The 7 Best Fonts for YouTube Thumbnails (2023)

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Jemma Melvin</a>

Written by Jemma Melvin

Jemma is Senior Copywriter for Wyzowl. She writes client scripts and longer form articles about video marketing. She has a wealth of knowldge on all things video.

Last updated on 24th January 2022

And the winner is…

…well there’s no actual ‘winner’ in reality. 

But there are things you can do with fonts in your YouTube thumbnail to make them unique and eye-catching. 

Designing thumbnails and video titles is key if you want to create a professional-looking YouTube channel.

In this article, we’ll take a look at seven of the best fonts for YouTube thumbnails and why they work! 

1. Impact

Impact is a simple and bold font used to capture attention, and forgive us, make an impact, without taking too much attention away from the actual thumbnail image. 

It’s famously used by YouTube favourite PewDiePie, who plays around with size, colour and positioning to make the most of the simple and bold font. 

The font is adaptable and can be used with many different users as it’s not particularly ‘girly’ or ‘masculine. 


2. Bebas

You may recognise this font if you watch a lot of instructional videos. Bebas is the go-to for thumbnails on make-up tutorials, recipe walkthroughs and other videos in that same category. 

The font is simple yet powerful and is often used with white letters and a black outline. 

Many people choose to use this font in their banners on YouTube, as well as the thumbnails.

Aspyn Ovard

(Aspyn Ovard)

3. Badaboom BB

Badaboom, just like its name, is here to make a fun impression. This choice may not be as versatile, but it’s impactful.

It’s been picked up by creators who make DIY videos and content aimed at a younger audience. 

The font can be edited to be different colours and have a variety of highlights around it. 



4. Budmo

Budmo is a step up from a simple font and is great when paired with subtle colours. This can be useful for content creators that use filters to change the colouring of their videos.

The font gives off a ‘glitzy’ vibe because it looks like it’s ‘lit up’ like a neon light.

Liza Koshy

(Liza Koshy)

5. Bernhard Modern std

Bernhard Modern std is made up of elegant and funky lettering.

The font is used by famous YouTuber Zoella who enhances her thumbnails even further with a frame.

Due to the simplicity of the font, it works well with different frames and background imagery. 


6. River Drive

If you’re looking for something different, River Drive could be the font for you. 

It has a ‘Heavy chalk’ effect and if paired with the right background it looks as though it’s a part of the image.

The font is really impactful, so when people are scrolling through the YouTube home page it will grab their attention.

Gabriel Conte

(Gabriel Conte)

7. DK Mandarin Whispers

DK Mandarin Whispers comes in both upper case and lower case and can be given a strong outline effect.

Described as ‘whimsical and eye-catching’ it can be seamlessly integrated with different colour palettes and images.

For example, in the thumbnail below the font is used alongside stickers to create impact.

Sierra Vlogs

(Sierra Vlogs)

Tips and tricks for thumbnail fonts

1. Add colour- using colour will make sure the words show up well on your thumbnail image.

Carolyn Breaks The Ice

(Carolyn Breaks The Ice)

2. Be consistent- if you choose a font and use it all the time you’ll create a brand that will become recognisable.

Blair Lamb

(Blair Lamb)

3. Use uppercase and lowercase- by highlighting certain buzzwords in uppercase.

Niomi Smart

(Niomi Smart)

4. Mix it up!- using different fonts on one thumbnail can work well when calling out different words. Keep colours and outlines simple when using this method. 

Marcus Butler

(Marcus Butler)

5. Background- if your thumbnail isn’t very interesting, try adding your font onto a  coloured background or ribbon.

Blair Lamb

(Blair Lamb)

Final thoughts

Whatever font you decide to use, it’s important to keep your intended audience in mind, what are their likes and dislikes? For example, a font for a gaming video may not be appropriate for a more corporate video

Remember to pick a high-quality font, as YouTube videos are now uploaded at very high resolutions. Bad quality fonts can look distorted and blurry when enlarged. 

Also, don’t forget to experiment with different fonts, colours and effects, it’s okay to get creative!

If you’re looking for help with your video needs, check out our examples here.

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