Product demo videos

Demonstrate the inner workings of your product with demo videos that take the audience inside the product, helping them see its value!


SDK - A platform for driver analytics.
Supply Hero- An app for supply teachers to find work.
My Legal Advisor
Finding a lawyer, made easy.
Origo hf.
Driver Guide - Adding value to your rental car experience.
Simple, sophisticated building access.
Kite / Shopify
Demo Walkthrough - Plug-in for print on demand e-commerce stores.

Product demo videos can be used to…


Reach out to your audience where they hang out online and introduce your product. Build excitement and inspire them to find out more.


Build understanding of your product, and show your audience exactly how it works. Win trust, make sales, and set realistic expectations.


Give your customers the information they need to understand how to use your product to its full potential, and solve any problems they have.

Why use product demo videos?

Build understanding

Whenever you’re selling a product online, one of the major limitations you face is that your audience can’t touch, feel or hold the product. Video helps take them ‘inside’ the product, showing them all the key benefits, and building the knowledge and confidence they need to help them, ultimately, make a purchase.

Help your team sell

Product demo videos don’t just help educate your customers. They can also be used to educate your sales team members. Arming them with knowledge about the key benefits of your product will help them answer questions, build rapport with customers and give them greater ability to highlight the benefits of the product – ultimately selling more!

Highlight the finer points

You can use product demo videos to help your customers get even more out of your product, by educating them on the features and benefits that aren’t obviously apparent. Video is a great way to show some of the surprising things they can achieve using your product!

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Nicole Jacobsen,


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