.

It also helps employers to choose the best candidates for different roles and identify future leaders based on their results. And the simple, clean animation used in this video demonstrates this in an accessible, colourful and fun way.

25. Miami Police Department

You wouldn’t expect a police department to take a humorous, offbeat approach with its recruitment video, but that’s exactly what Miami Police Department have done. And why not? This video gained almost 50,000 views in just 2 months – no doubt thanks in part to its shareable nature. Even the thumbnail looks like some sort of meme!

The video doesn’t forget the important stuff though – we’re shown the different divisions within the police department, we get to meet some of the officers, and crucially we get to hear from citizens who have nothing but good things to say about your potential future colleagues and the work they do for the city.

26. Listrak

Like a number of examples in this list, Listrak’s recruitment video talks about its employees, the company culture and progression opportunities. But that’s no bad thing – they’re all things you’d want to know about before considering sending an application, right? Listrak clearly has a tight-knit team and that comes across strongly in this video.

27. Specialist Joinery

In this funny recruitment video, the secret sauce is very much ‘humour!’ It’s written through the video like a stick of rock, from the flick of the alarm clock, to the scramble to be first into the office – it’s clear almost immediately that this is a little different. But cutting through that humour there’s also a serious message. The video lists a few perks and benefits, and the whole thing screams ‘this is a fun place to work, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we’re looking for like minded people to join us!’

28. Rivs

Ever thought you’d see the sort of noirish animation that once made Cartoon Network so great in a recruitment video? Well, that’s precisely what Rivs have done here.

Perfectly setting out the difficulty many employers experience during the hiring process, Rivs then demonstrate how to use their technology as a solution to many of the problems these employers face. This is animated colourfully and effectively, utilising humour in a way that endears.

29. Zendesk

Zendesk opted to create a straight-talking recruitment video that shows what day-to-day life in the office is like without rose-tinted glasses on. The good news is, it still looks pretty awesome. The real footage of the office, the people and the surrounding area give the video a personal feel. It is almost like one of those ‘second-a-day’ videos that pop up on YouTube from time to time.

The laid-back atmosphere found in the visuals, teamed with deadpan voiceover add humour to the video.

30. Virgin Mobile

Virgin first made their reputation as a disruptor of the marketplace in the 1970’s, when CEO Richard Branson launched his record label. Since then, the company has branched out into everything from retail to soft drink manufacturing to mobile phone development and even space travel!

In that spirit of rebellion, this recruitment video turns the very idea of “recruitment” upside down and encourages its applicants to just be themselves; whether that means wearing casual clothes, interviewing on a desktop, or even interviewing in their underpants! (You’ll see when you watch).

Recruitment video: your hidden weapon!

What the above range of recruitment videos demonstrates is that there is no one right way to encourage people to come into your business. There are multiple ways, and the great thing about video is that it is such a malleable medium. As long as a concept is within the skill-set of whichever particular script writer, illustrator, animator or videographer you employ, video allows you to do pretty much anything you want.
Some things to consider before you commit are:

  • Your budget
  • How much time you have
  • What demographic you’re trying to appeal to, and finally
  • whether you want your video to have lasting appeal or whether you need something more immediate.

With all of these things taken into account, you should have a good idea by now of what sort of recruitment video suits your company best. Need more advice? Visit our dedicated recruitment video production page.

Written by <a href="https://www.wyzowl.com/author/adamhayes/" target="_self">Adam Hayes</a>

Written by Adam Hayes

Adam is Head of Content at Wyzowl. Leading a talented, fearless team of writers, Adam's passions include video, growth marketing, brand storytelling and referring to himself in the third person.
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